15 Best Dragon Ball Z Memes That Made Us Love DBZ Even More

15 Best Dragon Ball Z Memes That Made Us Love DBZ Even More

With Dragon Ball: Z Kakarot hitting the gaming scene recently, we here at G FUEL wanted to take a look back at some of the best Dragon Ball Z memes out there. The show, and game, can be incredibly inspiring, but it’s clear from the memes out there that we can laugh at what we love too.

1. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Collector’s Edition

spongebob i need it dragon ball z memeJohn Donadio

When the Collector’s edition was announced for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, I also had this panic attack as SpongeBob did. The Exclusive Diorama Figure (8x8x8 inches) alone made me want it, but it also came with a Hardcover Game Artbook and a Steelbook disc holder, not to mention all the DLC in-game extras. So, like Mr. Squarepants here, “I NEEEED IT!”

2. Gym time

A Vegeta gym Dragon Ball Z meme that says "That moment you're in the gym and that song that gets you hype comes on."Everywishes

Some of us know that song that comes on just as you’ve run out of steam and it pumps you up for another mile or lift set. When you’re in the Fortress of SWOL-itude, you have to work out like Vegeta.

3. This is how I feel!

Master Roshi Dragon Ball Z memeJohn Donadio

Speaking of being in the gym. That moment when you finally go work out makes you feel amazing. Most of the day you are definitely just chillin’ like Master Roshi, but the second you start piling plates, you feel like a caged animal! It’s time to let loose. GAINS!

4. The Avengers remake I want

Frieza and Vegeta we have a Kakarot Dragon Ball Z memeFanpop/emerald_32

Ok, yes, The Avengers was a great movie. But don’t even tell me you don’t want to see them all replaced with Dragon Ball Z characters now! Thinking that Vegeta thinks that Kakarot is the Hulk is immensely hilarious. I guess that would make Vegeta Ironman. Who would that make Captain America? Gohan, Piccolo, or Krillin?

5. My name is Goku

Vegeta and Goku Dragon Ball Z Kakarot memeimgflip/zam99

Goku and Vegeta have one of the best rivalry friendships out there. Vegeta is the only one that can not get away with calling Goku, Kakarot. Anyone else who tries gets the stone-cold fighter.

6. What Trunks really came back in time for

Trunks Nintendo Wii Dragon Ball Z memeCheezburger/memefield

This GIF had me dying. The Wii might have been the weirdest and yet rather successful console of all time. There are some pretty great DBZ games on there too. What do you think Trunks would be playing?

7. Saiyan Handyman

How many Super Saiyans does it take to change a lightbulb Dragon Ball Z memeesmemes.com

Dang that masterful Narrator (RIP Brice Armstrong) for interrupting that joke. Watching the show, that always seemed to be the case though. Just waiting for Goku to go Super Saiyan alone was at least four “Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!” So frustrating.

8. Jackass

Yamcha welcome to Jackass Dragon Ball Z memeJohn Donadio

There are hundreds of Yamcha dies immediately jokes out there. But this one really made me chuckle out loud. The old MTV Jackass crew would have definitely gotten Yamcha immediately killed too.

9. This battery will always be terrible

Yamcha iPhone battery Dragon Ball Z memeJohn Donadio

Another Yamcha dies meme. But this one speaks true. How many times have you tried playing a mobile game only to realize how terrible the phone batteries really are. Whether it’s Call of Duty: Mobile, Gwent, or whoever is still playing Words with Friends, your phone doesn’t stand a chance. This is also applicable to Snapchat. 

10. But it was me ...

Dio Saiyan Prince Dragon Ball Z memeimgflip/LuckH.Basic

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has slipped into some of our favorite anime. I mean I thought I was watching Dragon Ball Z, but apparently it was Dio this whole time. Seriously though, Dio memes will always make me laugh.

11. Opposites

Goku Stopku Dragon Ball Z mememe.me

I don’t even want to share how much this one made me laugh. Sometimes you need a break on Snake Way. But HURRYKU because you need to train with King Kai!

12. My ideal prince

Aladdin, Prince Eric, and Prince Vegeta Dragon Ball Z meme

There are obviously people out there that want a Prince Vegeta, I know a few personally, but let’s face it, not everyone can handle the type of man Vegeta can be. Not that wanting to be like Aladdin or Eric are terrible, but they cannot even begin to compare to the Prince of all Saiyans. Let’s be real here.

13. Kakarot!

SpongeBob Dragon Ball Z Kakarot memeKnow Your Meme

Nothing drives Broly more to insane rage then Kakarot’s name. Leave it to a few SpongeBob panels to make the very idea laughable.

14. Fix the crack

Best way to fix cracked windshield Dragon Ball Z memeimgflip/Ashliv82

Listen, cracked windows happen all the time. Not fixing them is dangerous and can often get you a ticket. This is a great way to keep you out of both danger and a ticket, especially if the cop is a big Dragon Ball fan (Note: Don’t actually use this as a permanent solution).

15. Kakarot still inspires

goku therapist dragon ball z meme
Twitter/NotLikeFreddy and John Donadio

This tweet came from Paul Kruger (@NotLikeFreddy) and while this was still a joke, it was still incredibly inspiring if you think about it. I added the Goku thumbs up, which just seems to fit. Memes can also be inspiring. Don’t let boomers tell you otherwise. Goku and the Z fighters always had words of wisdom to keep on fighting, so don’t give up!

With that ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all had a good laugh and leave inspired! Don’t forget to check out our recent review for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!

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Top image via imgflip/Frederick_Greyhawk

This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.