Top 5 Super Mario Maker 2 Twitch Streamers You Need To Watch

Top 5 Super Mario Maker 2 Twitch Streamers You Need To Watch

If you’re are just looking to relive some of your glory days from the 90s, or see what crazy Kaizo level people are creating, Super Mario Maker 2 is an excellent game to watch.

Streamers have quickly flocked to the newest Mario platformer and the audience has followed. 

For the uninitiated, Super Mario Maker 2 is a game in which players from all over the world create their own Mario levels for others to play.

Creators are able to use assets from every 2D Mario game to create unique, fun, or frustrating maps. 

Whether you’re just getting into the user-created Mushroom Kingdom, or trying to pick from the glut of Mario Maker streamers hitting Twitch, how do you know which streamers to watch?

Here are some of the best Mario Maker 2 streamers to watch on Twitch:

1. Oshikorosu


Oshikorosu is a Canadian streamer who has long been a big-time Nintendo streamer. Not only has Oshikorosu streamed Super Mario Maker 2, but he’s also streamed plenty of Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and the original Mario Maker.

Oshikorosu really focuses on community engagement, and he frequently chats with fans in his Twitch chat.

When it comes to Mario Maker 2, he tends to play Endless Challenge on the Super Expert difficulty, which means that viewers can see the hardest user-created maps in the game.

Oshikorosu’s streams are actually quiet chill despite the rage-inducing difficulty some levels would cause casual players.

You can also find Oshikorosu on YouTube, if you’re unable to catch the streams live and want to watch some VODs later on.

Plus, right now he has a sweet blue beard that you need to appreciate. 

2. thedragonfeeney


Known as one of the most consistent and prolific Mario Maker streamers, thedragonfeeny has been pretty much consistently playing both Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 since the release of the original.

She is also not dedicated to playing just one mode of the game, often branching out to not just endless challenge but also online against other players.

The Canadian has been a full-time streamer since 2016, and you can tell when you watch her streams.

thedragonfeeny keeps gameplay and interaction with her community front and center.

And of course, be sure to tune in for Pizza Friday. Where she – you guessed it – has pizza with her community. 

3. PattyTrills


PattyTrills is the streamer for you if you really want to torture the person you’re watching.

PattyTrills frequently allows audience members in his chat to submit their crated levels for him to play while streaming.

And though it’s fun to see the streamer struggle with some of the more complicated levels his community makes him endure, there’s a language alert for the young fans. 

PattyTrills is a hardcore Nintendo player with his recent streams featuring not only Mario Maker 2 but also the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

If you find yourself getting sucked into the wormhole of Pokemon TCG as well, PattyTrills is a member of the WBE, which is a competitive league!



MOONMOON_OW has been one of the top variety streamers on Twitch for some time.

Starting out as an Overwatch streamer, he has also played a major role in the growth of Grand Theft Auto roleplaying on Twitch before playing a lot of Mario Maker 2.  

With no facecam to speak of, MOONMOON_OW puts all of the focus on the gameplay and his interactions with the community.

MOONMOON_OW’s frequently deadpan delivery of one-liners and occasional outbursts at levels makes for one of the most entertaining Mario Maker streamers to watch. 

5. MrTalent


MrTalent is a variety streamer who specializes in Pokémon games. However, he could not help himself but play some Mario Maker 2 upon release.

The 26-year old is a very vocal and animated streamer, keeping his audience engaged not only with his play on the screen but also his personality.

Much like PattyTrills, MrTalent also competes in the WBE. We would not call MrTalent a strictly Mario Maker streamer, but his forays into the game and the viewers’ created levels is an entertaining way to spend hours.

Do you agree with our list? What other Super Mario Maker 2 streamers would you add?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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