Top 15 Green Video Game Characters

Top 15 Green Video Game Characters

Top 15 Green Video Game Characters

We know, “it isn’t easy being green,” but all of the green video game characters below make it look good. 

Granted not all of these characters always have green in their costume or skin. Obviously, many games let you change the colors of their outfits and everything, but we know these characters for the green. Embrace the green!

Here are our top 15 green video game characters:

15. Battletoads

Rash Battletoad from Killer InstinctArtStation

While only two out of the three Battletoads (Zitz and Rash) are really green, it's still worth mentioning these bad boys of Beat ‘Em Up style games. Not only were they one of the early ‘90s games that got a cartoon, but they also had a multiple of crossover games like Double Dragon and, more recently, Shovel Knight. Rash was even invited into Killer Instinct.

The Battletoads were supposed to have a new arcade style game come out last year, but Microsoft pushed it back. Will we see a new Battletoads game in 2020? We will just have to wait and see.

14. Boogerman


Boogerman was probably the most parental-offensive game to come out until Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The whole game takes place in the far off Dimension of X-Crement (I’m not even kidding), and Boogerman has nearly unlimited powers using burp/flatulence ammunition, as well as booger ammunition.

Boogerman was a simple side-scroller type game with 20+ levels, all filled with nose goblins and excrement monsters. It’s no wonder so many parents hated this game. It was cartoonish enough to let it slide, though. So, while Mortal Kombat was having its day in court, kids that played Boogerman were laughing silently to themselves.

13. Jade

Jade from Beyond Good and EvilLVLS+

Jade was the stoic star of Beyond Good & Evil, and this truth seeker took her namesake seriously. But unlike most of the characters on this list, Jade didn't limit herself to one shade of green. She mixed together multiple hues from her headband to her lipstick and jacket. I feel like even her jeans have a weirdly green hue to them as well.

When Jade hit the scene, many people took it as a breath of fresh air. Women in character development for games back then were targeted towards a certain audience. Beyond Good & Evil knew that girls played games also, and so they made a character that people can relate to rather than just look at. Jade was the beginning of most of that. Thank you, Jade! 

12. Creeper 

Creeper from MinecraftTurbo Squid

These little guys gave so many Minecraft builders hell in the early days. Sometimes they still do. The Creepers are the most common “baddies” of the Minecraft world. Not only do these green, deadly hostiles silently approach players, but they also cause a massive explosion shortly after coming within three blocks of their targets.

Due to their distinctive appearance, high potential for killing unwary players, and destroying whatever you were carefully working on, Creepers have become one of the icons of Minecraft, notorious both among players and non-players. 

11. The Prince

Prince from Katamari Damacy

Know Your Meme

I decided to write this feature celebrating wearers of green for St. Patrick's Day, no matter how miniscule they might be. So that absolutely has to include the microscopic Prince from Katamari Damacy, also known as Beautiful Katamari.

The Prince is often tasked with cleaning up his father's messes, which he does in style wearing a billowy lime shirt. Also with a ball that will collect everything and anything but only by size order. So, you start with grass and work your way up to fences, then to cars, and full houses, etc. The game is repetitive and yet never stops being fun. The Prince looks snazzy while he is cleaning up that's for sure.

10. Reptile

Reptile from Mortal KombatBloody Disgusting

While Reptile originally just showed up as the green poison version (clone) of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, he soon got a look of his own. Reptile’s humanoid skin tone was replaced with a scaly green later on in the games, making him look more and more like his namesake. Without going too much into his backstory, Reptile was a huge pain in the butt to unlock.

To fight Reptile, the player must get a Double Flawless victory in single player mode on the Pit stage and finish the match off with a Fatality, all without blocking. Mastering that was already impossible. To add to it, there also had to be a silhouette flying past the moon, which will occur every sixth game. Once all conditions are met, the match takes place on the spiked floor of the Pit, and defeating him (with a Fatality) earns the player 10,000,000 points. Needless to say, there were many of us that never unlocked him, until Mortal Kombat II gave us the chance to play with him.

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9. Frog 

Frog from Chrono Trigger

In Chrono Trigger, Frog is one of the many characters you will meet throughout your gameplay, and he is easily one of my favorite fighters. Frog is met by the party in his native era of 600 AD, and will become a temporary party member when first encountered. Once this quest ends, he will not reappear until a few chapters later. Which is fine, he is still one of the more powerful comrades you encounter.

He was turned into a frog, which is why he has the green skin, but he seemed to have always worn green as part of his armor set. Also in human form, as Glenn, he has long spiky green hair. Either way you see Frog, he absolutely belongs on this list.

8. King K. Rool

King K Rool from Donkey Kong Country and Smash Bros. UltimateCat with Monocle

This big bad Crocodile is the hot-tempered leader of a group of Crocodilian raiders known as the Kremlings, who have crossed paths with the Kongs on many occasions. Whether or not you picked up on it, “K. Rool” is a word play on “Cruel,” but that’s besides the point here today.

