E11 BlooTea Talks Fortnite World Cup Duos, Toxicity, And Engaging With Viewers On Twitch

E11 BlooTea Talks Fortnite World Cup Duos, Toxicity, And Engaging With Viewers On Twitch

After having an amazing performance at the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Eleven Gaming’s Garvin “BlooTea” Chen to talk all about his World Cup trials, what he’s looking forward to, and how to stay balanced as a competitive Fortnite player.

As a heads up, the transcription has been edited for clarity.

And now to the good stuff:

G FUEL: What was it like playing in the Qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup?

BlooTea: It was pretty - pretty intense. Week One was just grinding and feeling out the competition. Then in the following weeks, it was pretty much just vod reviewing every day. I was vod reviewing for my duo partner on top of vod reviewing for [myself]. It was really hard working on both my work and my gameplay and my teammate's gameplay. But I learned a lot from the process and from everyone I played with.

G FUEL: What was your process when it came to preparing for the actual Qualifiers?

BlooTea: My routine was to wake up, practice with warm-ups (including aim training and warming up [my] building), and then going straight into scrims which is playing against the top 1,000 players.

G FUEL: You talked a bit about your duo partner previously. What do you look for in a duo partner? Is there anything specific you require in a partner?

BlooTea: I kinda had an idea of who I wanted to play with - I was looking for a very specific type of playstyle. I was willing to work with almost every single person I’ve played with as I know I can vod review and make those specific duos work. But I was mainly looking for someone that would benefit my playstyle - which is just looking around, looking for information and having a duo that would just frag out for me.

G FUEL: You mentioned your playstyle and how you need a duo who will compliment it. What is your playstyle?

BlooTea: My playstyle is just looking around, gathering information, and not taking greedy shots. Like if I could get a free kill, I’d go for it - without taking damage. I do tend to go for those and play very, very safe - I like to keep myself alive. Nothing really risky. I would say I’m passive until I have to turn on a switch to go - then I’m very aggressive to keep myself in the game.

G FUEL: In relation to the aggressiveness of Fortnite, how competitive was it to compete in the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers?

BlooTea: Honestly, it was probably the best competitive thing around - like there are so many players that are unknown that do well and facing them, you understand everyone’s place. I’ll get a mix and feel for everything and it’s really interesting ‘cause I like to watch how everyone plays and try to get a little knowledge off everyone.

G FUEL: Did you find it harder to gain knowledge from other players when you stream? Did you stream the qualifiers?

BlooTea: I feel like as long as I’m streaming, I try to turn on an act where I’m trying to promote the content and just engage with the viewers - make them smile instead of focusing on myself and my gameplay. So it’s hard - I can’t really focus on getting better [when I stream]. The only time I don’t stream was during the World Cup qualifiers when I stopped streaming to like altogether just focus on that.

G FUEL: What are you most looking forward to at the Fortnite World Cup?

BlooTea: I think I’m going to be looking forward to meeting almost everyone I’ve competed with. The friends that are [going to be] visiting, the friends that I’ve met online - basically every person I’ve played against or I’ve met online through Fortnite.

G FUEL: When it comes to the actual event, are you nervous to be playing on the main stage? Are you preparing for that in some way?

BlooTea: Nervous? I don’t think so. I’ve been to pretty much every single LAN event for Fortnite so I’m kinda used to it.

G FUEL: Let’s talk about what you did before you were a professional Fortnite player. What were you doing?

BlooTea: I used to play League of Legends at a pretty high level - same with CS:GO. I just kinda got bored with those games and Fortnite was definitely the game I was extremely interested in because of the unique building mechanic. And it’s a shooter and I’ve been playing shooters before. So I was casually playing games before Fortnite but then I went from competitive League of Legends to CS:GO. Then I focused on school for two years and then Fortnite came out - that’s when I turned back on my competitive switch.

G FUEL: Given that you played both League and CS:GO pretty competitively, do you think either of those two games helped make you a better Fortnite player?

BlooTea: I think my mentality came from League of Legends where everyone was toxic and then just kind of had a feel around for yourself and understand that you got to focus on your own game plans instead of being toxic to everyone else. League has helped me with that. CS:GO was more of a practicing game. So I believe that both games helped me out with Fortnite.

G FUEL: Toxicity is something that’s brought up a lot in esports. Is there something that you do in particular that helps decrease the toxicity in your game?

BlooTea: Just focus on yourself. I don’t see you. You shouldn’t be blaming other people. You should be focusing on what you did wrong instead of what they did wrong. Help each other instead of bashing people.

G FUEL: Those are great words to live by - for any gamer. How have you been able to balance everything now that you are a competitive Fortnite player?

BlooTea: Oh, that’s a hard one. So hard. It’s like, you want to practice for World Cup, you want to play in the World Cup, you want to exercise, you also want to do things on the side - like catch up with movies, videos, shows, everything. You know - it’s hard. You have to sacrifice a lot of things.

G FUEL: There is a lot of sacrifice when it comes to striving to achieve something like winning the World Cup. Besides winning the World Cup, do you have anything that you are striving to achieve?

BlooTea: I definitely want to transition into a college after some time - for any game. I think I’ve a good amount of knowledge for almost any game I play. And just transitioning into a coach for a game I like at the moment would honestly be great cause I’m pretty sure my reaction speeds going to go down the drain, eventually.

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