G FUEL Mudtooth's Tonic, Inspired by "Remnant II"

G FUEL, Gearbox, and Gunfire Games Join Forces to Survive The Root with “Remnant II” Energy Drink

G FUEL Mudtooth's Tonic, Inspired by "Remnant II"

NEW YORK, November 15, 2023 – G FUEL, the leader in game-changing energy drinks, announced today that its epic collaboration with Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games’ third-person survival shooter Remnant II is now available at GFUEL.com. Fans can pick up G FUEL Mudtooth’s Tonic in a limited-edition Collector’s Box and 40-Serving Tub while supplies last.

The G FUEL Mudtooth's Tonic Collector’s Box is a gateway to the realm of Remnant II, where the action never stops and the malicious enemy known as The Root never sleeps. While you are immersed in the epic battles and lore, G FUEL has you covered the minute you open the box. You'll unveil a brand-new 24 oz Shaker Cup, a companion ready to stand by your side through every sweat-inducing battle. But the real magic happens in every sip as you celebrate the triumphant return of G FUEL’s delicious, fan-favorite Peach Iced Tea!

“All of us at Gunfire Games are thrilled to partner with G FUEL,” said David Adams, Remnant II Game Director and President of Gunfire Games. “We hope Remnant II fans like this collab!”

G FUEL Mudtooth's Tonic Energy Formula isn't just a drink; it's your secret weapon as you traverse the multiverse's toughest terrains. It's sugar free and brimming with antioxidants sourced from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving offers a mere 15 calories, but it brings a substantial 140 mg of caffeine. It's a formula designed to fuel your gaming journey, offering energy, focus, and endurance to help you conquer the unforgiving terrains of Remnant II.

“I’m a fan of challenging experiences that require an elevated level of performance. Remnant II delivers on that in a big way, which makes it a perfect collab for G FUEL,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan. “With our Remnant II-inspired flavor, we’re on a mission to immerse fans in the heart-pounding excitement of the game while helping to deliver the energy- and focus-boosting benefits they've come to expect from G FUEL."

Now's the time to seize the moment, dodge incoming attacks with precision, max out your health bar, and secure G FUEL Mudtooth's Tonic now at GFUEL.com!

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