E11 Stompy Talks Fortnite World Cup Prep And Sacrifices Of A Pro Player

E11 Stompy Talks Fortnite World Cup Prep And Sacrifices Of A Pro Player

With just one week until the Fortnite World Cup, it’s crunch time for the qualified players. Eleven Gaming’s Klaus "Stompy" Konstanzer was kind enough to sit down and talk with us about his time qualifying for the World Cup, how supportive the Fortnite community is, and how he balances Fortnite with, well, life.

Let’s jump into the interview so you can learn all about how he’s feeling in the weeks leading up to the big event.

G FUEL: So let’s talk about the infamous Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. How did it feel to qualify for the event?

Stompy: It didn’t really hit me until the next day. I was excited the day of, but once it really set in it was hard to control that excitement.


G FUEL: Sounds like it was a bit of a surreal moment that took some time to adjust to. What was the first thing you did after you qualified?

Stompy: The qualifiers were some of the most competitive games I’ve ever played. I was actually shaking for 4 whole games in week 1, just missing shots or making small mental mistakes. When that leaderboard came up and I realized I qualified I celebrated with friends in Discord and told my parents. They knew about me competing but were really happy to hear I qualified.

G FUEL: With how big the Fortnite World Cup is and how much of an impact it can have on a player’s future, was there anything that you did to prepare for the event?

Stompy: Tschinken, my duo partner and fellow Eleven Gaming player, and I didn’t even qualify for the finals of one of the online events prior to the World Cup qualifiers and we took that to heart. We spent hours talking about our mistakes, what HAD to be done, did tons of VOD reviews on ourselves, looked at other top tier duos, mid-game fighting techniques, etc. It was a lot of acknowledging our own mistakes and then making the decision to never let them happen again.

G FUEL: So let’s rewind for a second. Were there any professional Fortnite players that influenced your playstyle?

Stompy: I looked up to NRG Zayt + Atlantis Mitr0. In the early days of competitive, the two of them dominated in skirmishes/scrims and I definitely wanted to play like them.

G FUEL: Well after qualifying for the World Cup, I think it’s safe to say you’re definitely playing more like them. Besides pro players, were there any personalities or individuals within the Fortnite community that influenced your approach to the game or taught you something invaluable from the game?

Stompy: Fnatic Motor was the one who originally brought me into customs so he was a big help when it comes to actually getting involved. I learned a lot with my friends Cooler Aqua and Tschinken when it comes to actual gameplay mechanics. We always push each other to be better so that absolutely influenced my approach to the game.

G FUEL: It sounds like even the Fortnite community is pretty open to helping their fellow competitors. With your eyes set to the World Cup, what are you most looking forward to?

Stompy: I’m most excited for duo games, to have  the opportunity to play on the big stage and kind of make up for the ESL Katowice disaster. Tschinken and I crashed/died to bugs in multiple games and even though we came top 12, we were kind of disappointed in that finish.

G FUEL: That’s a hard way to finish a tournament, especially when it’s due to bugs. Do you have anything that you’re doing to prepare for the WC? A routine maybe?

Stompy: I usually warm up with 1v1 or 2v2 fights for a couple of hours, followed by 10-14 hours of pro scrims, arena matches, etc.

G FUEL: That’s a lot of Fortnite, but you’ve seen success with the methodology. Besides having a solid routine, is there a way that you approach the game?

Stompy: NEED to commit the time, HAVE to learn from the top tier players - mix it with your playstyle.  MAINTAIN confidence - believe in yourself. If you feel you're good, you’ll play good as long as you put the effort in. I also think it’s important to stay out of drama and toxicity, stay humble and focus on your craft.

G FUEL: Does this focus on your craft come with any sacrifices? Is there a way to balance Fortnite and life without losing out on your craft?

Stompy: I don’t really think there’s a ton of balance - I try to go out and do something IRL at least once a day - shopping, get some food, see friends, etc., but there’s definitely a major sacrifice needed to play at the top.

G FUEL: Let’s talk a little bit about your Duo partner. What do you look for in a partner?

Stompy: We [Tschinken and I] started playing together over a year ago - really funny and relaxed guy. I need a calm guy, I scream a lot when I play and he kind of balances me out. They need to have a similar attitude and work ethic - needs to be a level of trust and belief in each other. My comms aren’t the absolute best so Tschinken really understands me and is always able to come clutch and support me where it’s needed.


G FUEL: Seems like he brings the balance to your partnership which is probably helpful for you and your development as a competitive Fortnite player. With the stress of trying to balance life and Fortnite, what keeps you motivated to play competitive Fortnite?

Stompy: Stay consistent - getting to the top is easy, staying there is the hard part. I want to prove I’m not a one-time thing, I want to stay the best. It’s also really fun, I love playing with Tschinken/Aqua and my other friends. There’s always something to learn.

G FUEL: You mentioned there always being something to learn in Fortnite. Which of your teammates do you wish you could learn more from?

Stompy: I think there is a lot to learn from all my teammates. It’s important to study your peers, being in a team it gives me the opportunity to have more direct contact with a ton of talented players.

If you enjoyed learning about Stompy and hearing about his time in the Qualifiers, be sure to head over to Stompy’s Twitch page to hang out with him before the Fortnite World Cup starts.

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