Top 5 EP FAQs

What is the cost per serving of G FUEL Energy + Protein?

G FUEL Energy + Protein costs about $2 per serving. Our Energy + Protein formula not only includes high-quality protein, but also everything else that makes G FUEL Energy awesome!

Why does G FUEL Energy + Protein cost more than other G FUEL Products?

Short answer? High-quality protein isn't cheap! We’ve augmented our energy formula with high-quality whey protein and other ingredients your body loves. Our coffee flavors feature coffee extract from premium coffee plants, and our chocolate flavor has real cocoa powder.

How many grams of protein does G FUEL Energy + Protein have in it?

15 grams of high-quality whey protein...a perfect power up.

How many milligrams of caffeine does G Fuel Energy + Protein have in it?

Just like our energy formula, this product contains 140 mg of caffeine. Enjoy the ride!

Is G FUEL sugar free?

YES. We all know how important sugar moderation is these days, and we’re big fans of the sugar-free movement. And of course, sugar free also means no sugar crash.