Here Are the Best Pokémon to Evolve, Level Up, And Power Up

Here Are the Best Pokémon to Evolve, Level Up, And Power Up

After a nearly two-year absence from a brand new Pokemon game and region, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are finally here! Nintendo introduced a brand new region with almost 100 new Pokemon for trainers to find and catch throughout the UK-inspired Galar region.

There’s also an array of Pokemon returning from old games that are available across the world. Combined with the new Pokemon, trainers have countless options in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Some Pokemon are undoubtedly superior to others, and some Pokemon start out weak but evolve into some of the best Pokemon in the entire game. 

So who are these Pokemon? 

Here are the best Pokemon to evolve, level up, and power up throughout your Pokemon Sword and Shield playthrough: 

Best Pokemon To Evolve

The Galar region is packed with new Pokemon, some of which evolve into some of the best Pokemon in the game once they are in their final form.

1. Toxel

toxel pokemonNintendo/Pokemon Wiki

One of these Pokemon is Toxel, the Pokemon that is only obtainable by going to Route 5 and into the Pokemon Daycare. Once there, players can talk to one of the NPCs in the building. They will be asked if they want to take care of a Toxel. This Pokemon is one of the worst in the game until it reaches LVL 30. At this LVL, it will evolve into its final evolution Toxtricity. Make sure to always attack first because Toxtricity is an electric-poison type Pokemon that has a very strong attack output along with a high-speed rating. Although Toxel may only be a baby Pokemon who you have to take care of until it reaches level 30, the wait is well worth it.

2. Magikarp

magikarp pokemonNintendo/Bulbapedia

Now let’s take a look at the floppy fish Magikarp. Created back in generation one, this Pokemon has almost become synonymous with every Pokemon game. This Pokemon is found in virtually any body of water, and it knows zero attack moves until it evolves in Gyarados. At level 20, the wait of not using Magikarp pays off. Gyarados has been consistently seen as one of the best water-type Pokemon in any Pokemon game. I mean come on, who hasn’t used a Gyarados in at least one of their Pokemon playthroughs? 

Best Pokemon To Level Up

This next category is reserved for Pokemon who evolve, or do not evolve but get immensely better with time and have some of the best late-game performances. Especially for the Pokemon Elite Four and versus battles against other trainers.

1. Ralts

ralts pokemonNintendo/Pokemon Database

Going back to generation three when we were first introduced to the Ralts evolution line, this was a Pokemon used by our rival Wally throughout this game. Ralts is one of the first Pokemon that you can encounter in the Rolling Field Wild Area, but it has a 2% encounter rate. Gardevoir is Ralt’s final evolution, and it is one of the best psychic type Pokemon the series has ever introduced. With an astronomically high special attack rating, it packs a punch no matter the move. Even before it evolves, Ralts and its later evolutions are dominating during the entire playthrough of any Pokemon game. They always hit their opponents hard.

2. RolyColy

rolycoly pokemonNintendo/Pokemon Wiki

Shifting away from previous generations, let’s look at one of the best Pokemon exclusive to the Galar region. Disregarding the starter Pokemon in the game, which we know are all formidable companions along the way of your journey, the next Pokemon on our list is the RolyColy evolution line.

This Pokemon can be found within Route 3 in the overworld, which is the Pokemon you can see outside, not just in the grass. It can also be found in the Galar Mine No 1. Initially, it’s simply just a rocky Pokemon that has a strong attack rating and a decent speed rating. As you progress with your RolyColy, it will evolve and gain the dual typing of rock-fire. Once it becomes this dual-typing, it becomes a contender for your Pokemon team. It’s a strong Pokemon that only has one true weakness in water-type moves, it can outpace other Pokemon with ease, and it can retaliate hard. 

RolyColy was a Pokemon that immediately caught my attention. Its dual-typing is unique, and it’s been seen in many players’ streams all over the web since Sword and Shield released. With Nintendo making the new fire Pokemon limited in Sword and Shield, the RolyColy line is perhaps the best new addition to the Pokedex.

Best Pokemon To Power Up

Our last category is reserved for Pokemon that do not evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but through the right combination of moves, can become some of the best on your team.

1. Dubwool

dubwool pokemonNintendo/Pokemon Wiki

Starting with the Galar region, we turn our attention to Dubwool, the evolved form of Wooloo. Dubwool is on our list because it evolves relatively early at level 24 around the second gym. When you initially evolve Dubwool, it’s still rather weak as its base stats are only slightly increased. As your power up/level up your Dubwool, you will immediately notice some significant changes to the way your Dubwool is performing in battle.

It has some of the highest base defensive stats in the game, making it the equivalent of a Pokemon tank. It can take attacks from any type in the game and live essentially. One thing trainers will realize is how powerful moves like Double Edge and Take Down can be as Dubwool powers up. Although its pre-evolution may set off many people with its friendly look, don’t be shy to try out Dubwool. You will not be disappointed.

2. Snorlax

snorlax pokemon
Nintendo/Pokemon Database

The final Pokemon we are going to take a look at is a Pokemon that does not evolve in Sword and Shield: normal-type Pokemon Snorlax. We all know Snorlax from the anime or during the original generation one games in which you were tasked with moving a wild Snorlax with the Poke Flute. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can encounter Snorlax in the Wild Area just past the bridge on your way to Hammerlocke City.

As with any other Pokemon title, using Snorlax will set yourself up for immediate success. Snorlax has one of the highest base health rates in the game, so it takes a while for it to be weakened down. Furthermore, teaching Snorlax the right moves can also yield some fantastic results. Moves such as Body Slam and Rest are must-haves for Snorlax’s move set. Body Slam will output some extremely high damage outputs. The move takes into consideration some of the Pokemon’s body weight, and Snorlax has one of the highest in the game. Using this Pokemon is without a doubt one of the easiest choices players will have to make. Use Snorlax in Sword and Shield, and you’ll have a Pokemon tank for your team. So you won’t have to worry about losing any battle.

What Pokemon do you think are the best to evolve, level up, and power up? 

Let us know in the comments section below!

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