Misfits' Sceptic Talks Celebrating Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers And His Fortnite Origin Story

Misfits' Sceptic Talks Celebrating Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers And His Fortnite Origin Story

Misfits' Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski is set to make a big splash in the Fortnite World Cup this coming weekend. The 15-year-old Fortnite star was signed to Misfits over a year ago and has since then been taking the esports scene by charge.

We got to sit down with the Misfits star player ahead of the World Cup to talk with him about dedicating his life to Fortnite, what sacrifices he has to make as a pro player, and of course, what his favorite flavor of G FUEL is!

G FUEL: Let’s talk about the lead up to the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. What was it like preparing for the WC? How did you balance Fortnite and school?

Sceptic: School is always a top priority, but it’s easier to manage because I do online schooling.  As soon as I finished my work I couldn’t get to my room fast enough to practice. I’d practice as much as 8 hours a day working on aim, rotation, comms.

G FUEL: Once you started playing the Qualifiers, was it harder than you imagined it would be? What was something about the Qualifiers that stood out to you?

Sceptic: It was much harder than I expected.  Every top player in the world was playing every week and everyone put all they had into it.  The thing that stood out the most was watching everyone’s reactions when they qualified. It was such a great feeling to be able to share that with everyone.

G FUEL: You qualified for the WC while you were away. How did you feel Qualifying? How did you celebrate? 

Sceptic: I didn’t actually qualify for the finals while in Berlin, I qualified for the duos during week two while back in NY.  I was so excited when I qualified I jumped up and knocked my setup over. It felt amazing knowing all the hard work I put in had paid off.  It was also a week before my birthday, so my parents threw me a surprise birthday/celebration party. I even had a Sceptic logo birthday cake.

G FUEL: Looking towards the WC what are you most excited for? Meeting other players? Being on the main stage? Just getting to compete? 

Sceptic: I’m most excited to meet all of the other players and friends that I’ve played with online.


G FUEL: Every pro player, and super hero, has their origin story. How did you get into Fortnite? Was there a friend or family member who introduced you to the game? 

Sceptic: My friend was playing Fortnite the day it came out and he told me that I needed to try it.  Once I started playing I couldn’t stop.

G FUEL: Becoming a pro player and dedicating your life to your craft comes with sacrifices. What do you miss the most now that you’re a professional player? 

Sceptic: The thing that I miss the most is being in public school with friends.  Although since becoming a pro Fortnite player I’ve met some pretty amazing lifelong friends from around the world.

G FUEL: I’m sure they are cheering you on and if anything, they can look at Twitch and say they knew you! Let’s chat about your team. It’s been almost a year since you joined Misfits. What can you say about your journey with them this far? Any special moments stand out? 

Sceptic: It’s been a great run with Misfits and they’re such a great family to be a part of.  The day that stands out the most was the day I was introduced. I was so excited leading up to that moment, and that first stream as a Misfit was an unforgettable one. 

G FUEL: Are there any teammates that you’ve learnt the most from? If not, are there any players that you’d like to learn more from? 

Sceptic: I try to learn as much as possible from not only my teammates, but every player I play/collab with.

G FUEL: Biggest hurdle that Misfits has helped you overcome? How did they help? 

Sceptic: Pretty much any problem that I’ve come across, no matter how big or small, Misfits has always been there for me.  Everyone from Ben Spoont, the CEO, to Becca and Ella and the Content team, and all the managers have been incredibly supportive.  They always make themselves available and they’re all great to talk to.

G FUEL: If G Fuel was to hire you to create a flavor for Misfits, what would it be? 

Sceptic: Misfits Bunny Hops, Fidget Punch or Blue Scep-Berry

G FUEL: I’ll take two of the Bunny Hops please! Before we launch with that flavor what’s your current favorite G Fuel flavor?

Sceptic: FazeBerry without a doubt. (Don’t worry, he’s not a traitor for liking one of the top flavors!)

G FUEL: Let’s talk a bit about being a professional esports player. Was it something you always wanted to do? What are some of the greatest aspects of being a competitive player? What are the hardest?

Sceptic: I’ve always wanted to be a content creator and professional player ever since I was little.  I love competing with the best in the game and pushing myself to be the best player that I can be. The hardest part of being a pro is adapting to different environments.  The World Cup Finals will be my first LAN event and it’s pretty exciting.

G FUEL: Any idols in the scene? Anyone you’d like to duo with? Why? 

Sceptic: I recently played with Dakotaz, who has always been one of my favorites.  He has one of the most supportive and uplifting communities. I’d also like to duo with Tfue, just because of the irony of him helping my career.

G FUEL: What’s your greatest play that you’re the most proud of? Why? 

Sceptic: It has to be killing Tfue and clipping it.  The stars were aligned for that and I was able to build off of that momentum.

G FUEL: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from a player, personality or influential esports individual? Worst advice? 

Sceptic: My parents always tell me to keep a positive outlook on gaming, life, and everything in between.  I always try to keep a positive energy in my streams and during tournaments.

G FUEL: What hair color are you going to do next? Is blue your signature look? 

Sceptic: For now I plan on keeping my hair blue.  It’s kind of my signature color at this point. Maybe for my next big milestone I’ll put up another poll for people to vote on.

We’d like to thank Sceptic for taking the time to talk with us amidst the crazy WC prep! You can find him on Twitch or Twitter practicing for the biggest tournament in Fortnite this week. Be sure to tune into the Fortnite World Cup stream this weekend to watch him in action!

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