BunnyFufuu Age, C9, And Mamafufuu

BunnyFufuu Age, C9, And Mamafufuu

BunnyFuFuu is a professional gamer and streamer who is mainly known for participating in League of Legends tournaments and streaming for Cloud9. He joined C9 as substitute support for tournaments, but he ended up deciding to do streaming on a full-time basis for this eSports organization. BunnyFuFuu has become widely recognized among League of Legends players for his Thresh play.


BunnyFuFuu joined Gold Gaming LA as part of a new roster in late 2013. He left Gold Gaming LA in February 2014 and ended up joining Team Curse that same year. Team Curse became known as Gravity in 2015 while BunnyFuFuu was still part of it. In late 2015, he joined Cloud9. Some fans have wondered whether or not he retired since then, but BunnyFuFuu C9 is still around. BunnyFuFuu joined Cloud9 as support. He left that position in order to stream full-time for C9 in July 2016.

BunnyFuFuu has a popular YouTube channel that has gained millions of subscribers and views during the past few years. He joined YouTube on September 24, 2015. Since then, he has more than 1,300,000 subscribers, and his videos have had more than 285,000,000 views. His YouTube channel features a few playlists that get a significant amount of views. BunnyFuFuu Gaming gets updated often and has more than 200 videos. His Best Moments playlist has a dozen videos, while his Stream Highlights has five videos.


BunnyFuFuu has a Twitch channel that he posts gaming streams on from time to time. He started this channel on January 6, 2014. He’s played a total of nine games played and has 1,125 streaming hours logged with Twitch. His total streaming time for League of Legends, the game he plays the most, is around 45 days. He’s also streamed Fortnite for about 19 hours total. BunnyFuFuu has posted a total of 33 streaming videos and has more than 500,000 followers. Some of his League of Legends streaming videos have had thousands of views to date.


BunnyFuFuu has a net worth that’s estimated to be up to $640,000. His earnings come from a combination of sponsorships and sales from BunnyFuFuu merchandise, including t-shirts and hoodies.

On YouTube, his most popular videos are League of Legends gaming streams. Some of these have close to 2 million views each. BunnyFuFuu posts videos to his YouTube channel on a frequent basis. His top videos range from ones posted more than a year ago to more recent ones posted within the past couple of months.

BunnyFuFuu has had a number of notable results from various tournaments he’s played in during the past few years. Some of these include the following:

Curse Academy: Third place in the North American (NA) Challenger Series Summer #1 in 2014

Curse Academy: Second place in the NA Challenger Series Summer Playoffs in 2014

Gravity Gaming: Seventh and eighth place in the Spring North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) in 2015

Gravity Gaming: Seventh and eighth place in the Summer NA LCS in 2015

Cloud9: Third place in the NA LCS Spring Split tournament in 2016

Cloud9: Fifth and sixth place in the NA LCS Spring Playoffs in 2016

Cloud9: Third place in the NA LCS summer regular season tournament in 2016


Personal Life

BunnyFuFuu, whose real name is Michael Kurylo, is from San Diego, California. For those who want to know BunnyFuFuu age, he was born on August 23, 1996, making him 22 years old.

BunnyFuFuu began playing League of Legends while he was a high school student. He soon joined Gold Gaming LA and ended up playing in the North American Challenger League before going on to play in many other tournaments.

BunnyFuFuu’s mother, known as MamaFuFuu, appears in some of his gaming videos as a fellow gamer. Fans have wondered about the extra “u” in his name, but it has a simple explanation. He chose BunnyFuFuu because BunnyFuFu was being used already.

Quick Facts about BunnyFuFuu

BunnyFuFuu Real Name: Michael Kurylo
Popular Name: Bunny FuFuu
Profession:  Professional Gamer & Streamer
Nationality: American
Date Of Birth:  August 23, 1996
BunnyFuFuu Age: 22 years old [as of 2018]
BunnyFuFuu Net Worth:  Estimated to be up to $640,000
Twitch:  https://www.twitch.tv/bunnyfufuu
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BunnyFuFuu
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/c9bunnyfufuu/
Youtube Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv7PqO2lW3eK16sQngYPwsA