G FUEL x Super Meat Boy Blood, Sweat & Tears Collection to be Available Exclusively at Micro Center

Watch out! Keep dodging those SAW BLADES!! You’ve almost made it!!! Just ahead is the Micro Center that will be carrying the brand-new G FUEL Blood, Sweat & Tears Collection Inspired by Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy!

Meat Boy, the small, dark red, cube-shaped titular character, must save his equally cube-shaped girlfriend Bandage Girl from the machinations of the evil Dr. Fetus! The game is known for its action, buzzsaws, and insane difficulty! And to celebrate the Steam release of its anticipated sequel Super Meat Boy Forever on Jan. 10, we needed something that could match that fire! G FUEL Blood, Sweat & Tears 16 oz Cans will give you that sweet burn of cinnamon candy taste that will keep your blood pumping all day to out maneuver any obstacle! 

And if you like DLC, G FUEL has something a little extra for our fans. Introducing the new G FUEL Blood, Sweat & Tears Collectors Box! The realistic Meat Boy has his mouth wide open for that 40-serving tub of the same sweet, cinnamon candy flavor and Super Meat Boy 16 oz Shaker cup!  

This new flavor will be available exclusively at Micro Center! Find a Micro Center near you using the G FUEL Store Locator 

G FUEL x Super Meat Boy Blood, Sweat & Tears Collector's Box