Here's Everything You Need To Know About NoisyButters

Here's Everything You Need To Know About NoisyButters

Here's Everything You Need To Know About NoisyButters

Who Is NoisyButters?

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, you’ve probably heard of Hannah “NoisyButters” Bryan. Backed by her massive and loyal fanbase—over a million followers and subscribers across Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram—NoisyButters is an award-winning Call of Duty streamer, named Best in Gaming at the 12th annual Shorty Awards. She’s also a member of the Atlanta FaZe, having joined the organization as a content creator in December 2019.

Here's everything else you need to know about NoisyButters:

Table of Contents:
History and Career
Gaming and Streaming Setup
Sponsors and Partners
NoisyButters G FUEL Star Fruit Flavor
Trivia and Fun Facts
Social Media Profiles

History and Career

NoisyButters’ love for Call of Duty—and her unique gamer tag—can be traced back to her childhood in Kentucky. After learning how to game on the Nintendo 64, she received an Xbox 360 and a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Christmas in 2009 and was immediately hooked. When she logged into Xbox Live for the first time, she found that her longtime family nickname, Butters, was already taken. When her console recommended “NoisyButters” as an alternative tag, a legend was born.

Today, Call of Duty remains NoisyButters’ favorite game—a preference reflected on her Twitch channel, where she spends most of her time playing the popular first-person shooter. When she’s not feeling Call of Duty, she enjoys branching out into other titles such as Doom Eternal, Guitar Hero, and Beat Saber. Never one to limit herself, NoisyButters plays and streams whatever games she finds fun—it just so happens that most of the time, that means Call of Duty.


NoisyButters began streaming in 2012 and streamed part-time throughout college, but she never let her streaming career get in the way of her studies. In 2018, she became a proud graduate of Georgia Southern University, majoring in information technology and minoring in public relations, with a specialization in networking. While studying at Georgia Southern, Butters was the president of the university’s gaming club. After graduating, she decided to stay in Georgia; to this day, she continues to call the Peach State her home.


Much of NoisyButters’ success can be ascribed to her commitment to the values of positivity and happiness. For much of her career, she’s made those two words her mantra, refusing to get mired in the negativity and sad vibes that sometimes plague the gaming community. Thanks to this commitment to positivity—she even sells positivity and happiness merchandise on her online store—NoisyButters’s Twitch channel is a welcome reprieve from the stressors of the real world.

Gaming and Streaming Setup

NoisyButters’ streaming setup is located in a dedicated room, decked out with top-of-the-line tech, in her home. She does most of her gaming on her Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, but she also owns a Switch and an ASUS ROG Phone for her occasional streams involving Nintendo or mobile gaming. 

To keep her Twitch streams smooth as butter (...sorry), NoisyButters uses a custom-built PC nicknamed Mordecai. She built Mordecai herself in 2018, showcasing the process in a detailed construction video:


Mordecai’s full specs can also be found on NoisyButters’ Twitch channel. The PC is hooked up to a triple-monitor setup, which includes two ASUS ROG PG248Q monitors affixed to a HANUO stand.

NoisyButters’ controller of choice is a SCUF Prestige; she’s been a loyal user of SCUF controllers since 2013. For PC games, she wields an ASUS ROG Gladius II mouse and an ROG Strix Flare mechanical keyboard. The mouse and keyboard feature stunning RGB lights, which match the colored lights scattered throughout Butters’ streaming office.

For a detailed tour of NoisyButters’ streaming and gaming setup, which includes her lighting system, mic, camera, and headset, watcht this video:


Since December 2019, NoisyButters has been a member of the Atlanta FaZe’s content creation team. As a longtime Georgia resident with heaps of clout within the Call of Duty community, Butters was a natural fit for the Atlanta FaZe.


The Atlanta FaZe is the third organization that NoisyButters has been affiliated with as a pro streamer. Prior to her signing by the Atlanta FaZe, she was the creative director for SoaR gaming, winning a contest to become a content creator for the team in January 2016. For nearly three years, she created content for SoaR, leaving the team in December 2018 due to creative differences.

Before her stint with SoaR Gaming, NoisyButters was a content creator for Thrust Nation, joining the team in October 2015. Though Thrust Nation disbanded just over a week later, this was NoisyButters’ first foray into working with a professional gaming organization.

