NEW YORK, NY (May 1, 2024)G FUEL, the leading energy drink formula for gamers and creators alike, today announced the launch of G FUEL Energy + Protein Formula, a zero-sugar, 2-in-1 Game Changer. Combining invigorating caffeine and metabolism-boosting protein, the product line will debut with three tasty flavor options — Chocolate, Café Mocha and French Vanilla Latte. The new formula has mass appeal for anyone looking to kick-start their morning, power through an afternoon slump, get ready to exercise and fuel those late-night wins.  

At only 90 calories per serving, the new formula has 15 g of high-quality whey protein and is packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants to support health. The 140 mg of caffeine is sourced from premium coffee plants and enriched with carefully selected coffee beans and cocoa powder, helping consumers boost energy, increase alertness, and positively impact reaction time. 

G FUEL’s launch of an original protein-packed product line marks a new chapter in the company’s history as it strategically expands into new markets. Given the increasing consumer demand for functional beverages, G FUEL Energy + Protein solidifies G FUEL's position as a versatile brand at the intersection of performance and taste.  

“When I joined G FUEL, building a culture of innovation was at the top of my priority list, so we’re all very excited about reaching this important milestone,” said Bryan Crowley, G FUEL CEO. “Energy + Protein is a two-in-one game changer for our fans that combines our signature Energy Formula with the power of protein in one delicious drink.” 

As a substitute for water, and an increased protein intake, the powder formula can easily be mixed with your preferred milk choice. Whether served as a morning coffee substitute, a midday pick-me-up, or the ideal burst of energy before exercise, G FUEL Energy + Protein is a convenient and effective choice for maximizing energy needs throughout the day without the typical crash.   

“One serving of G FUEL Energy + Protein is an excellent way to activate your metabolism for the day,” added Crowley. “The combination of caffeine from coffee and premium whey protein is a potent way to initiate thermogenesis, effectively turning up your metabolic engine to burn more calories. Plus, protein in the morning has been shown to promote satiety (absence of hunger), have minimal effect on blood sugar and improve cognitive functions such as attention and memory.”  

G FUEL Energy + Protein Formula will be available in 20-serving gusset bags ($39.99), with single-serve stick pack bundles available starting May 15. Perfect for any occasion to stay focused and energized, G FUEL Energy + Protein Formula is now available to be waitlisted at GFUEL.com! 


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G FUEL is a game-changing, performance-driven alternative to standard energy and hydration products. Founded in 2012, G FUEL boasts an expansive, Zero Sugar product lineup that includes its signature Energy Formula in powder tub, stick packs and ready-to-drink cans, a powdered Energy + Protein Formula and powdered Hydration Formula. G FUEL maintains the industry's largest and most passionate community of fans, with a global social media footprint of over 500 million followers and product distribution to over 125 countries. Thanks to its years of proven success and resonance in gaming and entertainment, G FUEL has forged iconic partnerships with pop culture creators, professional athletes, major game publishers and internationally-recognized entertainment studios.  


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