9 Best Guns To Use In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

9 Best Guns To Use In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

One aspect of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that many fans love are the guns.

Infinity Ward has taken a more realistic approach to the weapons, with actual kickback and recoil with most of the guns — plus other aspects that separate Modern Warfare from any other Call of Duty. No Call of Duty is complete without an ample amount of guns, and this one is no exception.

Here are the best guns to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:

1. M4A1 Assault Rifle (AR)

M4A1 Assault Rifle (AR) from Call of Duty Modern WarfareActivision Publishing, Inc.

This classic weapon has been featured in pretty much every Call of Duty, so it comes as no surprise that it’s presence yet again. The weapon is unlocked later than usual, as in the previous Call of Duty games, it’s typically one of the first weapons we unlock. The M4A1 is widely seen as one of the best guns in the game, with its high fire rate, low recoil, and high damage rate.

Along with its incredible stats, the M4A1 also has the ability to be massively tweaked due to the new Gunsmith feature in Modern Warfare. Some professional players have found some deadly combinations of attachments that have turned their M4A1 into the best gun in the game. Without a doubt, the M4A1 is the best AR in the game, and everyone should be using it in Modern Warfare.

2. Grau Assault Rifle (AR)

Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle (AR) in Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Activision Publishing, Inc.

The Grau 5.56 has been one of the most prolific weapons in Modern Warfare since Warzone released in March of 2020. The assault rifle was one of the most used weapons within the game’s multiplayer and battle royale game modes for the majority of last year, and it’s still used an ample amount today. One of the best aspects of this weapon includes the attachments you’re able to equip within the gunsmith menu. Using the right combination of attachments, such as the Commando Foregrip and the 60 Round Magazine, allow the weapon to have virtually no recoil.

Moving along, the Grau doesn’t require any additional sights, as it has some of the best iron sights in the game. So, you’re able to equip any additional attachment in favor of having to use a sight compared to other assault rifles. Although many of you are probably tired of using the Grau, don’t sleep on this weapon.

3. Kar98K Marksman Rifle

Kar98k Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty Modern WarfareActivision Publishing, Inc

One of the best rifles in the game, the Kar98K has become the go-to sniper rifle in Modern Warfare since players discovered its versatility in the game. The Kar is also one of the most beloved Weapons in Warzone. This is largely due to its high damage and ease of scoping in when it comes to aiming down the sight.

Moving along, the Kar is also classified as a Marksman Rifle rather than a Sniper Rifle. This allows the Kar to have the aforementioned reduced aim down sight time as opposed to its counterparts in the different weapon classes.

4. Bruen MK9 Light Machine Gun (LMG)

Bruen MK9 Light Machine Gun (LMG) in Call of Duty Modern WarfareActivision Publishing, Inc

This weapon took over the game when it was released in the summer of 2020, as the Bruen quickly emerged as the go-to LMG. The Bruen is one of the LMGs in the game that can better be classified as an Assault Rifle. It offers a stellar damage output combined with fast reload speed.

While the Bruen isn’t used as much as it once was, it’s still one of the most viable weapons in Modern Warfare's multiplayer. You’ll easily mow down opponents with it.

5. Kilo 141 Assault Rifle (AR)

Kilo 141 Assault Rifle (AR) in Call of Duty Modern WarfareActivision Publishing, Inc.

One of the first ARs players are able to use in Modern Warfare is also seen as one of the most consistent weapons. The Kilo 141 is a lot like the M4A1, as it also bolsters a respectable damage rate but has slightly more recoils.

The biggest positive about Kilo 141, especially for game modes such as Ground War, is one of the attachments you unlock as you progress the weapon level. The 50 or 60 round magazine is seen as essential in some of these larger game modes. Players can fire the weapon all they want and never have to worry about running out of ammo. 

6. MP7 Submachine Gun (SMG)

mp7 submachine gun (smg) from call of duty modern warfareActivision Publishing, Inc.

Another classic weapon that has seen its fair share of Call of Duty games, the MP7 is the last SMG you unlock during Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. The compact SMG was typically seen as one of the weaker guns in previous titles, as it was known for its high fire rate and high recoil.

This time around, Infinity Ward has tweaked the MP7 to be the best SMG in the game. Although the MP7 does not do as much damage as its counterpart, the MP7, it has a much larger magazine size and much better iron sights. Which in turn, allow players to equip more attachments instead of taking a slot up with the reticle.

7. AX-50 Sniper Rifle

ax-50 sniper rifle in call of duty modern warfareActivision Publishing, Inc.

The only Sniper Rifle to make our list also happens to be the best out of the three sniper rifles in Modern Warfare. Unlocked at level 37, the AX-50 has the best one-shot kill potential out of all the snipers and has the best natural sniper scope.

The snipers in Modern Warfare have been receiving some criticism due to the lack of quick scoping in the game, and the only game mode they’ve been relevant in is Ground War.  One of the Ground War maps features towering skyscrapers that look over the entire map, and in every game that’s where all of the snipers are positioned. 

8. PKM Light Machine Gun (LMG)

pkm light machine gun (lmg) in call of duty modern warfareActivision Publishing, Inc.

LMGs are usually not the first weapon of choice when it comes to Call of Duty games. Most LMGs are known for their large magazines and the slow mobility with them. However, the way Modern Warfare has been playing out so far has allowed a space for these LMGs to work perfectly for some players.

Specifically, on Ground War maps, you can find anywhere from 3-5 players using the PKM on top of some building or mounted in a window. The PKM can be compared to the RPD from Modern Warfare 2. They both possess high damage rates and high fire rates, which go hand in hand. 

9. 725 Shotgun

725 shotgun in call of duty modern warfareActivision Publishing, Inc.

This gun has been making waves all over social media since the game’s release. Compared to the Model 1887s from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the 725 holds only two bullets. But these two bullets can one-hit kill you from virtually any distance. 

Noted as one of the most overpowered weapons in the entire game, you will always find players using this weapon in close-quarter maps. This gun is surely going to get a substantial nerf in the future, so players should enjoy its carnage now before its too late. 

Which gun is the best?

Much like our list of best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps, your weapon of choice all comes down to personal preference. But there is one weapon that stands out amongst the rest: the M4A1. It’s been the undisputed best weapon in Modern Warfare to date. Almost everyone is using the weapon at the moment and trying to craft the perfect loadout.

Do you agree with our list?

Let us know what your favorite guns are in the comments below!

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