7 Best CWL Champs Moments Of All Time

7 Best CWL Champs Moments Of All Time

The conclusion of the 2019 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 competitive season is upon us. 32 teams are duking it out over the course of five days for their share of the staggering $2 million prize pool. Only one will be crowned world champions. 

CWL Champs is considered to be the most prestigious Call of Duty tournament of all time. Every professional player's dream is to become a world champion, and this tournament brings out the best in players.

Throughout the many years of CoD Champs, we've seen monumental plays. With this year's CWL Champs already in progress, we wanted to take a step back and do a little reminiscing.

Here are our top seven moments from all of the previous CoD Champs:

1. Elevate Upsets LG 


Going into the 2018 CWL Champs, G FUEL-sponsored team Elevate was perhaps one of the least talked about teams. They shocked everyone when they prevailed out of their pool play group in second place and found themselves in the playoff bracket. Winners round one saw them pitted against Luminosity. 

A dominant 3-0 series victory for Elevate saw them progress further into the tournament. As for Luminosity, they were eventually eliminated in losers round one. This was one of the best CWL Champs moments as Elevate defied all odds and knocked out one of the game’s top teams.

2. Fariko Impact Wins The First CoD Champs


Prior to this year, Activision held Call of Duty XP. At the time, this was the highest prize pool tournament in the history of Call of Duty. However, with little competition, many fans do not consider it as a true Champs. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Champs was heavily covered by the media, and with the competition being fierce, only one team could prevail.

Fariko Impact was dominating throughout the whole event. Their grand finals match versus EnvyUs was the icing on the cake. They capped off a spectacular performance in the closing Search and Destroy round. This cemented them as the best in the world and kicked off the first Call of Duty dynasty team. 

3. Cloud9 Knocks Out OpTic Gaming


Throughout the history of competitive Call of Duty, two things remain persistent: Patrick “Aches” Price and ruining OpTic Gaming’s dreams.

OpTic Gaming was the most dominant team throughout the entire Black Ops 3 season, but they had one tournament left to win, CoD Champs. 

For OpTic Gaming fans, the final moments of this clip are some of the hardest to watch. A whole season of winning is seemingly washed away — all because of one man.

4. Scump 1V3 Versus Complexity 


This was another classic moment from the Black Ops 2 Champs and essentially the start of the ACHES versus OpTic ongoing rivalry. OpTic Gaming was on the brink of elimination by the hands of ACHES. But the king of Call of Duty, Seth “Scump” Abner, pulled off one of the most memorable clutches in the history of Call of Duty to propel his team into third place.

5. OpTic Gaming Wins It All


The pinnacle moment for many OpTic Gaming and Call of Duty esports fans was in 2017 when OpTic Gaming finally got over the hurdle of performing at Champs and claimed it all. With hundreds, if not thousands, of OpTic Gaming fans in attendance, the ending was sweet and dear to many fans.

An outstanding all-around performance from the whole team was capped off by a dominating series versus Envyus. This was more than Optic Gaming fans could have asked for. 

6. Envy Comeback From 0-10 


Miracles rarely happen in modern-day sports. It’s rare that one takeover performance of that last-ditch effort gets your team back into the game. But on this day in 2017, we witnessed an esports miracle. 

Although Envy was down by 10 into the second half of their Uplink match versus eUnited, they were all but finished. To everyone's surprise, Envy clawed their way back into the match. We witnessed one of the best listen-ins in Call of Duty history, with perfect communication throughout the whole team as they climbed up this seemingly impossible ladder.

7. FaZe Clan’s Loser Bracket Run


Rounding off our list of most memorable CWL Champs moments of all time is another G FUEL-sponsored team, FaZe Clan

Faltering to Envy in winners round one, FaZe Clan was in losers round one with their backs against the wall. They were faced with a task that has never been accomplished before: make it to Sunday from losers round one. 

FaZe Clan came out on top in five straight series, climbing to the loser bracket finals. They were eventually stopped by G FUEL-sponsored organization Team Kaliber, but nevertheless their run was one for the history books.  

Stay tuned for more as we’ll be adding top moments from this year’s CWL Champs, too.

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Top image via Activision/MLG

This article was written by Nick Farrell, an experienced esports writer who aims to provide proactive yet daily articles.