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Our Story

The Story of How a Pro Gamer on a Quest for an Ultra-Focused and Healthy Energy Formula, Stumbled Onto the Perfect Fuel for All of Us.

We did it. Back in 2008, a pro gamer started using a pre-workout supplement called Gamma Labs PTF.

He was hunting for an edge. His career was built on the mastery of his skills and using them to dominate his competition. As a professional gamer, milliseconds mean the difference between life and death, winning and losing, failure and success. PTF was working, but still there was something missing. The picture wasn't complete. After all, it didn't make sense for a pro gamer to take a pre-workout supplement. He didn't have a big need for muscle growth. He wasn't preparing his body for an intense workout. He sought after a surge of energy and an increased focus and awareness in order to make him the best in the game.

He needed the type of lasting energy that drives you forward, but with a calm focus to keep you in the moment. That's when the team of experts at Gamma Labs went to work and created a specific Energy Formula designed to increase focus and concentration. They called it G FUEL. G FUEL was formulated out of necessity with natural ingredients – tried and tested by real people whose lives not only ran on healthy energy and focus, but craved it too.

As more and more people tried this new Energy Formula, news spread, and G FUEL began to take off! Word of mouth created a wildfire, bringing G FUEL into split-second decision fields such as MMA, Sky Diving, Weight Lifting, BMX, and Extreme Sports! Whether you’re gaming, working on a computer all day, running a marathon, or simply need a boost...

Fuel up with G FUEL. Energy for everyone.