Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 12/6/19 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, New Playlists, And More

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 12/6/19 Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, New Playlists, And More

Just three days after the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One, Infinity Ward rolled out another patch ahead of the weekend. 

The most recent update to Modern Warfare most notably features the return of the playlist “Shoot House 24/7,” which replaces the “Crash 24/7” playlist that was added during the battle pass release.

Shoot House 24/7 was one of the best maps Infinity Ward added since the game’s release, and it saddened many fans with its removal the other day.

With an overall mixed feeling about the map variety in Modern Warfare, Shoot House has been one of the shining stars in the map rotation. Its re-addition into the game is a sigh of relief for many players.

Infinity Ward posted the full patch notes on the official Modern Warfare Reddit, and you can check them out below!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 12/6/19 Patch Notes


  • Shoot House 24/7 is back! (replaces Crash 24/7)
  • Removed night maps from Hardcore modes
  • Added Docks back into Gunfight map rotation
  • Added Grazna Raid and Arklov Peak to Hardcore TDM
  • Added Arklov Peak to Hardcore Headquarters


  • When attempting to view weapon details of a weapon in the Missions tab, players will be kicked back to the main menu. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for the cargo ship clipping through the playable area on Docks
  • In some cases, players were not able to see or shoot down an opposing team’s Counter UAV. This has been fixed
  • Fix for the VTOL audio persisting after being shot down
  • Fix for a crash that could occur while prone and firing the AK-47 with a launcher and the Fully Loaded perk equipped
  • Fix for the “Jack Frosty” and “Old Wounds” world model appearing differently than the Armory/Gunsmith models
  • Special Operations: “Just Reward” – Fix for the HVT truck crashing into portions of the map
  • Special Operations: Survival – Fix for the respawn flare not working as intended

Although this patch was rather minor in comparison to the one earlier in the week, this patch provides some quality of life updates that will improve the player’s experience. One of the more notable bug fixes in this patch is the fixing of the game crashing when you go prone with the AK-47 equipped. This was a bug quickly discovered after Season One’s release, and it was a big issue along with the cargo ship bug on the map Docks.

What do you think of the implementation of Shoot House 24/7 again?

Let us know by commenting below!

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