Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends Season 2

Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends exploded onto the Battle Royale scene and helped bring new concepts to the genre. Now, after just five months, Respawn Entertainment will be releasing Season 2 of the Apex Legends Battle Pass to bring even more new content to the game.

When Is Apex Legends Season 2?

Apex Legends Season 2 kicks off today across all platforms. If it’s anything like the first season, the exact time when it will be available for players will be based on their region but no official word has been given by Respawn.

Apex Legends Newest Legend: Wattson


Much like the first season, the second season will bring a new legend to the fray. This time, it will be Wattson. Wattson is a defensive character with abilities built around her fondness for electricity.

Wattson’s three abilities are Perimeter Security (tactical), Spark of Genius (passive), and Interception Pylon (ultimate).

Perimeter Security allows Wattson to create an electrical fence that will damage and slow enemies. Perimeter Security allows players to place up to 12 nodes, creating anything from a simple straight fence to block a doorway or a fully enclosed circle to prevent attacks from all sides. It’s clear that this ability will be great for not only creating traps but also creating choke points opponents must use.

apex legends season 2 wattson
Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
Spark of Genius gives players 100% ultimate charge by using an Ultimate Accelerant. Comparably, an Ultimate Accelerant for every other legend restores just 20% of the ultimate energy. So, if a Wattson player were to stockpile Ultimate Accelerants throughout the game, they could become an absolute juggernaut in the final moments.

Finally, Wattson has Interception Pylon. When placed, an Interception Pylon blocks all incoming ordinance and repairs damage to the player and their teammates’ shields. The closer to the pylon a player is, the faster their shield recharges. It’s also worth noting, Interception Pylons are permanent structures, which means they stay active until they’re destroyed by opponents. This is an amazing defensive ultimate that can allow a team to hold a defensible position in an otherwise bad scenario.


New Weapon: L-Star


The Legends battling it out will now have a new gun at their disposal – the L-Star. This LMG fires large, high-damage plasma projectiles at a fast cyclic rate. The L-Star will only be available from airdrops and will come with a limited supply of ammo that can’t be refilled.

The gun itself fires large plasma bullets, much larger than the typical bullets you will see in Apex. The gun appears to carry quite a bit of power when hitting opponents but the projectiles themselves are on the slower side, which means a bit of a learning curve for players.

apex legends season 2 l-star weapon

The L-Star will also overheat if players just hold down the trigger. Once overheated, players will need to replace a lens on the gun, which will take time. The key to using the L-Star will be using it in short, controlled bursts and in smaller areas.

Apex Legends: Now With Ranked

Though Wattson and the L-Star are great additions, the biggest addition to Apex Legends is a new ranked mode. Though the game is still relatively young, the scene desperately needed a competitive mode. Now the hardcore players can play online in a competitive setting while the more relaxed or newer players can take their time learning against less competitively driven opponents.

The ranked mode will feature six different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator. Each of the tiers, aside from Apex Predator, will be broken into four tiers with Tier 1 being the highest. For example, Gold 1 is better than Gold 2, which is better than Gold 3 etc. This should keep players of the same skill level playing together and keeping the game as evenly matched as possible.


Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
Respawn is also introducing Ranked Leagues. These Ranked Leagues will feature players in the same tiers competing to earn Ranked Points. Players will receive the following Ranked points:


  • 1RP per kill (max of 5RP per match)
  • 2RP for top 10 finish
  • 4RP for top 5 finish
  • 7RP for top 3 finish
  • 12RP for first place finish
However, playing in the Ranked League will cost players Ranked Points. Here is the cost for each tier of Ranked Leagues in Apex Legends:
  • 0RP for Bronze matches (free to play)
  • 1RP for Silver matches
  • 2RP for Gold matches
  • 3RP for Platinum matches
  • 4RP for Diamond matches
  • 5RP for Apex Predator matches

What Else Is New for Apex Legends Season 2?


As you would expect, there are plenty of smaller additions and changes coming to Apex Legends for Season 2. There is plenty of new cosmetic items for Legends and guns. There will also be daily and weekly challenges for players to help raise their Battle Pass level.

Plus, Respawn has said that the grind to Level 100 on the Battle Pass has been tweaked and it should be less tedious for players.

Apex Legends got incredibly massive incredibly quickly. The game had some holes to be a top tier, competitive battle royale game that fans of the genre wanted. But with Apex Legends Season 2, it seems like Respawn has taken a big step forward in making a game that can not only last for casual play but grow a competitive scene.

Top image via Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

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