Misfits' Clix Talks Easy Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers And Joining Misfits

Misfits' Clix Talks Easy Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers And Joining Misfits

We’re a day away from the Fortnite World Cup Duos Finals starting and just before they do, we got a chance to sit down with the extremely talented Cody "Clix" Conrod from Misfits Gaming

Clix is one of the few players who double qualified for the World Cup and definitely a favorite going into the event. 

There’s a lot on the line for the young Fortnite star. Let’s jump off the bus and get into it!

G FUEL: Qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup is no easy feat. What did you do in the lead up to the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers? What was it like preparing for the WC? How did you balance Fortnite and school? 

Clix: When I was in school I didn’t usually grind homework or anything like that, I would do all school stuff during school and every day after school I would hop on Fortnite and play till around 10pm EST. 

G FUEL: After all that prep, what was it like once you started playing the Qualifiers, was it harder than you imagined it would be? What was something about the Qualifiers that stood out to you?

Clix: I feel like the Qualifiers were a lot easier than I expected, going into the World Cup I didn’t think I was gonna qualify but then after the first 2 weeks I knew I could pop off.


G FUEL: And you did! How did you feel Qualifying for the WC for the fifth time? How did you celebrate? Was it different from your previous wins? 

Clix: It’s obviously insane that I qualified 5 times winning over 100K at the age of 14, I don’t think it sank in that I made that much money yet.

G FUEL: And you’ve earned every cent of it! Looking towards the WC what are you most excited for? Meeting other players? Being on the main stage? Just getting to compete? 

Clix: I’m most excited about being on the main stage and competing in front of over 1 million people! I’m going to be really nervous, but I think I’ll pop off and place top 5.  

G FUEL: Those are big plans but definitely something you can accomplish. Looking back, how did you get into Fortnite? Was there a friend or family member who introduced you to the game? 

Clix: My brother introduced me to Fortnite at the age of 12, ever since he introduced me I’ve been grinding the game and knew I could maybe go somewhere in Fortnite

G FUEL: So if you hadn’t been introduced to the game, what do you think you’d be doing now? 

Clix: I think I would just be doing school or helping my dad with his job, It’s a dream come true that I can compete in a video game and win money.

G FUEL: And speaking of dreams, you joined Misfits back in April. What can you say about your journey with them this far?

Clix: The journey so far has been amazing and Misfits have been extremely supportive of me.

G FUEL: Are there any Misfits teammates that you’re looking forward to learning from? Why?

Clix: Endretta, because he has a different perspective as an EU player so I can learn more about how that region plays.

G FUEL: How will Misfits help you with your esports career? Anything you’d like them to help you achieve?

Clix: Misfits has helped me with my stream and content in general which has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

G FUEL: Now we have to ask, if Misfits had a G FUEL flavor what would it be?

Clix: Cool berry Clix cause I’m the best.

G FUEL: Well seeing as we don’t have that flavor yet, what’s your favorite G Fuel flavor?

Clix: Blue ice.

G FUEL: Let’s talk a bit about being a professional esports player. Was it something you always wanted to do? What are some of the greatest aspects of being a competitive player and what are the hardest?

Clix: I’ve always wanted to travel and compete at a LAN. The best aspect is getting to do what I love every day. The hardest part is trying to find a way to balance everything in my life.

G FUEL: Any idols in the scene? Anyone you’d like to duo with? Why?

Clix: I definitely look up to Symfuhny a lot & Bugha because of his mechanical skill.

G FUEL: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from a player, personality or influential esports individual? Worst advice? Why?

Clix: The best advice I’ve gotten is to just be myself and stream, and people will either like me for me or they won’t.

G FUEL: Well, you have thousands of fans cheering you on for the Fortnite World Cup and they clearly like what you are doing. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and best of luck at the World Cup in New York!

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