7 Players To Watch Out For At CWL Champs 2019

7 Players To Watch Out For At CWL Champs 2019

The conclusion of the 2019 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 competitive season is upon us. 32 teams will duke it out over the course of five days for their share of the staggering $2 million prize pool. Only one will be crowned world champions. 

CWL Champs is considered by far the most prestigious Call of Duty tournament of all time. Every professional player's dream is to become a world champion, and this tournament brings out the best in players.

With this year's CoD Champs starting today, here are the seven players that you need to keep an eye out for: 

1. Skrapz - FaZe Clan

Twitter/FaZe Clan

The G FUEL-sponsored player from FaZe Clan is perhaps  one of the most prolific Call of Duty players in recent times, from his super entertaining personality on Twitter to his in-game heroics when his time is in dire times. Skrapz has established himself as one of the best players in the game over the last couple of seasons.

Yet to hoist a title in his career so far, Skrapz will be looking to check off his first title with a triumph at CWL Champs. All eyes will be on the red hot FaZe Clan this upcoming Champs, as they almost claimed victory at the last two major LANs. It’s up to Skrapz to push his team forward, claim the first title of his career, and cement himself as one of the best in the game. 

2. Wartex - Team Heretics

team heretics cwl champsTwitter/Team Heretics 

Coming in next on our list is G FUEL-sponsored player Wartex who represents Team Heretics. The newest addition to the Spanish roster has been thriving since his Pro League debut a few months ago..

An international team has yet to win at CWL Champs with the closest contenders being Splyce at the Black Ops 3 Champs. With everything on the line this weekend, this is the strongest an international lineup has looked, and Wartex and co will need to step up massively to become world champions.

3. Wailers - Elevate

team elevate cwl champsTwitter/ElevateGG

The third and final G FUEL-sponsored player on our list is none other than the French sensation Wailers who represents Elevate. Bursting onto the scene this year, the superstar slayer has been spectacular throughout the year and has become the focal point of this revamped Elevate roster.

Elevate goes into CWL Champs as one of the dark horses, fueled by a roster determined to make a name for themselves. We have seen Wailers dominate throughout the Pro League this year, and if Elevate aims to make a strong push at CWL Champs, he will need to be at an all-time form this weekend.

4. Dashy - OpTic Gaming

dashy from optic gaming

At the beginning of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 season, Dashy took over the scene by storm. During the first major at CWL Las Vegas, Dashy was the outright MVP of the tournament and took over social media due to his amazing and stunning heroics throughout the playoffs.

Now, after an arguably inconsistent season since Las Vegas where OpTic Gaming has yet to capture another title and most recently failed to win a map at CWL Miami, they will need their all-star for Champs.

Dashy has shown that he has the ability to single-handedly win a tournament for OpTic Gaming. We’ll have to wait and see what Dashy we witness at CoD Champs. It could be the very last time we witness the OpTic Gaming brand at an international Call of Duty event.

5. Dylan - Team Reciprocity 

dylan from team reciprocity

Dylan has been one of the surging rookies throughout the Black Ops 4 season. A rather unknown player at the start of the year, Dylan has quickly turned the heads of many fans to become one of the best SMG players in the game.

Dylan’s sudden rise is in large part due to his stunning clutch ability along with an all-around dominant playstyle that has allowed Reciprocity to become title contenders.

This will be Dylan’s second champs since coming into the scene last year. However, this time around he has a lot more expectations surrounding him.

Will Dylan crumble under the immense pressure?

Or will he carry Reciprocity to the promised land and potentially a title? 

6. Huke and Temp - Splyce

huke from team  splyce

Originally when these two superstars joined forces on Splyce during the last and final roster mania, many thought this team would become the best team in the game. However, the combination of Huke and Temp has seemed lackluster at times, and the team as a whole has not looked comfortable playing together in recent tournaments.

Going into champs, this star-studded roster has had a lot to improve. Whether or not they have fixed all of the issues is still up in the air. It may come down to Huke and Temp to further propel this team in champs and leave a mark going into next season.

7. Parzelion - Mazer Gaming

mazer-gaming-cod-cwl-miamiMazer Gaming

For the last spot on this year's players to watch heading into CoD Champs, we look to one of the amateur teams that qualified through the play-in stages at CWL Miami. This amateur team is filled with CWL Pro League talent and a team that can make a deep run late into Champs.

The focal point surrounding this team is Parzelion, who was once the rising star of the CWL Pro League before some unfortunate team circumstance that led him out of the league. Now, with a roster that looks poised to make some noise this weekend, Parzelion may indeed find his old form and show teams what they were missing out on.

What players do you think are the ones to watch out for at CWL Champs? Let us know in the comments below!


This article was written by Nick Farrell, an experienced esports journalist who aims to provide insightful yet proactive articles daily.