Now Available: New G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor Tubs, Inspired By Resident Evil™ 3

Now Available: New G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor Tubs, Inspired By Resident Evil™ 3

Now Available: New G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor Tubs, Inspired By Resident Evil™ 3

On a cold, foggy evening, you see a figure awkwardly stumble towards you. It has something in its hands. It leans on you, hands you some items, and says “Run!” Out of the fog steps a huge, overpowering monster. “TEA!” it bellows. You finally look down at what the stranger handed you. It’s a G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor tub — now available to purchase for U.S. customers only. Just in time for today’s release of the Resident Evil™ 3 video game.

Is everyone ready for the newest remake of the classic zombie series Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Remake? You’re going to have to push through the hordes and try to escape the eponymous antagonist, the unkillable Nemesis. Here at G FUEL, we couldn't be more excited about announcing Nemesis Tea Flavor.

Inspired by the nightmarish Resident Evil 3 and developed in partnership with Capcom®, G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor has the cool refreshing black tea flavor mixed with a sweet hint of lemonade. Nemesis Tea Flavor will empower you to rip through hordes of zombies and run away from the shambling masses with ease.

Jill Valentine might not have needed backup going up against Umbrella Corporation’s notorious bioweapon Nemesis, but G FUEL is giving it to you just in case. Sure, you could stock up on green herbs, but we have a better suggestion: Get G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor cans too when they launch later in April.

“We’re so excited to be a part of such a big series in gaming history as Resident Evil. It has redefined the survival horror genre time and time again,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “Now, armed with G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor, gamers will have the increased energy and focus they need to survive and conquer Resident Evil 3.”

G FUEL will also be doing something special to celebrate the new flavor:

G FUEL and FaZe Clan members Dirty, Tilt, and Thiefs will be doing a Resident Evil 3 launch stream on G FUEL’s Twitch channel tonight at 10 PM ET.

During the launch stream, G FUEL will also be giving away Resident Evil 3 game codes (provided by Capcom), G FUEL, exclusive merch, and more.

Are you hoping to survive your encounter with Nemesis and escape Raccoon City?

Get G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor tubs today — and sign up for early access to G FUEL Nemesis Tea Flavor cans



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