10 Best Plays Of BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 [With Videos!]

10 Best Plays Of BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles 2019 [With Videos!]

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles was this past weekend. Six of some of the best teams in the CS:GO universe went head-to-head to win their share of the $250,000 prize pool with the winners walking away with $125,000.

It was full of great moments (check out our BLAST Pro Series LA recap), amazing plays, big upsets, and only one champion. These were some of my favorite plays that I think are worth a second look (or a first one if you missed the matches):

1. FaZe Clan vs NRG

The very first match-up in BLAST Pro Series was G FUEL-sponsored FaZe Clan versus NRG, and their round was anything but boring. The very first round of handguns only was one of my favorite first rounds of the day.

FaZe quickly dispersed of NRG except for Brehze who managed to take out two of FaZe before ultimately meeting his demise. Handgun rounds aren’t always the most exciting but it sets the stage for the next few rounds, so it’s pretty important to win.


2. MiBR vs Renegades

In round 12, Gratisfaction took the lead and lucked out in middle for about six seconds. And just as he plants a smoke to hide in the corridor, he gets his head taken off by FalleN, leaving his team down a guy in which they didn’t recover.

This isn’t a “best play” by any means, but it made me laugh so hard I choked. Sorry, Gratisfaction.


3. FaZe Clan vs Renegades

There aren’t many plays that are as smooth as this next one. Round 6 had the smoothest play of the game. It’s smoother than the top of Mr. Clean’s head. I don’t even want to describe it. From now on, I’m just going to dub this “The Ladder Kill.”

Take a look:


4 and 5. Team Liquid vs Cloud9

Very early on in this match in round 2, TenZ shows off his skills with just a Desert Eagle (deagle). Sneaking out from behind a wall he takes out Naf, then EliGE with a headshot, and Stewie2K all while on fire.

This triple kill is a moment that action movie directors wished they had figured out long ago. To add insult to injury on Liquid, TenZ also takes out half of nitr0’s health bar. It was just the play you wanted to see so early on in the game.


This match alone was pretty intense, which is why best plays four and five are here. In round 18, Stewie2K saves the day for Team Liquid in a 1v2. Stewie had to creep in to bomb site A, kill two C9 members, and defuse the bomb. No problem.

Autimatic was waiting in the corner like a cat, but instead of a lion, he ends up popping out like a house cat after a day with catnip and misses all his shots and goes down. He then quickly turns to the crumbling wall to see Mixwell who he takes out in two shots and heads to defuse the bomb.

Like I said, no problem.


6. Team Liquid vs. NRG

The very last round of this match-up was pretty intense. Liquid was up 15 to 9. NRG was doing their best. Towards the end after the bomb was planted, NAF and nitr0, with 52 and 21 health left respectively, are playing the area as best they can. NRG was on the other side of the map.

As they trekked their way back, the timer was already half down. Stanislaw takes out NAF, and nitr0 takes out Stanislaw, and nitr0 starts to run down the clock as much as possible by running a bit.

Finally, Brehze realizes what is happening and goes to defuse the bomb. He even shoots nitr0 through the gates. However, as he goes to defuse the bomb, he runs out of time! That is how Team Liquid wins the game. NRG loses to a bomb plant with 0:52 left on the defusal clock.


7. MiBR vs. Cloud9

They say, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Well, in round 16, MiBR proved that in a pistol round. Like a pack of wolves, MiBR slowly and systematically took out C9. Daps goes down first, they get Mixwell through the smoke, and then three guys jump TenZ.

Autimatic goes down next in a doorway and then koosta takes it in the head trying to surprise MiBR from the stairs. The round is so short, but it was an amazing round to watch MiBR show the world why they are at BLAST Pro Series.


8. Cloud9 vs Renegades

Round 28 had a super intense moment with Renegades running through C9. It was their match point, and they were trying to get the job done as fast as possible.

However, there is this moment that takes all the energy out of the match. It actually made me laugh because I pictured a Benny Hill theme playing behind it. For the kids out there, Benny Hill was a comedian that used this music.

At the B bomb site, daps and jks have a ridiculous shoot out that lasts about 15 seconds, and the Benny Hill music makes it all the better.


9. NRG vs FaZe Clan (Semi-Final)

This match-up had FaZe Clan ahead pretty much the entirety of it, and there were a lot of great plays and tough spots. However, in round nine there was a kill by NiKo on FaZe that caught my eye.

The technique was rather smooth, and it helped them pull ahead even further. He grabs this kill through a fire bomb but he led Stanislaw to the slaughter. It happens kind of fast in the video, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Rain also gets the last kill on NRG’s CeRq to grab that round. It’s hard to watch a strategy fall apart so quickly for NRG. Sorry guys!


10. Team Liquid vs FaZe Clan (Grand Final)

Like the previous match, this one was a nailbiter to say the least. While, again, there were so many great plays by both teams, I’m going to give this final “best play” to GuardiaN in round 25 for 1v2 kill to save the match for FaZe.

After the bomb had been planted, and GuardiaN is the last one alive on the CT side, he kicks it into overdrive and takes out nitr0 and Twistzz (a deadly combo). What makes this a better play than most 1v2s is that GuardiaN kills nitr0 through the closed door. And takes out Twistzz with mind games and a smoke grenade. It was an awesome play.


Those are just some of the plays that I really enjoyed watching. If you miss any of the action, you can check out the official BLAST Pro Series YouTube channel where they have uploaded all the matches.

What was your favorite play of the weekend?

Do you think I missed one that deserves to be on the list?

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This article was written by John D. (AKA ​SomeBeardy2Love​). John has been gaming for 30 years, has a bow tie tattoo, thinks he’s hilarious on Twitter, and watches nothing but Bob’s Burgers. He’s on a, mostly, ​weekly podcast​ and has a ​sponsored beard​.