Censor Ex-Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net Worth

Censor Ex-Girlfriend, Height, Age, Net Worth

Censor is an American gamer, fitness model, YouTuber, an ex-FaZe Clan member. Censor's given name is Doug Martin, and he's from New York. He was born in August of 1994, which makes Censor 25 years old as of August 2019. Censor height is five feet, ten inches tall.

Censor Net Worth and YouTube Success

YouTube star and Fitness model Censor first rose to prominence as a Call of Duty champion and influential member of FaZe Clan, a competitive eSports organization. After establishing a name in the gaming world, he successfully ventured into fitness modeling and content production, amassing an estimated net worth of $1.5 million along the way.



Censor’s online presence was first developed through his gaming experience and competitive success. Censor’s ex-esports team, FaZe Clan, emerged as an early viral sensation through dominant play and engaging video content. Censor created his YouTube channel in November of 2011, quickly becoming an influencer while using his charismatic and motivating presence to build a personal brand and channel with over 400 million views and over 2.6 million subscribers. Censor’s most popular videos include: “Hilarious Clown Prank!!,” “Most Embarrassing Experience (Losing My Virginity),” and “Apex Had No Idea”   

How YouTube Pays Influencers

YouTube videos are now one of the central ways people are entertained and informed. YouTube pays content creators between $2 and $5 per one thousand monetized views. Monetized views are generally 40% to 60% of a YouTuber’s total views. The device used to stream the content also affects monetized views, as well as the viewer’s location, inventory of adverts, the number of adverts attached to the video, and a variety of other factors.

Due to Censor's sustained success and growing popularity as a YouTuber, Censor earns an estimated annual income of around $400,000 solely from YouTube, and pulls in additional revenue from merchandise sales, sponsorships, and competition winnings. Censor's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Censor's Ex Girlfriend – Yanet Garcia 


Censor's ex-girlfriend is Yanet Garcia, a Mexican model and meteorologist. She is five feet, six inches tall and has also achieved success on YouTube and social media. 

Censor first saw Yanet Garcia featured in a YouTube video and immediately fell in love with her. Using his claim to fame to find the woman of his dreams, Censor reached out to Yanet by professing his love for her in one of his own videos. They haven’t looked back since.

Censor’s many followers quickly visited all of Yanet Garcia’s social media profiles, wanting to learn more about their favorite YouTuber’s lady of interest. After they’d been talking for a while, Censor went down to Mexico to visit her. They officially started dating in 2015, and enjoyed a fun-filled relationship, appearing in many videos together. Yanet has since created her own YouTube channel called “iamYanetGarcia”, which has over 33 million views.

Yanet Garcia has found success in many aspects of her life. Like Censor, Yanet prioritizes health and fitness, and often goes to the gym and exercises outdoors. On social media, Yanet frequently posts new exercises and health tips for her followers to try, which include boxing and dancing. She also posts advice about makeup and various beauty topics, and her Instagram account sports over 11.1 million followers.   


Along with Yanet’s social media and YouTube presence, she is a talented and successful meteorologist in Mexico. She works for a TV station named Televisa’s Monterrey News, earning about $700,000 a year and has a net worth of around $3 million. 

Quick Facts About Censor

Real Name: Doug Martin
Popular Name: Censor
Profession: Gamer, Fitness Model, YouTuber
Born: New York
Date Of Birth: 21 August 1994
FaZe Censor Age: 25 years old [2019]
FaZe Censor Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 82 kg Approx.
Ex Girlfriend: Yanet Garcia
Nationality: American
Facebook: facebook.com/FaZeCensor/
Twitter: Twitter.com/FaZe_Censor
Instagram: instagram.com/faze_censor/?hl=en
Youtube Channel: youtube.com/user/CENSAT1ON

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