12 Best Video Game Couples That Are #RelationshipGoals ❤

12 Best Video Game Couples That Are #RelationshipGoals ❤

12 Best Video Game Couples That Are #RelationshipGoals ❤

With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, it is important to know that while, yes, this is a corporation holiday made up by a few industries, it is also about love. Love that brings people together. Whether you are in a relationship or not, we all have goals that we want in them.

Since many of us have been playing video games for years, we may even try and emulate some of the best out there. We see what they have and want something similar, even if we have to beat up dragons or whatever to get there.

Below are 12 of the best examples of video game couples that are #RelationshipGoals.

12. Mario and Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

princess peach and mario from super mario bros


They say Beauty and the Beast is a “tale as old as time,” but I would argue that Peach and Mario have been together since the beginning. Yes, everyone's favorite plumber has gone through hell and high water for his beloved Princess Peach. Any time that she happens to find herself in trouble, he automatically drops everything to help her out.

While, as far as I can tell, he's only got as much as a kiss on the cheek or on the top of his forehead for his heroic efforts, he still is very much interested in her safety. We may all be aware of the internet’s version of this story that Peach has a thing for Bowser, but you can take your fanfic elsewhere. Peach has a royal upkeep to uphold in front of the Toadstool Kingdom. We are the public, we aren’t going to see how Peach truly feels for Mario unless we are behind closed doors.

They play games together and all matter of sports. She bakes for him on more than one occasion. And in her own game even had to save Mario. Their relationship is more than what we are shown, that’s for sure.

Either way, deep down we all pine for adventure to save a princess or to be rescued by a sweet, short, slightly overweight plumber. Right? 

11. Isaac and Nicole from Dead Space

isaac and nicole from dead spacePinterest

Let’s travel to the far-off distant future. Humans have traveled the universe. The year is 2508, and Isaac Clarke is on a team of miners that boards the USG Ishimura after receiving a rather creepy distress call from the vessel. Issac is already upset since the Ishimura is where Isaac's girlfriend Nicole Brennan is stationed. However, Issac was able to get a glimpse of her, and she appears to be ok, although they don't have any time to chat and catch up.

Later in the game, she appears again to help him out by recalling the shuttle that government agent Kendra has commandeered. Spoiler Alert: Isaac finds the original distress transmission, which shows that Nicole committed suicide by lethal injection before Isaac ever boarded the ship.

The Nicole he saw was just a vision created by the Marker artefact to try and trick him into bringing it back to the planet Aegis VII. Sometimes love hurts. But the love that Issac had for Nicole was real. He was willing to face the scariest of monsters just to see her again. I wish someone loved me that much.

10. Ellie and Riley from The Last of Us

ellie and riley from the last of usTelegraph

These two have a short lived and yet amazing DLC chapter of their blossoming love. Left Behind looks back at the girl that Ellie used to be back when she lived at a military school in Boston. The reason that these two make it on this list isn’t because they have this long history. It's because they teach us what it was like to be in love when we were young. 

Many relationships need that reminder. Puppy love in a relationship is just as important as long-lasting love. These two scrappy 13-year-old girls teach us that even when the whole world dissolves around us, the bonds we create with one another are so important.

Their kiss scene in the DLC is probably one of the most adorable kisses in video game history. The two girls share their hopes and dreams with each other and as an audience we get to see how love should be. Adults could learn a thing or two from the younger crowd.

9. Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X

tidus and yana from final fantasy xStealth Gaming

Tidus is a professional blitzball (a sport that’s kind of a cross between soccer and water polo) player who magically gets transported to another world, Spira, where he meets the love of his life (even if he doesn't know it at once). Now that he is stuck in this dimension, with no idea of how to get back home, he joins up with a group of guardians who are accompanying the beautiful Yuna on a pilgrimage across the land.

Yuna has chosen to become a summoner. She is still in training but has to become the best so she can defeat the destructive force called Sin that plagues her world.

Spoilers: It becomes all too obvious that defeating Sin will be no easy task, and doing so could mean her own death or that of Tidus, who may not even be real. The two of them share some incredible moments together and the knowing that their relationship needs to be torn in two hangs over the players head.

It’s one of the most heart-breaking endings that I have ever seen. Whatever you think of Tidus and Yuna, you have no heart if you aren’t moved by the way their story ends. This story is the Romeo and Juilet the way it was meant to be told, and not as we know it now: a play to torture every 9th grader alive.

