WBG Rhux Talks Passion For Fortnite World Cup And LoL Career

WBG Rhux Talks Passion For Fortnite World Cup And LoL Career

Behind every competitive gamer, there’s a why. Players don’t just dedicate their life to competing without a reason why.

With only one week left in the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, we sat down with World Best Gaming’s Keenan “Rhux” Santos.

In between his scrim sessions, we talked about his experience qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup Finals and about his transition from competitive League of Legends player to Fortnite player.

One of Rhux’s biggest motivators for winning the World Cup isn’t just claiming the title for himself. It’s also settling an on-going rivalry that emerged on Twitter not too long ago.

Somewhere it came up on Twitter that NA East players are better than NA West players. From there, a rivalry for the ages emerged.

With players arguing that West has it easier than East and vice versa, Rhux believes that by playing in the Fortnite World Cup, and winning, he can prove NA West is ultimately the best.

The rivalry holds true for Rhux as he claimed that “NA East is 100% easier” due to a multitude of reasons. The most important reason, according to Rhux, is that he feels like NA East has more qualifying spots.

Winning the World Cup would show that West Coast players are more than just “mechanical” players. In addition to representing NA West, Rhux is also excited to “represent America, my home region.”


Rhux is no stranger to the competitive scene, and it reflects in how he confronts the Fortnite competitive scene.

Coming from League of Legends, Rhux approaches Fortnite in a similar fashion to League. He admits that he “basically uses his League of Legends career to help me boost my Fortnite career.”

Rhux confesses there are many similarities between Fortnite and League of Legends. Rhux explained that both League and Fortnite have the same game structure “early game, mid game, and late game,” and the similarities don’t end there.

Rhux said that both in League and Fortnite, “The early game is the most important.” And while League’s progression is demonstrated through gold, Fortnite’s early game is reflected in where you land and the loot you acquire.

Players need to continue to work through the stages of each game and understand that certain items reflect your progression in-game.


Rhux talked about how late game, in both games, is relatively similar where there is a multitude of team fights. And those fights all come down to “the amount of items you have, the mats you have, and the rotation items you have,” said Rhux.

While his experience in League doesn’t make him a better mechanical player, “League helped overcome my nerves and rotations,” said Rhux. High-tense situations don’t bother Rhux anymore after his career in League, and that definitely shows when he’s in a game.

Similar to his regime in League, Rhux takes his training for Fortnite seriously. Rhux “wakes up, practices for a couple of hours, and then grinds between 4-7 PM.”


Rhux also spends time playing a lot of offline practices and reviewing his plays to ensure he is continuously improving.

With Fortnite having a habit of dropping those fun patches in the most inopportune times, Rhux has had to learn quickly on how to adapt to new patches.

Rhux argued that “adapting in Fortnite is especially a huge game changer” and that not adapting can lead to disappointment. Rhux talked about how he and his teammates approach tournaments and patches that drop the day of:

“The day of the tournament, we tested out Boom Boxes in creative once the patch dropped. After realizing its power, I knew we needed to have this [in] our late game, and we studied them to ensure we knew what we were doing.”

Rhux also touched on how Fortnite needs to listen to the competitive scene more to help the competitive side of Fortnite grow.

As a seasoned competitive esports player, Rhux has the insight from League’s competitive scene and Fortnite to know that some changes need to be made:

“League listened to their pro community — especially when it comes to champions being overpowered and making minor changes to the game. But Fortnite does these major tweaks, takes out major items, and changes certain things before tournament.”

Whether Fortnite changes their tournament structure or not, Rhux has the skills to continue his dominance in-game — with or without chaotic patch drops.

Rhux has one simple goal for the future:

Win the Fortnite World Cup.

And if he does, that sweet Tesla Model S will be his.

It was fun chopping it up with WGB’s Rhux to talk about his professional esports career, how to adapt to the chaos of Fortnite’s patches, and what winning the Fortnite World Cup would mean to him.

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