This anthropomorphic Crocodile is as green as they come, besides the gold he wears as armor and his big red cape. He looks like Christmas.

Anyway, despite mostly just being in the Donkey Kong Country games as the ultimate baddie, K. Rool eventually found himself in Smash Bros. Ultimate where he dominates for his quick moves despite being such a large creature.

7. Yoshi


Yoshi is one of those Nintendo characters that have made his way into the hearts of millions of fans from the moment he appeared in Super Mario World. While we learned later on that the Yoshis come in a variety of colors, and can even change their color depending on what they ate, Yoshi is the greenest, cutest dino that we know.

Yoshi proved to be so popular from his debut that he ended up being the main attraction to the next game in the series, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Our green boy Yoshi didn't stop there. He became a staple in every Mario series to come, including Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, and Super Smash Bros.

6. Blanka

Blanka from Street Fighter V Arcade EditionCapcom Unity

This mean, green fighting machine may look like just a beast, and well, he kind of is, but Blanka has a pretty traumatic back story. Believe it or not, they actually gave a reasoning for his famous skin color. His green skin actually comes from the chlorophyll in “his plant-heavy diet, which allowed him to blend in in the Brazillian forest he calls home.”

The famous human turned mutated beast Blanka has appeared in almost every Street Fighter game since Street FIghter II. Always depicted with green skin and orangish-red hair, his animal-like fighting style, complete with electricity-based attacks, feel just as natural to us as Ryu’s Haduken. Street Fighter V's third season recently brought Blanka back into the roster after a long absence.

5. Master Chief

Master Chief from HaloHalo Waypoint

The famous hero of the Halo franchise, Master Chief is a soldier of few words, but when he does talk, he’s got that really cool gruff voice that could melt butter. While we know his actions speak much louder than words, and that you can customize your online Spartan to wear whatever you like, Master Chief has an iconic green suit that many of us could pick out from a distance.

Master Chief is always ready for his next mission, whether that's against the Flood, Covenant, Forerunners, or whatever group that stands in his path. Master Chief will always stand out as a true badass, even if he is a character without much depth. However you see him, there's no denying that Master Chief is a perfect green fighting machine, and I can't wait to see how he does in the upcoming Halo Infinite.

4. Doomguy

Doomguy from Doom EternalBethesda

Speaking of a “green fighting machine,” even before Master Chief was an idea in Bungie’s head (or before Bungie was a company), there was a man wearing green armor while killing monsters and demons alike just for kicks and giggles. Yes, the iconic Doom Marine donned a similar ensemble as the Space Marine above. It’s no secret that here at G FUEL, we love DOOM Guy. Plus the man is covered in green … and blood.

With Doom Eternal so close to being released, we can't wait to see this marine do his thing again in that iconic green get-up.

3. Link

Link from The Legend of ZeldaSmash Wiki

Whether you know him as the hero of time, hero of wind, or just plain hero of Hyrule, Link is the legendary character possessing the Triforce of Courage within The Legend of Zelda series. His green outfit has had many looks over the years but is still probably more iconic than most of the people on this list. We’ve seen him taking on foes like the beast Ganon, Calamity Ganon, Vaati, Yuga, and more. Link always puts on a brave face whenever Hyrule is in danger.

Over 30 years of these amazing green tunics will associate such a color with our hero. It wasn't until Breath of the Wild that Link opted for a fashion conscious change of color with a blue tunic.

Regardless, coming from one of the longest, most historic and beloved gaming franchises, Link from The Legend of Zelda continues to remain one of the most notable video game characters who adorn the green color. I mean, even in wolf form, Link had some green in his fur. Green is just associated with Link, well that is until you think of the next person on this list.

2. Luigi

Luigi's Mansion 3Nintendo

The real number two of all video game characters is Luigi. Maybe it’s ironic that he is also number two on this list. However, Luigi is one of the most popular second bananas in gaming history. Luigi is often in the shadow of his more celebrated brother, Mario, although he has had his own games. Luigi has been known for his green shirt and hat since 1985.

When it comes down to it, though, Luigi makes moves in his green outfit even though his “cowardly” persona should make his outfit yellow. Luigi still faces off against ghosts and koopas just like his brother. We all know it takes a real champ to face your fears, so Luigi has a better character hands down. 

1. Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur PokemonPokemon Database

I know what you’re thinking. “How did Bulbasaur make it to number one in this list of green characters?” Well, look up what this green cutie is in the Pokédex, and then come back here. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Yeah, #001.

Bulbasaur originated the Poké-trend of excessively green starters, which is more than fitting for many players' first plant type Pokémon. As his name reflects, he's a mix of plant life and a dinosaur, although the dinosaur part of him definitely becomes less adorable as he evolves. Either way, Bulbasaur was my first starter and one of my favorites. And he is green head-to-toe.

Are there any other green gaming characters that you think should be on this list? Let us know in a comment below!

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This article was written by John D. AKA SomeBeardy2Love. John has been gaming for over 30 years, has a podcast, and watches nothing but anime and Bob’s Burgers. He has a sponsored beard and a modest book collection.