Call of Duty: Mobile Community Reactions

Call of Duty: Mobile Community Reactions

Gamers around the world were introduced to Call of Duty: Mobile on October 1st for iOS users while Android players were given a slow roll-out release on October 2nd. After just 24 hours, CoD: Mobile was downloaded over 20 million times and earned over $2 million in revenue from in-game microtransactions. Activision then announced on October 4th that their latest mobile game has earned the number one spot on Apple’s App Store in over 100 countries and surpassed 35 million downloads since launch.

The free-to-play mobile game places players against each other in different classic CoD game modes like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Domination. Players have to play a few practice rounds to progress through the tutorial by playing the “Frontline” mode. Frontline is a 5 v 5 mode where players will always respawn at their base, eliminating random respawn points like Team Deathmatch. 

call of duty mobile frontline
Call of Duty: Mobile

Once players finish the tutorial, they are free to select which control system they would like to use: Simple or Advanced. Simple mode allows players to fire their weapons by aiming their weapon at an enemy. Advanced mode gives players an individual “fire” button along with custom movement options.

call of duty mobile advanced mode
Call of Duty: Mobile

Players can also hop into CoD: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode, which puts 100 players onto a map with several locations reflecting classic Call of Duty maps like Nuketown. The Battle Royale mode can be played in four-man squads, two-man squads, or solo. 

call of duty mobile battle royale mode
Call of Duty: Mobile

Tons of G FUEL-sponsored personalities made sure to hop in-game and deliver their opinion on the free-to-play game.

MOLT showed off his moves by earning five kills in a row in ranked multiplayer before he was flanked by the enemy team. He even used several guns displaying his gun-skill and accuracy!


Drew “Surfnboy” Snediker had high praise for CoD: Mobile due to the game being “insanely accessible,” playable on low-end devices, and able to run smoothly since launch.


Nickatnyte shared his impressive clip of him sniping a player right out of a helicopter in the Battle Royale mode


One fan, MachineGhoulLuke, took his time to write out his review on CoD: Mobile, and had generally positive remarks towards multiplayer and Battle Royale. His only complaint was that the game’s controls can be awkward, but adjusting in-game settings through the “Advanced Mode” tended to fix those problems.


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This article was written by Amanda Zelauskas.