G FUEL's Neopets Collection

G FUEL Teams with Neopets® for Limited-Edition Energy Drink Collection

G FUEL's Neopets Collection

NEW YORK, August 11, 2023 -- G FUEL celebrates a fantastic new era of the virtual pet game Neopets with a limited-edition collection featuring remastered G FUEL Energy Formula products, a Neopets x G FUEL Slushie Cup and collectible G FUEL Doodlez Charms accessories.

The collaboration, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con International 2023, features three fan-favorite flavors with adorable Neopets characters on the packaging, available for the first time in 15-serving tubs:

  • Electric Blue Slushie (Snow Cone)
  • Cheops Slushie (Cherry Pomegranate/Clickbait)
  • Loveberry Slushie (Raspberry Lemonade/Hype Sauce)

Neopets and G FUEL fans alike can enjoy each of these flavors in the limited-edition Neopets x G FUEL Slushie Cup, which can be customized with one of three exclusive Neopets Doodlez Charms, featuring some of the most iconic Neopets: Kougra, Shoyru, and Aisha.

“Like a magical potion brewed in one of the many lands of Neopia, this collaboration infuses the power of play with the energy to excel. We are so thrilled to partner Neopets with G FUEL,” said Colleen Gilday, SVP at CWA, licensing agent for Neopets.

G FUEL Energy Formula is zero sugar and loaded with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has only 15 calories and contains 140 mg of caffeine. Electric Blue Slushie, Cheops Slushie and Loveberry Slushie will help keep Neopets fans focused and energized as they explore the wonders of Neopia, whether through the upcoming World of Neopets mobile game or on the classic website that started it all, Neopets.com.

“Our fans are incredibly passionate and energetic when it comes to adventuring through the wide range of Neopian experiences. The opportunity to nourish that energy and passion for adventure with this amazing collaboration made a G FUEL partnership an easy decision,” said Dominic Law, CEO of Neopets.

Whether helping players grind 80+ newly relaunched classic games, dominate in the Battledome, or dive into the lore of all of their favorite Neopian characters on the brand new Neopets homepage, G FUEL powers players with the clear, focused energy they need to rake in the Neopoints.

“Neopets has always existed at the intersection of gaming and community – just like G FUEL – so we’re proud to be part of this immersive new era for the brand,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan. “Plus, Neopets is all about cuteness, so we were able to shrink down three of our fan-favorite 40-serving tubs into 15-serving Neopets mini tubs that are the perfect combination of adorable and energizing.”

Neopians everywhere can make like a Kougra and pounce on G FUEL’s limited-edition Neopets collection. Available now at GFUEL.com while supplies last! 

About Neopets

Neopets is an immersive, online virtual pet game in which players can adopt, customize, and interact with Neopets in the vast world of Neopia. Known for its multi-generational, passionate community, Neopets offers players a vast world of storytelling, collecting, pet care, and exciting social gaming experiences. Since its launch in 1999, Neopets has galvanized unique adventures, games, stories, and challenges for over 150 million players worldwide.

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