A Doom Love Letter

A Doom Love Letter

Dear Doom,

Thank you for all the hours of entertainment. We love you.

Love always,


You may be a little confused as to why an article started that way and it’s understandable. We here at G FUEL, in preparation for Doom: Eternal’s November release, wanted to thank this 25-year-old franchise for the influence it had on many of our lives.

In 1993, Doom raised a lot of hell. Not just because you were a lone space marine murdering his way through actual Hell, but more because of its violent content and satanic imagery.

It was a gorefest that gamers hadn’t really seen up until then.

It opened the door for gaming violence and defined the FPS genre forever.

In fact, before the term First Person Shooter, all those types of games were called “Doom Clones” because they didn’t have a title for the genre.

Let’s Talk Gore

So what makes Doom so great? Why are there so many fans of this franchise?

Well, like most games of the early days, there isn’t much of a plot. This is an action game through-and-through.

The fundamental plot of the Doom games are travel to Mars and Hell, get lots of guns, kill all the demons you see, and you save the day. That’s how easy it is to remember.

Sure, we all love interesting stories and character development, but with Doom, it’s different. It’s pure chaos.

The franchise is non-stop action from start to finish, and we love it that way. Doomguy doesn’t need some strong character arc for us to love him. He just needs to smash demons' heads in and/or blow them into tiny pieces.

doom eternal destructible demonsBethesda

When Bethesda and id Software remade id’s famous series in 2016, they revamped our love affair with a beautifully gore-gasmic rendition of our childhood memories. They encouraged us to get into the fight, and with most shooters, that isn’t always the case.


When you started blasting demons with the double-barreled shotgun, it felt impactful.

Every single time you rip open a monster with Doomguy’s bare hands, it felt remarkable as it was backed up by the brilliant, wet, and crunchy sound design. A sound design that makes you feel like part of the action and not just going through the kill screens.

They made every shot and punch sound like a symphony of destruction. It’s beautiful.

What makes Doom so incredible is that the fast-paced shoot-outs are present in all the sequels.

Strafing and jumping around enemy projectiles.

Getting up close and personal with demons only to destroy them.

Puzzle solving.

Having to go back and forth throughout the entire layout of the maps to find not just the way forward, but also some fun and interesting secrets.

Everything about Doom’s gameplay is fun and engaging. I’ve played them over and over.

Which is why we are all so excited for the possibilities of the new Doom: Eternal.

We can already taste it.

doom eternal fire baronBethesda

For The Love Of Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi settings are difficult to get right. As fans, we know when writers skip corners. The world (or universe) that is created has to be unique and memorable. Just look at films like Star Wars and games like Mass Effect to see how hard creating a world in the future can be.

Having said that, Doom has never shied away from embracing this genre. Not only that, but they also add in a huge horror element. The first game was infamous for the moment when you realized that the true enemy threat wasn’t on our neighboring planet, but was in fact, from the deepest circles of hell itself.

This twist not only created controversy outside of the gaming world, but it also made an impact to the players as you suddenly shifted from the intricate bases and red surface of Mars to the blood-covered, satanic ritual-lead cults of the damned inferno.

It’s not all about creating an atmosphere though. As we know from most video games, enemies come in all shapes and sizes.

Doom was one of the first series to literally take this to the next level with every game. The introduction of these creatures was so impactful to the gaming world, and they still stand up to this day.

Just the creation of the Cyber Demons, for one, was one of the first intimidating foes you cross. These horned beasts, towering in front of you with robotic arms and legs that shoot rockets at you were intimidating, to say the least.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have the Cacodemon --- this giant orb-like enemy that fires potent hellish energy at you. It’s not hard to imagine that these adversaries were originally inspired by the Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons.

However, while these hellish counterparts continue to strike fear into players in all versions of the game, they actually left a satisfying feeling when you see them flop like a big red bloody balloon.

doom eterneal cacodemonBethesda

It’s Time For Doom: Eternal

This year at E3, Bethesda gave us a ton of information about Doom: Eternal, and we really couldn’t be happier.

If you happened to have missed the trailer, take a quick look at the original before we continue:


There were so many things it’s hard to pin down all of the goodness. So let’s make a short list of all the brutal and most amazing things Doom: Eternal will be gracing this gaming universe with:

  • Grappling Attachment: Everyone’s favorite and most used weapon, the shotgun, has just become more amazing than normal. In the reveal, the shotgun has been equipped with a grappling attachment that lets you latch onto enemies, even flying ones, and pull yourself through the air toward them. Talk about “pick up the pacing.”
  • Invasions: The Doom games have always been just a single-player experience. However, in Doom: Eternal, a sweet new feature will allow players to invade each other's campaigns. The invading player (or players) will take control of a monster (or monsters) and try to hunt down the Doomguy.
  • Battle Damage: You'll now be able to see the demons you face off against take damage as you dish it out. Piece by piece their armor, limbs, and features become obliterated.
  • The Arch-vile: Yes, the Arch-vile hasn't made an appearance in Doom in over a decade since Doom 3 back in 2004. As a tip, he's known for his truly terrifying habit of resurrecting dead demons. This will obviously make your already anarchic battles even more arduous.
  • Doomguy’s Extra Life: This will be like an extra checkpoint system. The action can get rough, and instead of having to start all the way back to the last checkpoint, Doomguy will just resurrect. And you can continue the bloody action. This will come in handy probably more near a boss fight.

These are just some of the new hype moments that we all get to participate in when the new game comes out on November 22nd.

doom eternal urban assaultBethesda

Bethesda was able to continue the roll-out of information this past weekend at Quakecon, which was Doom-themed.

There was some great news for fans that never had the chance to play the original. Yes, Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 are available now across PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with the first two games also being released on iOS and Android.

You will have to attach to your Bethesda.net account in order to play, no matter what system you use.

Missed the Quakecon keynote?

id Software Executive Producer, Marty Stratton, and Creative Director, Hugo Martinsome, gave some amazing information to fans in the form of new enemies, but mostly the new Battlemode, which looks incredible! A 2 vs 1 multiplayer deathmatch between a team of two demons versus one Slayer.

Check out the footage:


We Know We Aren’t The Only Ones

I was able to chat with G FUEL-sponsored Shock, and he too was just as in love with Doom and excited for Doom: Eternal as I was. 

Here is just a snippet of our conversation:

G FUEL: So, what is your earliest memory of playing Doom?

Shock: My earliest memories of Doom would have to be Doom 3 because when I was a kid I remember my dad letting me play it for the first time.

G FUEL: What made you fall in love with the series? Like was there a specific experience or moment in the games that really made you love the games?

Shock: When I see Doom I always think of crazy creatures and that is what has always made the game noticeable and different for me.

G FUEL: How freaking excited are you for Doom: Eternal?

Shock: So here's the deal, I actually got to play Doom: Eternal at the YouTube Gaming Lounge at E3 on the Google Stadia and it was AWESOME!


And with that, happy 25th Anniversary Doom --- we love you! 

Are you as excited about Doom: Eternal as us at G FUEL

Let us know in the comments below what you love about Doom.


Top image via Bethesda

This article was written by John D. (aka SomeBeardy2Love). John has been gaming for 30 years, has a bowtie tattoo, thinks he’s hilarious on Twitter, and watches nothing but Bob’s Burgers. He’s on a mostly weekly podcast and has a sponsored beard.