Sponsors and Partners

NoisyButters is partnered with a number of well-known companies and brands, including:

    • G FUEL Energy Drink. First and foremost, NoisyButters is a member of the #GSQUAD. She’s been sponsored by G FUEL since November 2016, and is one of the most recognizable members of the G FUEL team. Even before securing a G FUEL sponsorship, Butters was a dedicated drinker of G FUEL, using it in lieu of coffee during late-night study binges in college. She even has her own custom flavor: Butters' Star Fruit!
    • ASUS ROG. NoisyButters announced her partnership with ASUS’ Republic of Gamers brand in July 2019. It was a logical collaboration; even before she joined forces with ASUS, NoisyButters primarily used ASUS ROG products for her gaming setups. She has her own custom Amazon page listing the ASUS ROG products she uses.
    • Displate. NoisyButters has been sponsored by Displate, a company that produces one-of-a-kind metal posters with striking graphics, since 2020. She even has a page on Displate’s website listing her favorite posters and designs
  • SteelSeries. Since June 2019, NoisyButters has been sponsored by SteelSeries, using the gaming peripheral company’s headsets for her Twitch streams. 
  • Heinz. Gaming companies aren’t the only ones that benefit from NoisyButters’ positivity: she’s been a brand ambassador for the condiment company Heinz since May 2020.
  • Oculus Gaming. A big fan of virtual reality gaming, NoisyButters has been sponsored by Oculus since early 2020. She uses an Oculus headset to play her favorite VR game, Beat Saber. 
  • Other past and present sponsors of NoisyButters include Logitech, PowerA, GameStop, and HyperX.

NoisyButters G FUEL Star Fruit Flavor

On July 1, 2020, NoisyButters made history by announcing the release of her very own G FUEL flavor: Butters’ Star Fruit, developed with Butters’ mantra of positivity and happiness in mind.


Loaded with antioxidants from 19 different fruit extracts, each serving of Star Fruit has only 15 calories and contains 140 milligrams of caffeine to keep people as fresh and bright as NoisyButters herself.


NoisyButters sells a variety of branded merchandise through her storefront on Fanjoy. Products include custom-printed black joggers and a sunflower phone case, along with a T-shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, and phone case emblazoned with Butters’ signature “positivity and happiness” catchphrase.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Real Name: Hannah Bryan
  • Aliases: NoisyButters and Butters
  • Birthday: January 25, 1995
  • Age: 25 
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Birthplace: Kentucky
  • Favorite video games: Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Beat Saber, “and anything else that sounds fun to me!”
  • Favorite Colors: pink, light blue, and yellow 
  • Favorite Music: According to Butters’ About page on Twitch: “I like metal, rock, kpop, country, a lil of everything! My favorite genres of metal are power metal, glam metal, and very specific black metal. I also LOVE progressive rock.”
  • Favorite movie: The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Favorite TV show: South Park
  • Before streaming full-time, NoisyButters worked as a professional IT technician—so building her own gaming computer was no trouble at all.
  • Gaming isn’t Butters’ only talent: she used to be a competitive cheerleader, winning national competitions in Dallas and Atlanta. Unfortunately, she had to quit cheerleading in order to focus on her streaming career, but only after paying for a stack of video games using the money she made as a cheerleading instructor!
  • After getting her hand stuck in a treadmill at age 3 and undergoing multiple corrective surgeries, Butters has a “wonky finger” on her left hand. Fortunately, it doesn’t interfere with her gaming abilities.
  • While in college, Butters underwent surgery to fix a problem with her jaw. She also had braces for six years, and has had to have 9 teeth pulled!
  • Butters uses horse conditioner for her hair regularly.
  • Aside from “Butters,” NoisyButters has a number of other family nicknames, including Han, Nan, and Nanny.
  • In her college’s Pokémon League, Butters was the Fairy-type gym leader. Gym leaders would walk around the college, and any trainer who made eye contact with them could battle them.
  • Butters has six piercings: three on her left ear, two on her right, and one in her belly button.
  • Butters is obsessed with beanies



Who is NoisyButters?

NoisyButters is an award-winning Call of Duty streamer, named Best in Gaming at the 12th annual Shorty Awards, and a G FUEL partner with her own G FUEL Star Fruit flavor. She’s also a member of the Atlanta FaZe, having joined the organization as a content creator in December 2019.

What is NoisyButters real name?

NoisyButters' real name is Hannah Bryan.

How old is NoisyButters?

Born on January 25, 1995, NoisyButters is 25 years old

How tall is NoisyButters?

NoisyButters is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Where is NoisyButters from?

NoisyButters is from Kentucky.

Where does NoisyButters live?

NoisyButters lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

When did NoisyButters start on YouTube?

NoisyButters started her YouTube channel on September 12, 2011 and her Twitch channel on September 18, 2012. She started streaming in September 2012.

What team is NoisyButters on? Does FaZe have NoisyButters?

NoisyButters is a content creator on the Call of Duty League team the Atlanta FaZe, which is owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures and FaZe Clan.

Social Media Profiles


This article was written by Alexander Lee, an editor, freelance writer, and esports connoisseur based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @alexleewastaken, and check out more of his work on his website