The Best Weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake (And Where to Find Them)

The Best Weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake (And Where to Find Them)

The Best Weapons In Final Fantasy VII Remake (And Where To Find Them)

Like most great RPGs out there, Final Fantasy VII Remake has a great set of weapons. While they all perform differently, they have the potential to make whichever characters you play the most become incredibly powerful.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, every character has a range of gear they can equip, with each weapon housing unique stats and a special weapon ability.

We here at G FUEL want to give you a leg up on the trails you will face, so we’re going to give you the rundown of the best weapons for each of the playable characters. We also want to give you an alternative weapon or two in case you want to build these characters differently. For example, having Tifa play as more of a mage than a fighter.

Each weapon doesn’t just offer you stat upgrades and more power, it also has its very own progression of weapon upgrades that you spend SP to unlock, and also a unique ability attached to it.

If you learn every weapon’s ability, you can have a range of useful and different moves at your disposal by the late game. The “proficiency bonus” mentioned in the list below is all about learning those moves and “mastering” them to gain more power. 

Keeping all that in mind, here are the best weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake and where to find them — organized by playable character.

Table of Contents:
Cloud Strife
Barret Wallace
Tifa Lockhart
Aerith Gainsborough

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 RemakeSquare Enix

Given that it's so iconic, you might be tempted, like I was, to keep the Buster Sword equipped as long as possible. Not only is it a staple to Cloud’s image, but it is also freaking cool. 

However, the best weapon option for Cloud depends a great deal on how you prefer to play him in FF7 Remake

When the following weapons are entirely maxed out, the three best weapons for Cloud end up being Hardedge, Mythril Saber, and Twin Stinger, but all for different reasons.

1. Hardedge

For the best physical attack value, Hardedge is your best option. This naturally comes at the cost of your magical performance. This would make Cloud the fighting frontman, but you may need to switch characters a lot just to perform more magic. 

The Infinity's End ability granted by this weapon will be Cloud's best natural damage dealer when an enemy is staggered right until the end of the game, too.

  • Base Stats: 57 Attack, 19 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
  • Max Stats: 137 Attack, 46 Magic
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Infinity’s End - “Wind up and unleash an overhead strike. Increased damage on stagger.” Costs 2 ATB.
  • Location: The location for this one is fairly simple. In Chapter 9, players can buy the Hardedge at the Wall Market weapon shop.

2. Mythril Saber

Since Cloud is a character you’ll be playing all the time, many players like to buff him with all kinds of magic. This takes the fun out of switching characters, but for some players, that isn't a big deal. 

If you want Cloud to be part-mage, the Mythril Saber is the best weapon for magic. However, keep in mind that its attack value is significantly lower than most of the other weapons.

  • Base Stats: 24 Attack, 72 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
  • Max Stats: 46 Attack, 138 Magic, 10 Magic Defense
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Blade Burst - “Unleash a wave of non-elemental mako energy at an enemy in front of you with a slash of your sword.”
  • Location: Much like the Hardedge, this is also an easy one to find. You can  buy the Mythril Saber at the same Wall Market weapon shop, but not until Chapter 14.

3. Twin Stinger

Finally, we come to the Twin Stinger, Cloud's final weapon (in Part One). This is probably the best weapon you could get your hands on, and unfortunately, it comes close to the end of the game. 

The Twin Stinger has entirely even Attack and Magic stats. This is the perfect balance many players look for in a weapon. The only reason it's hard to name this the best overall weapon is because of how late in the game it’s playable.

  • Base Stats: 46 Attack, 46 Magic
  • Base Slots: 2x2
  • Max Stats: 73 Attack, 73 Magic
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Counterstance - “Brace for attacks and retaliate with a powerful slash.”
  • Location: While you’re running through Shinra Tower in Chapter 17, look in one of the chests after the battle with the M.O.T.H. Unit. It’ll be close by right after you reunite with Barret.

Barret Wallace

Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy 7 RemakeSquare Enix

Barret is a unique character in FF7. He specializes in two different types of attack. The man has a gun attached to his arm, so one would think he’s mainly a long distance fighter. 

However, only four of his six weapons are for long-distance, range-based, bullet-firing attacks. The other two weapons swap his gun arm for a brute-force physical weapon. So we needed to take that into consideration when picking Barret Wallace’s “best weapon.”

1. Big Bertha

If you want to keep Barret for long-distance attacks, his best gun-based weapon with the rawest damage output is Big Bertha. This also teaches the Maximum Fury ability, which is Barret's best damage-dealer and does a decent job of boosting stagger and interrupting enemies.

  • Base Stats: 45 Attack, 30 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
  • Max Stats: 93 Attack, 62 Magic
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Maximum Fury - “Consume all ATB charges to fire a long stream of bullets at an enemy.”
  • Location: In Chapter 13, just after the escape from Sector 7, the Sector 6 weapons dealer found in the park will sell this to you. However, if you happen to miss them, the Big Bertha can also be purchased in Chapter 14 from the same vendor.

2. Wrecking Ball

If you prefer the Miley Cyrus approach and want to mess up the place, your best melee weapon for Barret is the Wrecking Ball. However, keep in mind that with this weapon, while his attack is high, magic stats are pretty pathetic. Barret will become an in-your-face brawler, but that’s about it.

  • Base Stats: 65 Attack, 17 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
  • Max Stats: 117 Attack, 31 Magic
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Smackdown - “Strike the ground and send nearby enemies flying.”
  • Location: The Wrecking Ball is actually a reward for completing the “Subterranean Menace” sidequest in Chapter 14. Speak to Wymer near the entrance to Sector 7 to hear of a dangerous new monster. Then head to the underground lab dungeon that you visited earlier, and work through it in reverse. You’ll end up having to fight your way through again, but at the end, you'll find a newly opened arena. Head inside to fight the Type-0 Behemoth. Then return back to Wymer for your reward.

3. EKG Cannon

The last weapon you obtain for Barret, the EKG Cannon, starts with his lowest attack stat, but don’t underestimate it. Its huge magic stat can turn Barret into a furious tank-mage combination. You can boost his attack by 20 points easily enough while his magic stats can gain 40 points. Packed the right way, this is Barret's best weapon in FF7 Remake.

  • Base Stats: 34 Attack, 65 Magic
  • Base Slots: 4x1
  • Max Stats: 54 Attack, 105 Magic
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Point Blank - “Consume all ATB charges to deliver a close-range attack and send enemies flying.”
  • Location: In Chapter 16, if you give 10,000 gil to Hart for a hint after talking to Domino in Shinra Tower, he’ll also give you the EKG.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 RemakeSquare Enix

Let’s move on to many people’s main waifu, Tifa. This woman packs a punch, literally. When it comes to picking out the best weapon for Tifa, it depends on how you want her to play; She makes a perfectly viable mage but is also most at home as a glass cannon melee fighter. Depending on the company you keep, there a few options, based on when weapon upgrades are maxed out:

1. Metal Knuckles

In terms of basic raw attack power, the best weapon for Tifa is her second weapon, the Metal Knuckles. However, their magical utility is rather poor. If you wanted to use Tifa as more of a mage, this won’t be your favorite.

  • Base Stats: 54 Attack, 12 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2
  • Max Stats: 164 Attack, 36 Magic
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Overpower - “Use in conjunction with basic attacks to more effectively pressure enemies.”
  • Location: Easily enough to get. In Chapter 5, this weapon is dropped from Crab Warden boss.

2. Mythril Claws

Would you rather have Tifa as a magic user who can cast spells all day long? Try using the Mythril Claws, which are Tifa's best weapon for magic. Not only that, but Tifa will look like the best looking version of Wolverine you’ve ever seen. 

  • Base Stats: 28 Attack, 55 Magic
  • Max Stats: 55 Attack, 109 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Chi Trap - “Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage on contact.”
  • Location: While fighting the “Failed Experiment” boss, the claws will drop for you. This happens in Chapter 13.

3. Purple Pain 

Ultimately, the best balance for Tifa comes from using The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. I mean, it’s called Purple Pain. These gloves, while completely clashing with Tifa’s outfit, have a nice balance between physical attack and magical attack.

Also, this weapon teaches True Strike, which is great for boosting stagger percentage to deal massive damage. Who wouldn’t be staggered from seeing these purple and pink gloves? Seriously. All joking aside, the boosts to her critical hit rate significantly increase Tifa’s damage output in battle. They also provide her with the best HP boost in-game, nullifying her biggest flaw.

  • Bast Stats: 51 Attack, 41 Magic
  • Max Stats: 82 Attack, 66 Magic
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: True Strike - “Deliver a tremendous blow at close range. Increased stagger damage bonus.”
  • Location: Unfortunately like most of the best weapons, this happens late in the game. In Chapter 16, in the Shinra Tower lobby, you’ll begin climbing on a car and then some monuments toward the next story objective. Once you climb onto the car and the first set of monuments, you’ll see a set of monkey bars and a ladder. Cross the monkey bars FIRST. You can use them to cross a gap to a chest.

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7 RemakeSquare Enix

People will try all kinds of ways to play with Aerith. But to be honest, if you aren’t trying to make her the best mage in your party, you’re playing her all wrong. However, as with much of the rest of the cast of FF7 Remake, the answer for which is the best weapon will very much depend on your play-style. With that said, we can recommend a few specific weapons of Aerith's for specific things. They’re all pretty close in attack stats, but each have their own perks.

1. Mythril Rod 

After playing with Aerith for a short while, you learn the kind of fighter she is. Arguably the weapon, for pure magic casting, the Mythril Rod will have the best Magic Attack stat in the game when fully upgraded. Remember: even Aerith's basic attacks are magical and ranged.

The Mythril Rod also teaches you Ray of Judgment, which is by far and away Aerith's best and most useful weapon ability. With the Mythril Rod, Aerith is what all Lawful Good Mages hope to be one day.

  • Base Stats: 24 Attack, 92 Magic
  • Max Stats: 24 Attack, 164 Magic
  • Base Slots: 3x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Ray of Judgment - “Fire an energy burst that hits multiple times. Increased stagger damage bonus. Costs 2 ATB.”
  • Location: While in the creepiest part of the game, the Train Graveyard in Chapter 11, don't go too far in. On the north side of the fences where you start out, you’ll find this by heading right through an abandoned train car rather than up the ladder. 

2. Bladed Staff

Keeping Aerith alive can be challenging if you aren’t paying enough attention to her, you monster. So, if you're struggling to keep Aerith away from the sweet kiss of Death, the Bladed Staff has a nice physical defense buff. This can help you to stop running through Phoenix Downs like they’re a pack of G FUEL Energy Crystals.

  • Base Stats: 39 Attack, 34 Magic
  • Max Stats: 39 Attack, 76 Magic, 13 Physical Defense
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 2x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: Lustrous Shield
  • Location: It’ll  take a little cunning materia known as Steal to receive this weapon. You’ll have to Steal from Eligor, the chariot-riding boss in Chapter 11. 

3. Reinforced Staff:

The more well-rounded weapon for this splendid Sorcerer is the Reinforced Staff. While you’ll lose some of the magical attack of the Mythril Rod, in exchange, you get a nice magic defense buff. This comes in handy for an Aerith that plays a good distance back from the action, spell-slinging, and taking some spell in return with little effect.

  • Base Stats: 50 Attack, 82 Magic
  • Max Stats: 50 Attack, 131 Magic, 13 Magic Defense
  • Base Slots: 1x2, 1x1
  • Max Slots: 3x2
  • Ability: ATB Ward - “Conjure a Magical Ward. Allies who use ATB within it regain partial ATB from your gauge. Costs 2 ATB.”
  • Location: This couldn’t be an easier weapon to find. At the very start of Chapter 17, there’s a chest almost right in front of you.

There you have it, folks. These are the best weapons for all four playable characters in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Hopefully, these tips get you through your playthrough easily enough.

While these are only my opinions built on the stats, there’s always room for discussion. Do you use something different?

Tell us in the comments below if you use something else to get you through Midgar!


Top image via Steam/Square Enix

This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.