9 Best Guns, Weapons, and Attachments in Call of Duty Warzone

9 Best Guns, Weapons, and Attachments in Call of Duty Warzone

9 Best Guns, Weapons, And Attachments In Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most unique battle royale games. Not only can you loot weapons off of the ground, but you can also purchase a "Loadout." Loadouts are what separates Warzone from other battle royale games. You can select your custom class with all the attachments and perks you have chosen for said class. Without using these custom classes, though, it can become problematic to win any gunfight during a match. So, it's always in your best interest to use the best weapons.

With that said, here's our best guns and weapons in Warzone guide along with the best attachments to use on the guns:

Best Guns In Warzone

Here are the best Warzone guns and weapons:

  1. 1. FFAR 1 Assault Rifle (AR)
  2. 2. MAC-10 Submachine Gun (SMG)
  3. 3. Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle (AR)
  4. 4. Kar98K Marksman Rifle
  5. 5. Streetsweeper Shotgun
  6. 6. CR-56 AMAX
  7. 7. Bruen MK9 Light Machine Gun (LMG)
  8. 8. AX-50 Sniper Rifle
  9. 9. Modern Warfare MP5 SMG

1. FFAR 1 Assault Rifle

FFAR 1 AR, a Warzone best gunActivision Publishing, Inc.

Starting on our list is undoubtedly one of the best assault rifles to recently become implemented into Warzone. The FFAR 1 is a weapon that was introduced during Black Ops Cold War and recently made its way into Warzone. The weapon is similar to previous iterations of the FAMAS in Black Ops 1 and 2, and this version appears to be one of the best. One of the shining attributes of the weapon is its stellar fire rate, but this can also be the weapon's biggest downfall. So, we highly recommend not using this weapon until you have the 50 Round Magazine attachment unlocked. This will negate the high rate of fire that the weapon has, as 50 Rounds is more than enough.

The FFAR 1 also offers high damage output compared to other assault rifles, and the damage drop off at range is not significant enough to warrant it being useless at range.

Here are the best attachments we recommend using on the FFAR:

  • Takedown Barrell
  • 50 Round Magazine
  • Muzzle Brake or Suppressor
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Field Tape

These offer massive buffs to the already powerful FFAR, and it'll instantly decimate enemies when you're engaging them in Warzone. Whether or not this weapon continues to dominate the meta is unknown as of now, but considering the base damage the weapon has, it feels like this weapon is here to stay.

2. MAC-10 SMG

MAC-10 SMG in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

The MAC-10 is next in our guide. If you played Warzone within the last month or so, you're well aware that the MAC-10 has been the center of controversy. This is due to the weapon propelling to the top used in the Warzone since it was added during the integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and it has stayed at the top since. The MAC-10 has a high rate of fire, and its ample damage output is enough to warrant its spot on our list. One of the glaring points that separate the MAC-10 from other guns in Warzone is the mobility you have when using this weapon. Sliding around corners and quickly aiming down your sights is not a problem the MAC-10 has, and some attachments you can equip increase this even more.

Here are some of the best attachments we recommend trying out on your MAC-10 class:

  • Muzzle Brake
  • 53 Round Magazine
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Stock of your choice
  • Rifle Barrel

A key aspect that players have noticed when using the MAC-10 since its spike in popularity is the fact that the weapon has a significant range even though it's an SMG. Some of the attachments we've noted above, such as the Rifle Barrel, help in this department, as the weapon nearly becomes an AR during certain engagements. If you're looking to obliterate your enemy (no matter the range) with a weapon that'll allow you to quickly navigate the map, look no further than the MAC-10.

3. Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle

Grau 5.56 AR in Call of Duty Warzone
Activision Publishing, Inc.

Another weapon that's seen unparalleled popularity, the Grau 556 is one that still reigns supreme in gunfights in Warzone. The AR may not be the most-used weapon as it once was, but if you need another stable weapon to use during a match, then the Grau is what you need. While the base version of the Grau may lack in certain areas compared to other weapons, you can deck this weapon out to the fullest extent, so that you can dominate the competition.

Here are some of the best attachments you can equip on your Grau class:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Archangel Barrel
  • 60 Round Magazine
  • 5mm Laser
  • Commando Foregrip

These five have been the go-to since the weapon became the meta towards the earlier stages of Warzone, and you can opt some of these out for other ones such as the VLK 3X Optic. Using a sight on the Grau is not required, as it features some of the best iron sights in the Warzone. But if you feel like you'll benefit from one, then it's still a viable feature to have. An AR has always been a top weapon in Warzone.

4. Kar98k Marksman Rifle

Kar98k Marksman Rifle in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

Fancy sniping when playing Warzone? There are various options from which you can choose. One that has stayed atop the sniper realm is the Kar98k. The classic weapon, which was first seen in the original COD, has been revitalized in Warzone since it was added to the game. Although the Kar98k is in the marksman rifles category and not in the sniper rifle category, it's all but classified as one due to its range and damage output. The Kar98k does use sniper ammo as well, but it has a relatively fast reload time compared to other sniper rifles.

Similar to other rifles, the Kar98k benefits from the right attachments and has plenty of optics that you can equip on it.

Here are some of the ones we recommend checking out:

  • Sniper Scope
  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Singuard Custom Barre
  • FTAC Sport Stock
  • Stippled Grip Tape

The Sniper Scope that you unlock in the Kar differs from the standard scope. The ADS time is vastly improved, allowing for ease of access when you have to fire at an enemy quickly. The Monolithic Suppressor we've chosen for this rifle also hinders your shots being shown on the mini-map, a vital aspect of Warzone. The Kar98k is one of the best guns in Warzone to use for long-range dominance.

