6 Best Call of Duty Warzone Skins (And How to Unlock Them)

6 Best Call of Duty Warzone Skins (And How To Unlock Them)

Some Call of Duty Warzone skins give you a tactical advantage that makes it easier for you to blend into your surroundings while other skins are vibrant. With so many Operator skins to choose from, how do you which Warzone skins are the best? Here are the 6 best Warzone skins — and how to unlock them:

1. Roze - Near Dark Skin

Roze Near Dark skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./Gfinity

If you've played Warzone and are active in the Call of Duty community, then you're more than familiar with the controversy surrounding the Near Dark variant of the Roze skin. This skin has been the center of talk due to its color scheme, which on the surface is essentially an all-black variant of the Roze skin. This Operator skin was the most sought-after skin in Call of Duty Warzone because the colors used in the Warzone map and the template of the Roze skin make it nearly impossible to spot someone who is using this skin and sitting in a dark room. This led to a lot of frustration by players when getting eliminated by someone who's hiding and using the Near Dark Roze skin.

How To Unlock:

The Near Dark Roze skin was released during the battle pass of Modern Warfare Season 5, and it was the last unlock players could achieve that season. This is the only way you could unlock this Operator skin. If you didn't max out your battle pass during the fifth season of Modern Warfare, then there's no option to purchase this skin with COD Points (CP) in the store. For now, you'll have to opt for other variants of the Roze skin.

2. Ghost - Azrael Skin

Ghost Azrael skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./AOTF

Next up on our list of the best Call of Duty Warzone Operator skins is the Ghost Azrael Operator skin. It's on this list because it's another all-black skin that players can use to manipulate the game's color schemes. The one glaring difference between this skin and the Near Dark Roze skin is the all-white mask that Ghost wears.

How To Unlock:

Ghost Grim Reaper bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Ghost Azrael skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./AOTF

Purchase the Ghost Grim Reaper bundle in the store for 2400 CP.


  • Azrael – Ghost Skin (Legendary)
  • Soul Reaper – FAL Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Purgatory – ISO Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Sickle – Knife Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Reaper – Weapon Charm (Epic)
  • Hard Lines – Ghost Quip (Epic)
  • Hades – Calling Card (Epic)
  • Spectre of Death – Emblem (Epic)
  • Vision – Spray (Epic)

3. Mara - Notice Meow Skin

Mara Notice Meow skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

The Kawaii Cat version of the Mara skin is one of the best in the game simply because of its fun nature and cat ears on top of Mara's helmet.

How To Unlock:

The Mara Kawaii Cat bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Mara Notice Meow skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./GameWith

Purchase the Mara Kawaii Cat bundle in the store for 2400 CP.


  • Notice Meow – Mara Skin (Legendary)
  • Slaying Moon – M13 Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Aomi – Knife Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Nyan Nyan – Charm (Epic)
  • Kawaiicopter – Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Kawaii Metal – Vehicle Skin (Epic)
  • Just Purrfect – Calling Card (Epic)
  • Mara Cat – Emblem (Epic)
  • Mi Amor – Mara Quip (Epic)
  • Queen of Spades – Mara Finishing Move (Epic)

4. Morte - SAW (Billy the Puppet) Skin

Morte SAW Billy the Puppet skin in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./IGN

Warzone has a tendency to release seasonal Operator skins for usage in battle royale game modes and multiplayer ones. For example, they released scary skins during the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event, including the terrifying Billy skin based on the iconic Billy the Puppet from the SAW horror movies. It was one of the most popular bundles purchased.

How To Unlock:

The SAW bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Morte Billy the Puppet skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./GameWith

Purchase the SAW bundle in the store for 2400 CP.


  • Billy – Operator Morte Skin (Legendary)
  • Confession – CR-56 AMAX Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Death Trap – Model 680 Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Phlebotomist – Throwing Knife (Legendary)
  • Pain Train – Vehicle Skin (Legendary)
  • Let’s Play a Game – Charm (Epic)
  • Play Me – Sticker (Epic)
  • SAW – Calling Card (Epic)
  • The Choice is Yours – Emblem (Epic)
  • Spiral Cut – Spray (Epic)

5. Mace - Metal Phantom Skin

mace-metal-phantom-skin-call-of-duty-warzoneActivision Publishing, Inc./TheGamer

Strike fear in your enemies with the skull-faced Mace Operator. His bio reads "Ex U.S. Ranger turned gun for hire. Joined Jackals cutting his teeth in the slums of Soweto, South Africa. Marked with traditional scars to honor his heritage. Has earned a reputation for being a vicious Operator." Need we say more?

How To Unlock:

The Mace operator bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Mace Metal Phantom skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./Dot Esports

Purchase the Mace Operator Bundle in the store for 2400 CP.


  • Metal Phantom – Mace Skin (Legendary)
  • Skull Hammer – R9-0 Shotgun Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Bludgeoner – PKM Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Winding Skull – Watch (Epic)
  • Skullblade – Combat Knife (Epic)
  • Akimbo – Calling Card (Epic)
  • Brain Storm – Emblem (Epic)
  • An Operator – Mace Quip (Epic)
  • Mace to the Face – Finishing Move (Epic)
  • 2 Battle Pas tier skips

6. Grinch - Forest Spirit Skin

grinch-forest-spirit-skin-call-of-duty-warzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

Grinch's Forest Spirt skin is a ghillie suit that used to make players invisible from certain ranges. Although the glitch was fixed, wearing the Forest Spirit skin will still help you blend into your surroundings and hide from enemies with ease.

How To Unlock:

The Eloko bundle in Call of Duty Warzone includes the Grinch Forest Spirit skin.Activision Publishing, Inc./Charlie Intel

Purchase the Eloko bundle in the store for 1800 CP.


  • Forest Spirit – Grinch Skin (Legendary)
  • Spellbound – Crossbow Blueprint (Legendary)
  • Ring Hollow – MP7 Blueprint (Legendary)
  • I Release You – Grinch Quip (Epic)
  • In the Shadows – Emblem (Epic)
  • Ferocious – Calling Card (Rare)
  • Scavenger – Spray (Rare)


What is the rarest skin in COD Warzone?

The Near Dark Roze skin is among the rarest in COD Warzone. It's no longer unlockable in the game.

Will Warzone skins carry over?

When the new Call of Duty releases this Fall, we can assume Warzone is going to have some sort of integration with the new battle royale and COD title as we saw with Black Ops Cold War. But as of now, we can't confirm nor deny that your Operator skins will carry over into the new game.

How do you get cool skins on Warzone?

A lot of cool Operator skins are released within the seasonal battle passes for players to unlock, and this is where some of the best skins are found. If you don't mind spending extra money, then some of the other cool skins can be found in the COD store.

How do you get a Leatherface skin in Warzone?

The Leatherface skin was a seasonal skin released this past Halloween, and it was purchasable in the store for 2400 CP.

How do you get Warzone skins?

You can unlock Warzone skins in various ways. Purchase the battle pass each season, purchase the skins in the COD store for CP, or play Modern Warfare multiplayer and complete challenges to unlock skins.

What is the best skin in Warzone?

The Near Dark skin for Roze is the best skin in Call of Duty Warzone. The Operator skin is so dark in color that it's almost impossible to see it in darker areas. However, this skin is no longer available, so you'll have to settle for other Roze skins.

Now it's your turn. What's your favorite Warzone skin? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Top Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.

This article was written by Nick Farrell, a multi-platform editor and writer in the games industry.