Acai Gaming, Clone Hero Setlist, & Net Worth

Acai Gaming, Clone Hero Setlist, & Net Worth

Acai is a professional streamer and gamer who is mainly known for streaming Clone Hero custom tunes. He gained fame by reviving interest in Guitar Hero and showcasing impressive gaming skills that he spent his early years perfecting. It didn’t take long for Acai to gather a large number of followers when he started streaming regularly on Twitch and posting on YouTube.


What is Acai gaming history? Acai started working on his gaming skills when Guitar Hero first came out. At just eight years old, Acai made it a regular habit to practice perfecting his gaming guitar playing skills after school each day. This dedication helped him become a Guitar Hero expert with skills that impressed friends and family.

Even though Guitar Hero and similar games, such as Rock Band, lost their appeal to the public overall several years ago, Acai didn’t stop playing them. Instead, he started playing more and more challenging songs created on bootleg files of a hacked copy of Guitar Hero 3. This kept him busy until he discovered Clone Hero. After finding Clone Hero, he switched over to using it for custom tunes, since it gave him an easier way to play.


Fans looking for an Acai Clone Hero setlist can find those online through the Clone Hero community. Acai is among the influencers who have made setlists of these custom songs, which gives fans a chance to test their own gaming skills or just enjoy the music. Fans can also find some of Acai’s guitar covers on SoundCloud.

Acai joined YouTube on October 27, 2007. His early videos mainly focused on Guitar Hero and Rock Band before he started posting Clone Hero videos. He was originally known as Gamerboy28 on YouTube before he began using Acai as his username.

Acai joined Twitch on December 15, 2012, although he didn’t begin streaming on a regular basis until 2015. During that year, he began streaming Clone Hero tunes, which helped him gain a strong fan base.


What is Acai net worth? He has an estimated net worth of $700,000 overall. Since joining YouTube in 2007, Acai has gained more than 825,000 subscribers. His videos have earned more than 174 million views overall. His most watched video on YouTube gained more than 15 million views in just six months and continues to get more views each day. His other top videos have had millions of views as well. These videos show Acai using his skills to clear difficult custom tunes from Clone Hero. His gameplaying skills and entertaining personality have helped him gain loyal followers while also gaining new followers over the years.


Acai is not quite as active on Twitch as he is on YouTube, but he has still managed to gain a large number of followers and views. He has more than 152,000 followers on Twitch and more than 1 million views of his videos. He has streamed Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock the most on his channel. In fact, his total streaming time for that game is over eight days. Other games that he has streamed on his Twitch channel include Beat Saber, Sea of Thieves, Rock Band 3, Guitar Hero II, Minecraft and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. However, he hasn't streamed these other games much, since his main focus has been Guitar Hero III.

Personal Life

Acai, whose real name is Alec Castillo, comes from Maine. He hasn’t provided many personal details about his life aside from discussing how he got into gaming through Guitar Hero when he was younger. Although he hasn’t given much information about his family or other parts of his personal life, he has talked a lot about his gaming history and how it helped him become a professional streamer.

Acai was born on September 28, 1996, which makes him 22 years old as of July 2019. He’s currently engaged to a woman named Olivia, who he has done guitar covers with. Fans can watch these guitar covers online on Acai’s YouTube channel. Olivia is also featured in some of Acai's other YouTube videos.

Quick Facts about ACAI

Real Name: Alec Castillo
Popular Name: Acai
Profession: Professional Gamer and Streamer
Nationality: American
Date Of Birth: Sept. 28, 1996
Acai Age: 22 years old [2019]
Net Worth:  $700,000
Youtube Channel: