14 Most Dateable Video Game Characters

14 Most Dateable Video Game Characters

14 Most Dateable Video Game Characters

February 14th is a special day for so many people. Yes, this is the holiday that is based on terrible tasting candy hearts, chocolate, cheesy cards, flowers, hearts, and that tiny winged baby that helps us fall in love. While we here at G FUEL hope you have someone to hold and cherish, we also know that some of you do not.

So, for your convenience, we decided to give you 14 video game characters that are totally rated at least 9/10 on the official G FUEL “How Dateable is this Character?” scale. Which is totally a real thing that we didn’t just come up with. They may have one or two minor red flags, but overall, their hearts of gold will win you over and have you buying candy and teddy bears to win them over.

14. Prince Sidon (Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild)

prince sidon from legend of zelda breath of the wild switchVG247

Ok, yes, the Zora are just fish people, not exactly Mermaids, but like actually fish people. While this already may turn some people off, especially those of you with seafood allergies, maybe we can look past his looks first.

Prince Sidon seems to have a very enthusiastic personality. He remains cheerful even when his home and people are suffering from the corruption of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. It seems that the Prince wants his people to strive to be happy during the dark times, and encourages this by being a positive example himself.

He is also very open about supporting positive relations between the Zora and Hylians despite the prejudice most of the Elders hold towards Hylians. I mean he just screams progressive good guy. How could you not fall for a prince like him?

13. Yennefer Of Vengerberg (The Witcher)

yennefer the witcherAlienware Arena

Yennefer, who has been growing in popularity due to the Netflix Series’ version of The Witcher, is kind of the whole package. She's got skills in all types of magic, she's got looks that could stop a clock, and she’s smarter than most people that surround her.

While she's a little attached to Geralt, I mean, can you blame her? Since those two are on and off all the time, you might be able to cuddle up with Yenn next to a magically made fire on their off seasons.

This might be the hardest person on this list to try and date, but Yennefer is a wonderful woman that worries about those that she loves. Even if Geralt was to waltz back into her life, she would at least get him to spare your life. Then you will always have one spring that was filled with magic and love. Ahhh memories!

12. Aela The Huntress (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

aela the huntress from elder scross v skyrim USGamer

There is no doubt that there are few character models in Skyrim. If they aren’t musicians, guards, or shop keepers, they are most likely drunk on mead, wine, or skooma. Aela the Huntress, on the other hand, keeps her own upkeep with hours of bench-presses and archery practice.

Aela showed us how cool bows and arrows are way before The Hunger Games or Brave ever did.

While Bethesda is well-known for their companions being badasses, they went overboard on Aela. She’s loyal, strong, and brave. If you come across this strong beauty in Whiterun and you are lucky enough to have and to hold, you’ll have a tough cuddle buddy for life.

She will even teach you a thing or two about archery, for a price, of course. Being married doesn't give you a discount. Girl has to make money and she doesn't play favorites.

11. Joel (The Last of Us)

joel from the last of usGiant Bomb

So Joel comes with a ton of red flags. With his actions in The Last of Us, it's hard to justify Joel's inclusion on the list. Joel is not a 100% grade-A good dude. On the surface, it looks like he selflessly protects Ellie. However, his love and protection of her is more about his own needs than hers.

Despite all that, we cannot deny the raw, potent datability of a man with a Southern drawl who's an unstoppable force of ferocious protection. He’s one of the most ruggedly handsome characters in gaming history. He's also proven willing to take orders from strong women leaders, as demonstrated by his early relationship with Tess.

Joel is a ruthless survivor, doing some desperately questionable things in order to protect those he loves; his redemption comes from the meaningful relationships he forms and the heart wrenching love for his daughter, Sarah. Joel is a real man’s man, but his anger is something to behold, like Wolverine without the super powers.

I mean during a zombie apocalypse, despite his actions, he would be an ideal partner. You might actually survive with him on your side.

10. Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)

aloy from horizon zero dawnMic

Aloy is the perfect example of a capable woman in a post-apocalyptic setting. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game set in a matriarchal society where technology has been outlawed and robotic animals/dinosaurs roam wild. Unlike Joel, Aloy doesn't need anger to fuel her. While she does get angry at what life has dealt her, she uses that anger in a positive way to reach her goals and make her stronger.

Throughout this open-world adventure with side quests, great voice acting, and huge amounts of combat, we learn how caring Aloy is regardless of her situation. She tries saving people that have shunned her. She makes friends with anyone she comes in contact with. And despite not having any technology, she's smart and a fast learner. She has a keen fashion sense too. This girl is a survivor, and she’ll always help protect you.

9. Elizabeth from (Bioshock Infinite)

elizabeth from bioshock infiniteGameWatcher

Elizabeth and her classy fashion sense is a loveable and sweet woman. While she’s a powerful mage, she’s held captive by an evangelical dictator. She has some work to do on controlling said power, although by the end of the game, she seems to have a great handle on it.

