G FUEL Energy Diapers


NEW YORK, NY (April 1, 2024)G FUEL announced today the official launch of G FUEL Energy Diapers, a limited-edition supportive gaming peripheral to help players maintain peak energy and focus levels without slowing down for a bathroom break. Crafted to handle loadouts of any size, G FUEL Energy Diapers offer unparalleled comfort, absorbency, and discretion using the latest groundbreaking diaper technology.

 Available for purchase today at 12 p.m. ET exclusively on the G FUEL App, each G FUEL Energy Diaper features a pair of hip holsters that fit G FUEL cans or Shaker Cups, ensuring that gamers always have a delicious pick-me-up within arm’s reach. As a company that was built for gamers, G FUEL Energy Diapers demonstrate its commitment to keep gamers focused on their favorite passion. 

“When we started G FUEL this is exactly the sort of innovation we had in mind, and I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a product launch than I am with G FUEL Energy Diapers,” said Cliff Morgan, G FUEL founder. “G FUEL Energy Diapers give gamers the ultimate edge, allowing them to stay in the game and keep fueling without anything pooling around their chair. We’re very pleased that these game-changing diapers are designed with the same performance-focused spirit that drives our Energy Formula.”

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go … but you don’t have to get up! G FUEL Energy Diapers’ advanced moisture-wicking technology and odor-neutralizing properties are perfect for maintaining focus during high-intensity moments. The stylish and functional design also features two beverage holsters on either side, so gamers can enjoy their favorite G FUEL flavor combinations for a deliciously uninterrupted experience. Each serving of G FUEL Energy Formula boosts energy and sharpens focus with just 15 calories, zero sugar and 140 mg of caffeine. 

Stay in the game and out of the restroom with G FUEL Energy Diapers, now exclusively available on the G FUEL App!

About G FUEL   
G FUEL is a game-changing, performance-driven alternative to standard energy drink products. Founded in 2012, G FUEL boasts an expansive, sugar-free product lineup that includes a powdered Energy Formula, Energy Formula Cans and powdered Hydration Formula. G FUEL maintains the industry's largest and most passionate community of fans, with a global social media footprint of over 500 million followers and product distribution to over 125 countries. Thanks to its years of proven success and resonance in gaming culture, G FUEL has forged iconic partnerships with popular creators, professional athletes, major game publishers and internationally-recognized entertainment studios. 

Join the movement today at GFUEL.com and follow us on social media @GFuelEnergy. 

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