Road To The World Cup Episode 1: Kungarna - Building The Kingdom

Road To The World Cup Episode 1: Kungarna - Building The Kingdom

Everything is on the line for these top Fortnite players who rose to the top throughout 10 weeks of grueling online qualifying Fortnite World Cup tournaments. 40 million players attempted to qualify, with only under 200 Fortnite professionals meeting the requirements.

Team Kungarna, a relatively new organization to the esports scene, is looking to make a splash this weekend by putting their name in the Fortnite record books.

Popular Fortnite YouTuber, The Fortnite Guy, is Team Kungarna’s CEO and only started the organization in 2019. Even though the organization is young, Kungarna fields the most players to participate in the Fortnite World Cup — 11. 

With all of the qualifying organization members meeting up for a week-long boot camp at G FUEL HQ, every player was focused on preparing for the biggest Fortnite tournament ever.

And we got it all on camera, then distilled it for you in our Road To The World Cup video series.

In the first episode, “Building The Kingdom,” we learn how important this experience has been for Team Kungarna, their families, and their team culture.

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Team Kungarna’s professional Fortnite team consists of:

1. KNG Unknown
2. Jay
3. Little
4. Fatch
5. CoreGamingg
6. Touzzii
7. Cat
8. Derox
9. Astonish
10. Chenkinz
11. Karhu

Little and Jay, the youngest duo to compete in the Fortnite World Cup, are extremely confident going into the event.

“I’m going to walk away a millionaire,” said Jay, professional Fortnite player for Team Kungarna.

While the rest of Team Kungarna continues to stay focused, there are other organizations that field other players that could prove to be difficult on their path to Victory Royales in the Fortnite World Cup Finals. 

Even though Team Kungarna is new to the block, there is another recently developed organization looking to take home the World Cup --- E11.

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Road To The World Cup where G FUEL takes an inside look into E11’s preparation for the $30 million tournament: Road To The World Cup Episode 2: E11 - Ready To Take On The World

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This article was written by Amanda Zelauskas.