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8. Eddie and Ophilia from Brutal Legend

eddie and ophilia from brutal legendWired

One of the greatest Rock love stories ever told was that of Eddie and Ophelia. Cute Goth girl Ophelia starts off as Eddie Riggs' fighting ally and love interest in Brutal Legend. He meets her when they both wind up looking for the same giant axe and then get stuck in a fantasy heavy metal world, when Ophelia introduces Eddie to her gang and their romance blossoms.

However, sometimes the path of true love never runs as smooth as we hope. Unfortunately, it gets a little bumpy when Eddie is told that Ophelia is a traitor. When confronted about it, Ophelia becomes heartbroken that Eddie doesn't trust her and believing him to be the real traitor, decides to throw herself in the Sea of Black Tears. So emo.

In the end, it turns out that there was an evil imposter Ophelia who was doing all the bad things. You can reunite with your love if you return to the iron cross shaped rock after you have beaten the game and love will blossom once more. We all go through distrust and fights, but it’s important to remember you are strong together.

7. Ico and Yorda from Ico

ico and yorda from icoWCCF Tech

There is something that is so romantic about two people falling in love when there are so many obstacles standing in their way. Ico and Yorda speak different languages. They face all kinds of impossible odds trying to escape the Queen’s castle. Sometimes danger is what makes strong bonds in storytelling. Ico and Yorda quickly form a definite understanding of each other, and as you play, you become completely immersed in the pair and their goals of freedom.

Ico, Fumito Ueda’s quiet artistic masterpiece, regularly proves to us that the tired old ‘boy-meets-girl’ love story doesn’t have to feel like we have seen it 100 times. These two adventures make it feel new again.

From the moment he breaks her free of her imprisonment, there’s a trust between Ico and Yorda. A trust that is so important in relationships. It is safe to say that thanks to Ico’s immersive gameplay of puzzles and exploration, you’ll most likely wind up just as attached to the duo as they are to each other.

6. James and Mary from Silent Hill 2

james and mary from silent hill 2Pinterest

Much like Issac and Nicole, James Sunderland  and Mary have a frightening tale. James travels to Silent Hill after receiving an odd letter from his wife Mary asking him to come meet her in their 'special place' there. If you haven't played the game, this is odd for two reasons. One, James can't recall a “special place in the town,, and two, she's been dead for three years.

James without question continues his search, trying to find Mary. He delves deeper and deeper into the nightmarish horrors of the strange town and faces off against all manner of terrifying creatures. His love for his wife is so strong that he continues this desperate search for his dead lover, hoping against all odds to find her somehow alive.

Spoilers: While there are several endings in the game, Mary remains dead in all of them. However, heartbroken, James either leaves town as a disbondent let down loser, absolutely loses his cool and tries to resurrect her, or takes his life.

5. Yennefer, Triss, and Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher Series

geralt, yen, and triss from the witcher seriesPinterest

These two magic monster fighters are the on-and-off couple of the decade. They first meet because something happens to everyone's favorite Bard, Dandelion. While she did this for selfish reasons at first, the full story is way too complicated, and it involves a genie and some intense magic. Either way, it ends up with Geralt falling for Yennefer and wishing to protect her for the rest of her life.

However, these two just can’t seem to keep each other's hands off each other, and other people. It builds a lot of mistrust even though they adore one another. Yennefer’s mistrust really comes from the event with the genie. She doesn't know if her feelings for Geralt are true or tied to him because of the last wish Geralt makes.

Triss and Yennefer know each other far longer than they both know Geralt since they are from the persecuted group of magic users. While Geralt happens to get into the middle of their friendship and almost damages it completely, their camaraderie runs deep and both know that they will always be friends.

Geralt’s relationship with Triss is even crazier than when he and Yenn share. Again, long story short, their relationship blossoms after Geralt loses his memories. A fine excuse. Triss of course knew about him and Yennefer but decided not to tell either of them.

So why the heck are they on this list? Well, after Yennefer finds out about Geralt and Triss, Yenn confronts Triss and while she's incredibly angry with her, she forgives her. Her reasoning is that one man, no matter how strong and handsome, shouldn't get in between a life-long friendship. The two share an old bond that isn't worth throwing away.

Perhaps this triad is the first polyamours couple in video game history? No, almost. However, in The Witcher 3 you end up having to choose which sorceress to romance, but they really could have made it better if they all could just be together. Each bond in the triangle is strong as hell, but as a triangle it falls to pieces. Kind of sad actually.

4. Dom and Maria from Gears of War

dom and maria from gears of warGears of War Wiki

A love story that made me cry, and still continues to do so, is that of Dom and Maria. Gear soldier Dominic Santiago, best friend and Ally to Marcus Fenix, lost both his children on Emergence Day. And after their deaths, his wife Maria sank into a deep depression. Completely understandable. Nothing seemed to help her feel better, and one day she just goes out for a walk and never comes back.

Dom is utterly heartbroken, and can be seen in the game looking at the photo he keeps of the two of them in his wallet. The quick banter that Marcus and Dom exchange also is a big key in telling their love story. When he's not fighting the locust horde, he's tirelessly trying to track her down. Another man in this list to push through evil to find his love.

Spoilers: Tragically, when he does eventually find her, she's been through hell. She was tortured and partly lobotomised and in such a bad way that she doesn't even recognise him. It is a heartbreaking scene. Then, a completely devastated Dom decides the unthinkable. He says the Maria that he used to know wouldn't want to live like that. He tells her he loves her and then puts her out of her misery.

Tearing up just thinking about it. While we may not want that ending, we all want the strong as hell love.

3. You and Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition

dorian from dragon age inquisition-1YouTube

Dorian is a handsome playful mage that can be a romantic side quest in BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. While you can only get his affection if you play another man, Dorian is a captivating and flirty lover. The intimate conversations that you have with him are wonderfully written.

After returning to Skyhold, your Base of Operations, Dorian’s character becomes a bit more flushed out, and you get to hear his harrowing tale that reveals his father's attempt to "correct" his homosexuality through blood magic. If the Inquisitor is supportive of Dorian and selects the romantic response, the two will share a kiss.

While there are tracks to slow things down or do full on romantic with Dorian, there is a self awareness check. Dorian expresses some mixed feelings. He says he is grateful but doesn't want it to appear as though his interest in the Inquisitor is purely for winning favors and self-gain, nor does he want to discredit you since he knows many people won't agree with their lifestyle. Standing your ground with Dorian and telling him it doesn't matter what others think is what makes this couple one of the best to follow in the game. Love is love.

2. You and Garrus from Mass Effect 2

garrus vakarian from mass effect 2YouTube

It shouldn’t be a surprise that BioWare has two games on this list considering they very much know how to write romance. One of the romance options for a female Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, might be an alien. But we all know, from years of watching Star Trek, that true love knows no species barrier.

Initially he might seem like a strange choice of partner for the Commander, but he grows on you. Garrus may be a cold and excellent warrior that you should always have on your team, but he's also sweet, sensitive, and intelligent.

Compared to some of the more raunchy sex scenes from the two Mass Effect games, the scene where Garrus and Shepard get together is understated. It’s romantic in its own right. Garrus admits he doesn't even know if two of them can even have a physical union, considering their body makeup is rather different, but they decide they don't care and are just happy to be together anyway. Awww. I’m not crying, you are!

1. Chloe and Rachel from Life is Strange

chloe and rachel from life is strangePolygon

I’m not even sure I want to delve into this one too much because everyone who loves a great love story and doesnt mind getting tears and snot all over their shirt absolutely needs to play Life is Strange.

Their relationship is strong and beautiful. Both of them are not afraid to live on the wild side, from jumping on trains to playing around in a junkyard.

Both dream of leaving their hometown due to having a lot of issues with their families. As you play, it's hard to not fall in love with their love as the two learn to lean on each other. I promise you won’t be disappointed. No matter who you are, or who you love, you want a love this strong.

Honorable Mentions:

  • You and The Companion Cube (Portal)
  • Link and Zelda
  • Yoshi and Birdo
  • Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

While video games don’t always give us the best examples of love, they try their best. These couples are driven by adventure or death, and while that’s exciting, it may not be ideal. Find yourself someone that will order pizza and snuggled up on the couch with you  this Valentine’s Day. It is just as romantic as fighting giants or walking through hell for.

Who are your favorite video game couples?

Tell us in the comments section below.


This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.