Everything That's Changed In Fortnite Season X

Everything That's Changed In Fortnite Season X

Fortnite Season X brought us a lot of notable changes, some good and some not so good. We detail everything that's changed so far.

Map Changes

fortnite season x dusty depot map changes

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Dusty Depot was the most anticipated change Epic Games teased to us leading up to Season X's release. Data miners were quick on their feet, digging into the game files as soon as Season X dropped. They revealed a lot of drastic changes coming soon.

Upon first glance, the most noteworthy change in Season X was the re-addition of fan-favorite Dusty Depot and Factories, which are nestled in the central part of Fortnite’s map. If fans remember, this Point of Interest (POI) was the victim of the dreaded meteor that hit Dusty Depot towards the end of Season 3, which was the start of numerous map changes to Fortnite’s map. However, these changes have come at a cost to Fortnite’s map.

fortnite season x map changes

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The theme of Season X is “Twist Time,” so there has been immense speculation that during the epic Mech vs Monster fight at the end of Season 9, the Mech broke the legendary vault that was set in the middle of Loot Lake.

Now, we see a giant floating orb titled the “Zero Point.” The orb is seemingly reverting time back to the old classic days of Fortnite but with some twists in the map.

During Season 3 and Season 4, we had POIs called Moisty Mire, Flush Factory, and Wailing Woods. But over the course of time, these locations felt the demise of Fortnite’s map and were no more. 

With the launch of Season X, we are seeing some hints of these locations coming back, but they will not exactly be the same. A Mosity Mire tree is growing out of a hut in the desert region of the map, and a Wailing Woods Tree is being sighted in Lonley Lodge among other notable hints throughout the map.

Over the course of the season, we may get some of the old POIs back to the map. 

As mentioned above, as soon as Season X released, data miners were quick at work trying to find any indication of notable changes coming to Fortnite that they could find within the game files. Fortunately for us, they have found a sizable change coming to the new “Neo-Tilted.”

Data miners have found that that the futuristic version of Tilted Towers will now turn into a West World-style titled equipped with a Salon and other country like buildings. It's unknown when these changes are bound to happen, but fans have been excited as this version of the map has become quite stale to many. 


fortnite season x brute mech

Photo via Epic Games

Fans have rejoiced over the looming map changes to Season X, but contrasting this joy of fans has been the addition of Fortnite’s newest vehicle: the B.R.U.T.E.

Based off a mech from the Titan Fall series, this mech can move across the map at the blink of an eye and shoot up to 10 missiles at once --- each of which deals 50 damage and can break any structure. This vehicle also has a fully-equipped shotgun for close-range engagements.

Now, with this new mechanized vehicle in Fortnite, this has brought numerous amounts of criticism towards Epic Games for this decision. People have cried to Epic to vault this mech already as this has been showcased as more overpowered than the infamous Infinity Sword or Thanos Glove in the Marvel LTM.

Whether or not Epic Games decides to vault this vehicle is currently unknown. With a series of challenges centered around the mech, it looks unlikely that they will as of now, but fans will continue pleading for it to be sent to the vault. 

Here are the B.R.U.T.E’s full details:

  • This vehicle can be operated by up to two players. If two players are operating it, one (the driver) controls movement, while the other (the gunner) rains down missiles and shotgun shots.
  • The driver is able to dash into combat, super jump to victory, and stomp enemies and structures into the ground.
  • Anything you would normally harvest will grant materials when destroyed.
  • The passenger has two weapons at their disposal: a shotgun and a missile launcher.
  • Shotgun Clip Size: 10. Damage: 50. Headshot Multiplier: 1.5x.
  • Missile Launcher Fires up to 10 missiles at once. Holding down Trigger will begin loading missiles. After releasing Trigger, or after 10 missiles have been loaded, all missiles will automatically fire.
  • New Mechanic: Overshield consumes 200 of any material type to create a personal overshield for 5 seconds and protect you in the mech.

Vaulted Items

fortnite glider redeploy

Photo via Epic Games

Each new Fortnite season that Epic Games rolls out also comes with an ample amount of weapons, consumables, and vehicles that make its way out of the game and into the vault. The beginning of Season 9 was perhaps the most notable vaulting session as Epic vaulted the legendary Pump and all of its rarities. 

With Season X’s release, Epic Games vaulted many of mobility items this time around, making navigating the map a challenge yet again. 

The vaulted items for season 10 are as follows:

  • Baller
  • Quad Crasher
  • Flint Knock Pistol
  • Semi-Auto Sniper
  • Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Mounted Turret
  • Air Strike
  • Itemized Glider Redeploy (although still available in large team modes)
  • The giant slipstream around most of the map
  • Air Drones

These vaulted items have seen matches conclude much faster than previous seasons. Players are struggling with rotating, which is much like the old days of Fortnite before they added all these mobility items. 


fortnite season x zero point challenges

Photo via FortniteInsider

Gone are the beloved weekly and daily challenges that players would need to complete to unlock secret loading screens and the usual secret skin towards the end of the Sseason.

During Season 9, Epic Games also added Fortbytes, which were collectible items used to unlock different styles of certain Battle Pass cosmetics. This change was met with some criticism as it felt more like a chore than a reward to find all 100 of these collectibles. 

With Season X’s release, Fortnite has introduced “Missions.” These are much like the weekly challenges, but they offer much more incentive to players as there are a lot of Battle Pass rewards featured in each challenge. 

How do you think Season X has been so far?

Do you like the addition of the B.R.U.T.E and the looming map changes?

Let us know in a comment below!

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