G FUEL Energy Formula x "Persona 3 Reload" Cadenza Collector's Box

G FUEL and ATLUS Join Forces to Take On the Dark Hour with a “Persona 3 Reload” Energy Drink

G FUEL x "Persona 3 Reload" Cadenza Collector's Box

NEW YORK, February 12, 2024 – G FUEL Energy Formula and ATLUS celebrate the immersive reimagining of one of the most influential role-playing games of all time, Persona 3 Reload™, with G FUEL Cadenza! This energizing flavor collaboration is available for pre-order now at GFUEL.com as a limited-edition Collector’s Box and 40-Serving Tub!

G FUEL Cadenza is named after and inspired by Persona 3 Reload’s Cadenza in-game spell, which restores the party’s hit points by 50% and increases their overall accuracy/evasion rate as they battle evil forces during the Dark Hour – a dangerous “hidden” time period between days. In our world, G FUEL Cadenza is a sweet and tangy combination of citrus and strawberry that aims to help fans boost their energy and focus so they can, potentially, max out their Courage, Charm, and Academics Skills as well!

Each G FUEL Cadenza Collector’s Box includes a 40-serving Tub of G FUEL Cadenza, a 24 oz fully wrapped G FUEL Shaker Cup featuring the game’s Protagonist and an assortment of heroic allies as well as a G FUEL x Persona 3 Reload sticker you can’t get anywhere else! With these items in your inventory, you might even give your real-life Social Links a lift!

G FUEL Cadenza Energy Formula is zero sugar and loaded with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has only 15 calories and contains 140 mg of caffeine.

“G FUEL is always listening to what the video game community is most excited about, and the buzz around Persona 3 Reload has been incredible,” said G FUEL CEO Bryan Crowley. “We hope fans of the Persona series and fans of great-tasting energy drinks alike enjoy this delicious strawberry citrus combination.”

Fight through the Dark Hour and seal your fate by securing the G FUEL x Persona 3 Reload Cadenza Collector’s Box and Tub, now at GFUEL.com for a limited time!

For more information on Persona 3 Reload, please visit the game’s website.

ATLUS delivers unforgettable, story-driven gameplay experiences to enthusiastic and dedicated fans around the globe. Established in 1986, ATLUS features a portfolio of beloved and long running game series including PERSONA™, which has sold over 17 million units worldwide, and the legendary SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI™. ATLUS games are published in the west by SEGA of America, Inc. with its principal office in Irvine, California. Learn more about ATLUS at www.atlus.com.

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