5. Streetsweeper Shotgun

Streetsweeper Shotgun in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

Battle royales are often a game of chess. There are scenarios where certain weapons thrive and others falter. For instance, a close-range engagement is going to favor a shotgun or an SMG rather than a heavy LMG or a sniper. The former is where the Streetsweeper shotgun is in a class of its own. It was recently added to the game from Black Ops Cold War and has quickly emerged as the new shotgun to use. A key attribute of the Streetsweeper that separates it from other shotguns like the R9 is its massive amount of ammo that can be stored in the magazine. The 15 Round Tub that can be unlocked for the Streetsweeper is more than enough ammunition for multiple engagements. And while it does have a drastically slow reload time, this shouldn't be a problem.

Here are some of the best Streetsweeper attachments:

  • 15 Round Tub
  • Agency Choke
  • Laser of your choice
  • Ranger Barrel
  • Stock

The attachments that make this shotgun one of the best Warzone guns are the aforementioned 15 Round Tub and Ranger Barrel. The latter increases the range and versatility of the weapon tenfold. It's easily become the best shotgun. Playing the new Rebirth Island map and entering into close quarters? The Streetsweeper is your best friend. Close-range battles are some of the most frequent ones on Rebirth Island, and it's always beneficial to have a trusty shotgun in your arsenal.

6. CR-56 AMAX

CR 56 AMAX Commando Foregrip in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

One of the new weapons that was added into the game during the middle of the Modern Warfare cycle, the CR 56 AMAX became some streamers' favorite gun when it released. Although this is another AR, it provided a fresh form of content for streamers and players who have been using the same weapons pretty much since Warzone released in March 2020. On the surface, the AMAX appears to be just another variant of the classic AK-47. But given the right attachments, it provides stable firepower and long-range capabilities.

Here are the best attachments that you can equip on your AMAX:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 45 Round Magazine
  • Commando Grip
  • Sight of your choice
  • Zodiac Barrel

A downfall of the AMAX is that it only comes equipped with a 20 round magazine from the get-go. Unless you're hitting all of your shots, it becomes nearly impossible to not have to reload during a gunfight. So, having the option to over double your ammo count is an amazing way to go about making this class. The other attachments you have access to will increase your effective damage output along with your range, which is also why this gun belongs on our best guns in Warzone list.

7. Bruen MK9 LMG

Bruen MK9 LMG, a Warzone best gunActivision Publishing, Inc.

We're going to highlight a Light Machine Gun for the first time on our best Warzone guns list. To no surprise, this comes in the form of the Bruen MK9, which became the clear-cut number one LMG during the summer of last year. While the Bruen is classified as an LMG, it offers some of the characteristics of an AR and has stellar base attributes compared to other LMGs. The Bruen doesn't use a standard belt magazine that's used by other LMGs such as the RPD or Stoner 63. Instead, it uses a regular magazine, allowing the gun to have a relatively fast reload time considering it's classified as a Light Machine Gun.

Here are five attachments to use on the Bruen to make it one of the best Warzone weapons:

  • 60 Round Magazine
  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Optic of your choice
  • Summit Barrel
  • Laser of your choice

Identical to some of the AR loadouts we've mentioned, these attachments are vital if you're looking to use the Buren in Warzone. While the gun doesn't have as much power as it used to, there's still room for it in the current meta of Warzone.

8. AX-50 Sniper Rifle

AX-50 Sniper Rifle in COD WarzoneActivision Publishing, Inc.

Noted as the king of sniper rifles before the Kar98K took over, the gun is still used by a lot of people on Verdansk and sometimes on Rebirth Island. The gun is regarded as the best in the Modern Warfare lineup of snipers, and it's easy to see why. It offers high damage from all ranges, and the damage dropoff from long range is not significant enough to warrant any negative comments from it. Furthermore, the gun is versatile in terms of movement, so you won't have any trouble getting around corners fast if you're in trouble with this gun out.

Here are the best attachments for the gun:

  • 32 Inch Factory Barrel
  • Singuard Arms Assassin
  • Stipppled Grip Tape
  • Scope or Magazine
  • Suppressor

You might prefer to use the Thermal Optic rather than the regular Sniper Scope. At the same time, you might want to use a suppressor rather than a compensator or another barrel. No matter the route you're taking with the gun, there are amazing combinations that can elevate it to one of the best guns in Warzone.

9. Modern Warfare MP5 SMG

Modern Warfare MP5 SMG, a best Warzone gunActivision Publishing, Inc.

There are two MP5s in the game that players have access to: the Black Ops Cold War MP5 and Modern Warfare MP5. While the Black Ops Cold War MP5 is a viable option, the Modern Warfare MP5 is regarded as the king to this day. It's rare to go through a game and not see this gun used by every second player you encounter.

Here are the best attachments to equip on the Modern Warfare MP5:

  • Ranger Foregrip or Commando Grip
  • 45 Round Magazine
  • Suppressor of your choice
  • FTAC Collapsible Stock
  • Tac Laser

There are various routes you can take when it comes to the Modern Warfare MP5, including whether or not to add a suppressor.

This concludes our list of the best guns to use in COD Warzone. Keep this in mind: the meta is always changing, and there are bound to be other guns that will find their way onto this list eventually.

What guns and weapons have you loved using in Warzone? What weapons from the latest Warzone season would you add to this guide? Let us know in the comments section below!

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