While playing, it soon becomes clear that Elizabeth has all the power. The time travel story allows us to see Elizabeth at different ages in her life, and to see her sense of moral behavior adjust to the world around her. 

I mean dating a girl who has time travel abilities has to be the coolest and biggest perk of dating someone. It’s better than dating a flight attendant.

8. Florence Yeoh (Florence)

florence yeoh from florenceUSGamer

Florence Yeoh, the namesake of Mountains’ Florence, is a stunning character. Florence is a game about connections, whether those are in friendship, in love, or with family.

We get to see just how lovely of a person Florence is in just an hour’s worth of gameplay. The game’s design gives these connections a tactile feel that brings depth and nuance to Florence as we learn about her love, life, and worries.

Being a part of her colorful personality and loving tendencies makes her an easily dateable person.

7. Parvati Holcomb (The Outer Worlds)

parvati holcomb from the outer worldsGaymingMag

Parvati is the first character you meet in The Outer Worlds, and while it’s easier and more tense to travel alone, having Parvati by your side can be a releif.

Parvati is almost painfully genuine, and serves as a lens through which the player discovers the game universe for the first time. She’s a beautiful soul in a crazy mixed up universe.

Her quest line in that game also tells a wonderful and important story, one that ties back into the character’s writer on a very personal level. Knowing that kind of gives her a bigger personality to latch onto. If you are looking for a bright-eyed, humble genius, then Parvati is the person for you.

6. Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight

shovel knightPNGitem

Not only is Shovel Knight a stylishly designed and brave character that stars in one of the best retro-inspired platformers, but he also represents something much larger than himself: love. An adventure brought on by love for his companion Shield Knight.

Shovel Knight is a very talented warrior. I mean he beat up an entire evil syndicate with a shovel. Pretty impressive.

He may be short, and I know that can be a deal breaker for some people, but his raw power is unmistakable. He can catch you if you fall (even if it’s just in his dreams), and he’s really good at setting up camp. 

5. Dorian Pavus (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

dorian pavus from dragon age inquisitionTumblr

I know we already mentioned Dorian in our “12 Best Video Game Couples That Are #RelationshipGoals ❤” article, but it is important to mention him again because we just can't get enough of this sweet man.

Everyone loves a magic user. His witty banter alone is endearing, but his flirt bird attitude is a complete turn on. Plus that mustache has a killer form.

4. Kassandra (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)

kassandra from assassins creed odysseyPolygon

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that you should play as Kassandra, rather than her twin brother, Alexios, in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The reason for which is exactly what puts her on this list.

While she can be brash at times, she is also gregarious, generous, and tender. Her flirty tactics and sexy delivery when Kassandra romances NPCs actually makes me blush every time. She will easily make you smile.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a huge game that spans Ancient Greece, and being with Kassandra makes it feel like a wonderful trip. She is just so dang charming. I’m happy to spend 100+ hours with her. There is no way you won’t fall in love with her too.

3. Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption II)

arthur morgan from red dead redemption 2GameRant

I’ve heard the argument that John Marshton is the cowboy you want to date, but I’m gonna throw you a new idea: Athur Morgan, resident sad boy, is a much better choice.

He’s handsome, manly, polite, and can be extremely protective of the people he loves. He’s a loyal man that knows he has made mistakes in life. Unlike Marston, Arthur is trying to make up for his faults.

Pulling up a warm animal skinned blanket that you know he took down, and cuddling up with a tin cup of coffee, just seems like a good way to make this thief with a heart of gold finally take the load off.

2. Mei (Overwatch)

mei from overwatchThe Game Haus

Listen, I know Tracer is the cover girl for Overwatch, but if you ever watch the lore or get into the story for the game, Mei is hands down one of the sweetest characters ever created. Despite using ice as a weapon, she has one of the warmest hearts. Even while taking you out, she apologizes profusely.

Mei is a capable and brilliant scientist that wants to help save the world. You definitely won’t won't try and ruin that for yourself. While many of the other characters always seem to not know how to relax, Mei is definitely a “Cup of cocoa and watch movies in your PJs all day” type of girl. Thick thighs save lives everyone.

You may hate going up against her because she is a demon on the battlefield, but breaking her heart while dating her might just get you killed. Oh, I’m sure Winston would walk you outside all nice, take off his glasses and sigh, and then throw you to the freaking moon. That’s if she doesn't just freeze you to death first.

1. Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077

keanu reeves as johnny silverhand cyberpunk 2077Polygon

We don’t know much about his role or character too much just yet, but he’s played by Keanu Reeves. Good enough for us. That’s it.

Well Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We hope you have a safe and lovely one. Always treat your SOs with love every day, but spoil them today. For those of us that don’t have a partner yet, don’t fret. Love is out there for you. I mean we just gave you a list of 14 people to try and romance. Or slide into their DMs ...


Is there someone we left off this list?

Tell us in the comments section below!

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