Cahlaflour Ranks The 7 Scariest Video Games

Cahlaflour Ranks The 7 Scariest Video Games

There is nothing better than celebrating the spookiest time of year with some downright terrifying horror video games — either alone or with friends. To help us put together the very best in scary horror games, the Queen of Horror herself, Cahlaflour, ranked her favorite games to play. Whether you’re sitting alone in your basement at 2 AM wanting to truly be terrified or if you and a bunch of friends are looking to get scared together, this is the best list you’ll find on which games to play this Halloween!

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Top Solo Horror Games
Top Multiplayer Horror Games
Best Horror Game to Play

Top Solo Horror Games

3. Visage

Visage is a game best played by gamers who enjoy a creepier game to play on Halloween. It has fewer game scares than Cahla’s top two picks, but it delivers some amazing gameplay and truly disturbing scenes. It takes place in a house that is, as Cahla lovely puts it, “essentially haunted” and with no direction or guide. You need to navigate this haunted house while attempting to keep yourself sane. That’s right — you’re trying to solve the puzzles in the house while holding onto your sanity by lighting candles. If you have candles lit, you can hold off your insanity a little longer, but if you run out of candles, your sanity runs out. And the more your sanity slips, the more “supernatural things happen and if you go fully insane, they can come and kill you.”

You’ll need to outrun the burn of your candles while being chased through the halls of the house to explore the story of Visage. The chapters of Visage are released over time and you can gain access by unlocking them behind locked doors in the house. If you’re in the mood for jump scares, a thrilling storyline, and attempting to keep your insanity at bay, this is the game for you.


2. Outlast

Cahla’s second pick for a solo scary game is Outlast, and for good reason. Outlast sat at the top of Cahla’s single-player list until it was usurped by the top game on these rankings a week ago. But the fact that it sits in the number two position shouldn’t hold you back from playing this spooky game on Halloween.

Set in a psychiatric hospital, players in Outlast play the role of a detective exploring the hospital that is overrun by patients — albeit murderous patients. Unlike other horror games, Outlast doesn’t allow players to attack or see a visible health bar.  You either have to outrun enemies or hide from them. In addition to the limited interactions with enemies, players need to use the night vision mode on a camcorder to see in the dark.


With jump scares aplenty, even for veteran players like Cahla on repeated playthroughs, Outlast will prove an excellent choice for any gamer on Halloween.

1. Beast Inside

The Beast Inside was released just this month, but it jumped to the top of Cahla’s top solo horror games in a matter of a day. Originally, the game hadn’t been on Cahla’s radar, but when a community member showed her the trailer, she immediately knew she had to play the game. And boy, did it ever deliver as a horror game. 

Cahla swears that Beast Inside is the “scariest game I’ve ever played,” and it’s not hard to see why. Not far into the game, Cahla had one of the best jump scare moments she’s ever had, which sent her into a fit of giggles and screams.


Beast Inside rotates between the chapters, one where you’d, “get the crap scared out of you” and the other lets you “kind of recover and be ready for more.” The alternating perspectives allow the player to experience a build that leads to devastating scares. The intensity of the puzzles, the truly scream-inducing jump scares, fast-paced action scenes, and even a boss fight. There’s a reason The Beast Inside is at the top of Cahla’s single-player horror games.


Top Multiplayer Horror Games

3. Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Man of Medan is a multiplayer game that CAN be played solo, but it drastically limits what players can do and how much of the story you learn. In essence, “it’s way better because it has things that you’ll miss if you don’t play multiplayer.” When there are multiple friends playing together, each character is experiencing different storylines that come together in different ways depending on the choices the players have made.

In Man of Medan, you and your friends play as characters who have travelled to a boat called the The Duke of Milan for an underwater scuba diving expedition. After getting trapped on the boat, the characters safety, sanity, and survival is at risk if they attempt to make it through the night.


In addition to it having some truly horrifying moments, the game has a lot of replayability, as every decision you make changes the outcome of the game. And as a multiplayer horror game, that’s key for players of all experience levels!

2. Pacify

Pacify is a multiple player horror game that takes place in a house that is possessed by a demonic girl. Yeah, you heard us right — a demonic child who runs around the house. In order to pacify her, you need to “give her dolls that you find.” And as Cahla explains, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The demonic girl will try and kill you, but if you and your friend have dolls, “you’ll be okay but the more you destroy, the harder it gets to find them.” This is when Cahla told us about her fear of dolls. So definitely make sure you play with a friend who's afraid of dolls if you want to amp up the scares.


The game is straight-forward and players can figure out the controls pretty easily. However, there are plenty of opportunities for sabotage from friends. Cahla recounted the time she played with her friend Morf who decided to lock her in the room with the demonic girl because who doesn’t love to troll their friends in game? The irony was that, “he got me killed and then he got killed.” So, feel free to try to screw over your friends, but know you’ll be sabotaging yourself as well.


1. Dead by Daylight

If there’s one game that rules the top of every horror game list, it’s Dead by Daylight. It’s also the only game that Cahla will play for six to eight hours a day on stream and then voluntarily play it when she’s off-stream — and that’s a big deal. What puts Dead by Daylight at the top of Cahla’s list as the number one scary game to play with friends?


First off, Dead by Daylight delivers what no other horror game can: a myriad of our favorite slashers all in one place. Behaviour Interactive, the games developers, put together a killers list that has our favorites from across the spectrum — Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, the Demogorgon (yes, from Stranger Things), Ghostface, and more. As Cahla said, “Dead by Daylight is so different from other games because there isn’t another game out there where you can actually go up against your favorite slasher like Michael Meyers or Leatherface.” You face off against a killer as a survivor on a team of four. With several maps, dozens of add-ons, and items to help you outwit the killer, “something different happens every single game.”


If you think that Dead By Daylight isn’t as scary as The Beast Within or Pacify, it is. You’d think playing with friends would mean that you are always aware of what’s going on so you won’t get scared, but you’d be wrong. The game is full of jump scares, intense chases, and devilish plays that’ll have you screaming out in frustration or surprise. Cahla’s experienced all those moments and yet still comes back for more every stream!


Best Horror Game to Play, Regardless of Halloween

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is the game that every horror game enthusiast has as a staple in their steam library. It’s funny, it’s got zombies, the storylines are insanely punny, and you can either play alone or with friends. Left 4 Dead has it all: seven campaigns, each with their own hilarious tagline, four characters to play as, dozens of weapons to use in game, and literally countless zombies to kill.


Cahla pointed out that Left 4 Dead, not to be confused with the lesser version Left 4 Dead 2, is often used in comparison to other games on how good it is. It’s a game that you keep going back to because even though the storylines don’t change and Francis will always be complaining about something, you can pick it up, play with your friends, and then go about your day.


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