The G FUEL Scoop: October 2018

The G FUEL Scoop: October 2018

Dr. Disrespect Black on Blackberry

The velvet rope has been pulled out. The paparazzi has lined up around the block. Millions of eager, adoring fans fill the inside and outside of the arena. The roaring, deer-blood-red Lamborghini Diablo VT pulls up – It’s been polished to a pristine shine. Camera flashes fill the scene. The crowd goes wild. The carbon fiber gull-wing door slowly opens… A shadowy, 6-foot-8-gaming-freak-of-nature emerges…Onlookers gaze in amazement. Grown men cry at the mere sight of his presence. The women and children gasp in amazement. The poisonous Ethiopian caterpillar has been combed to perfection. The lion’s mane is dripping in sweat. The paparazzi’s camera equipment explodes from the sheer impossible beauty of the man they see before them… He walks past the chaotic scene and quietly makes his way to the arena – Straight into the G FUEL locker room – It is there that he now finds himself alone. Only the faint roar of the millions of awaiting fans can be heard. He approaches his locker. He slowly opens the door…The Silky-Smooth BLACK ON BLACKBERRY G FUEL Tub reveals itself to him…He clinches his jaw and smirks…The rest is history…

Get involved and get YOUR tub now!!

New York Comic Con 2018

NEW YORK COMIC CON IS ALMOST HERE!!! And guess what? The G FUEL SQUAD will officially be in the building during all 4 days of the festivities - Which means...WE'LL HAVE AN AMAZING BOOTH where we'll be dishing out a wide-variety of rare & exotic G FUEL merchandise - At a crazy-good discount!!! Tubs! Crystals! Packs! Shakers! Starter Kits! Collector Pins! We'll have it all! So get your butt down to the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC - It'll be THEEEE place to be! The event kicks off on October 4th and runs thru the 7th

Twitch Con 2018

Do you like video games? Do you like streaming? Do you like watching other people playing video games while streaming?'re in luck! TWITCHCON is the premier destination for anything and everything that has to do with streaming, gaming, entertainment, and fun!!! And what do ya' know, we're gonna' have a kick-ass booth at the event - For all 3 days Expect to see some top-notch G FUEL merch for sale, free samples, and even an on-site G FUEL gaming lounge where some of our biggest streamers will be doing what they do best – Playing video games and entertaining tons of people!!! The event kicks off on October 26th and runs thru the 28th. Located at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. We hope to see ya' there!