Lirik Net Worth, Lirik Face, Real Name

Lirik Net Worth, Lirik Face, Real Name

Lirik is one of the most influential Twitch partners and streamers. His streams focus on various types of games from across many different playstyles. He has over 2 million followers on Twitch, and his daily streams easily attract tens of thousands of viewers at a time! He does not show his face during his gaming, but his streams are recognizable thanks to his strong voice, sense of humor, and cat logo.



Lirik began his career with his Twitch channel in 2011. He started out playing World of Warcraft and drifted into other games over time. He quickly became one of the top streamers on the platform and is known for his involvement with DayZ, H1Z1, Arma 3, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and many other roleplay mods and games. 


Lirik’s participation in Showdown Tournaments helped him appear before millions of viewers. He has also gained many fans through his involvement with streaming new games as they release, attracting new fans instead of trying to make a name in games that have established streaming communities.

Unlike other streamers, who make use of webcams to show their reactions, Lirik relies entirely on his voice during his streams. Most people had no idea what he looked like until 2013, when he accidentally turned his webcam on during a stream, resulting in several “Lirik Face Reveal” videos across the web!

Lirik is now much more open about his looks, setting a photo of himself as his Twitter icon and sharing photos on Instagram. He still does not use a face cam during his streams.


Lirik follows a regular schedule of streaming, broadcasting games for six days a week, at least six hours a day! He takes Sundays off to rest and allow his viewers to vote on what he’ll play during the coming week. Because he follows viewer requests, Lirik’s channel easily streams many different games within a day.

In early 2018, Lirik took a short break from streaming due to feeling "burnt out." He resumed his usual activity after a week of rest.

His Twitch channel currently has over 2 million followers, which is one of the highest numbers of followers! He has over 684k followers on Twitter, over 81k on Instagram, and over 259k subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he posts recordings of and highlights from his streams. Each stream successfully gains anywhere between 25k to 35k views.

Besides the income from his Twitch streams, Lirik also makes his income through his YouTube channel. He also sells merchandise related to his streams, which involves shirts, hats, and other accessories with his iconic cat logo. Lirik net worth in 2017 was about $1.5 million, making him one of the top five highest income streamers!

In addition to being a Twitch partner, Lirik also has several sponsorships from other companies, which also contributes to his income. He is a paid influencer by Discord and has driven many new users to the platform.

Lirik was one of the nominees for “Twitch Streamer of the Year” in the ninth annual Shorty Awards.


Personal Life

Lirik real name is Saqib Zahid. He was born in Germany on October 29, 1990, but he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently resides in the same state but has moved to Watertown. He also owns two Scottish fold cats. Lirik’s brother is also a streamer that goes by the name “dasMEHDI.”

Much like his limited use of a webcam in his videos, Lirik has kept much of his private details to himself. He has mentioned that he grew up with economic difficulties in his family and always saw his parents working hard. Considering the dedication he’s put into his streaming, his parents must have left a huge impression on Lirik’s work ethic.



Quick Facts about Lirik

Real Name: Saqib Zahid
Popular Name: Lirik
Profession: Professional Streamer
Nationality: American
Date Of Birth: October 29, 1990
Lirik Age: 27 years old [2017]
Net Worth:  Approx. $1.5 Million
Youtube Channel: