BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 Day 2 Recap, Results, And Winner

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 Day 2 Recap, Results, And Winner

Yesterday we witnessed some intense action during the first day of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019. We saw three-time major champions Astralis go down 0-2 after a nightmare start to their campaign. We also saw G FUEL-sponsered team FaZe Clan look a step ahead of the competition, as this was one of the few times we have seen this roster on LAN, and they looked to dominate.

The final stop in the 2019 BLAST Pro Series World Circuit came down to the wire today. With some teams already locked into the Global Finals, there were some hopefuls in Copenhagen who ultimately had their dreams crushed.

So what went down during the second and last day of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen? We’ll take you through the rest of the group stage, standoff, and of course, the grand finals!


Round 3

Astralis (16) vs. Team Liquid (10)

The first match of the day was perhaps the most anticipated matchup of the entire group stage. On one side we have Astralis, the three-time major champions and perhaps the greatest five-man roster of all in time. On the other side was Team Liquid, the North American team that was once the best team in the world for the majority of 2019 after they claimed second place in nearly every tournament to Astralis.

Both teams had less than perfect days on day one, so this was a matchup both teams needed to win to keep their chances alive of making it to the grand finals. Luckily for Astralis, they bounced back immensely today. Fueled by Nicolai ”device” Reedtz’s 27-17 scoreline, Astralis dismantled Team Liquid in this powerhouse battle.

FaZe Clan (16) vs. NiP (3)

Next on the list of matches was none other than G FUEL-sponsored team FaZe Clan. They had one of the most successful days on day one, going 2-0 without having to break a sweat. They were up against the Swedish team of NIP who was one of the hopefuls looking to make some ground on that last global finals spot.

Unfortunately for NiP, this was not the result they would have hoped for. Not really making any noise throughout the match, NiP only managed to muster together three rounds, ultimately losing 16-3.

NAVI (15) vs. Cloud9 (15)

The final match of round three was perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the event thus far. Cloud9, who was playing their first LAN with their new roster, did not looking promising at all throughout BLAST Copenhagen. On the flip side, NAVI has had a strong showing on day one and was looking to book their ticket to the grand finals to win their share of the $250,000 prize pool.

This was a back and forth match with a lot of swing rounds, but no team was able to fully capitalize on the situation. Finishing the match at a stalemate 15-15 was not the result either side would have hoped for.

Round 4

Astralis (15) vs. NAVI (15)

With NAVI just coming off of a draw, you think the last thing they would want to do in their next game was to force another draw, right? In another one of the closest matches of day two, NAVI and Astralis battled it out for 30 rounds. At one point NAVI was just a sheer two rounds away from winning the match at 14-12. But Astralis clawed their way back to another draw for the CIS side, making it the second draw of the tournament.

FaZe Clan (16) vs. Cloud9 (14)

In a rematch of the 2018 Boston Eleague Major grand finals, which was the famous final that Cloud9 won, FaZe Clan pulled off the comeback. Cloud9 was rather dominant throughout the match, mustering together multiple round streaks and looking in complete control of the game. However, fueled off a quad kill by NiKo, FaZe Clan gathered momentum and came back to eventually win 16-14. With FaZe Clan winning this matchup, they punched their ticket into the grand finals of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen.

NiP (16) vs. Team Liquid (11)

This might have been the tournament of nightmares for Team Liquid. A win for NiP would book them a ticket versus FaZe Clan before the last round of group play even started. A strong showing from Jonathan ”EliGE” Jablonowski as he posted a 30-18 scoreline was not enough for Team Liquid. NiP was just too much for the North American all-star team to handle, ultimately winning the game and booking that elusive ticket to the grand finals later in the day.

With the grand finals already set, as no team could catch FaZe Clan or NIP, the last round of group play meant little to nothing.

Grand Finals: FaZe Clan vs. NiP

With FaZe Clan and NiP ready to battle it out, and the crowd at the Royal Arena as loud as ever, map one finally started.

Map 1

The first map was played on Nuke, one of the smaller and wonkier maps in the current map pool. NiP got off to a fiery start and looked in complete control the entire match. NiP took six rounds in a row over the international lineup, and for some time, this match was going in the direction of a blowout. Facing match point, FaZe Clan dug deep and clawed their way back all the way from 15-8 down to force overtime against NiP. In overtime, FaZe Clan carried over the momentum from their comeback and fired all the way to a 19-17 victory over NiP in map one, pushing them ever so close to their first title with this lineup. The key performers in map one for FaZe Clan were Håvard “rain” Nygaard’s 47-41 stat line and Nikola “NiKo” Kovač 46-49.

Map 2

The second map of the grand final was played on Dust 2, one of the most classic maps of CS:GO. FaZe Clan got off to a hot start on this map, one of the better maps for aim legends such as NiKo and rain. Building off their 5-1 start to the game, NiP answered back and at the halftime break, they were almost deadlocked at 8-7. After the half, NiP won the opening pistol round, but that was about all they could win. FaZe Clan pulled away after that, took the map 16-12, and won BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen!

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen was one that was dominated by FaZe Clan. They barely dropped any rounds throughout their matches. While it was a team effort, one player stood out the most: NiKo.

NiKo was the HLTV BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen MVP due to his amazing 1.33 rating and his +38 K/D. In his return to the top after an up and down 2019, the Bosnia superstar looked right at home in Copenhagen.

Final Standings

The final standings and prize distribution of BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 are as follows: 

1. FaZe - $125,000 + 10 points
2. NiP - $50,000 + 8 points
3. NAVI - $25,000 + 6 points
4. Astralis - $15,000 (+$20,000 from Stand-off) + 4 points
5. Liquid - $10,000 + 2 points
6. Cloud9 - $5,000

Top image via Twitter/BLAST Pro Series

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