Enter Gamer’s Got Talent for a Chance to Win a G FUEL, SteelSeries, And Digital Storm Sponsorship

Enter Gamer’s Got Talent For A Chance To Win A G FUEL, SteelSeries, And Digital Storm Sponsorship

As gamers, we're some of the most talented people around. We play, we entertain, we can become invisible in a crowded party. You name it, we can do it! That’s why we here at G FUEL, along with our partners at SteelSeries and Digital Storm, want to find the next big star!

Welcome to GAMER’S GOT TALENT! (No, I’m not your host but I couldn’t resist)

Yes, you heard that right! Will you meet the challenge? Can you make it through a series of thematic rounds that will test your abilities as a streamer/content creator? We hope so. Because the prize is a G FUEL, SteelSeries, and DigitalStorm, sponsorship! 

We know you're excited now. All you have to do is go to the Gamer’s Got Talent submission form and follow the rules from there.

As long as you're 13 years old or older (if you’re under 18, you’ll be required to fill out a parental consent form), you have until May 1st to submit your video. 

We know you may have some questions, so we're also doing a Gamer's Got Talent Q&A session today, March 27th, at 5 PM ET on G FUEL's Twitch. Join us, and we will try our best to get to all your questions.

We can’t wait to see all your talented submissions. Remember: the submission deadline is May 1st.

Be creative, be wacky, and, most importantly, have fun!


This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.