Candy Heart

When you’ve got a lot of love to give and a LOT of G FUEL to drink, you need a shaker that’s as big of a sweetheart as you are! Introducing the Candy Heart Doodlez 24 oz Shaker Cup! This translucent pink Tall Boy not only features a heart design that’ll make you go pitter-patter but comes with a red Doodlez Band and 8-bit heart container Doodlez Charm for you old-school romantics out there! Shake up some Pink Drip or whatever G FUEL flavor is your heart’s desire and get ready to SWOOOOOOON!

  • (1) 24 oz Candy Heart Shaker Cup
  • (1) 8-Bit Heart Container Doodlez
  • (1) Valentine's Day Doodlez Band
  • Holds 24 oz (710 ml) of liquid
  • Hand wash recommended
  • BPA Free Non-toxic plastic




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