The G FUEL Scoop: April 2018

The G FUEL Scoop: April 2018

Sliver G FUEL Promo

It’s no mystery that Fortnite has virtually taken over the world at this point - And you know what? We’re very much okay with that! And so are our good friends at! And to celebrate this new coming-of-age-gaming-title, we’ve partnered with to bring you the FIRST EVER, 24/7 Fortnite Stream!!! Beginning on March 27th, at 1PM EST, you’ll be able to tune into some of your favorite Fortnite streamers via SLIVER’s platform AND you’ll be able to take part in TONS OF G FUEL GIVEAWAYS! And the best part? It’s 100% FREE to Play AND it’ll be ongoing for weeks to come! Here’s how it works:

Where to watch: Tune into the action here
How to play: Tune in, earn free coins as you watch, and win prizes!

CWL Birmingham

For the first time ever, the G FUEL Squad will be making the trans-Atlantic trek to the UK! More specifically, for #CWLBirmingham! The stage has been set for this to be an amazing event, and as always, we'll be providing attendees with FREE Samples, Discounted Merchandise, and most importantly, ENERGY! See you guys on the other side (the other side of the ocean that is)!

*Event Dates: March 30th - April 1st*


With their back-to-back CWL Championships and ever-growing fan base, it's safe to say that the Team Kaliber crew has evolved into a preeminent powerhouse! And to celebrate this success, we figured there was no better time than now (and by "now" we mean the end of May) to create a super-unique, eye-catching, tK-inspired Shaker Cup! So, without further adieu, here is…"tK All Day" Shaker!!!

G FUEL Customer Service

When you've got a problem, or a concern, or a question, or maybe just need someone to talk to about your day, there is only 1 group of amazing individuals who can assist you - OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM!!! Day in and day out, these guys make it their mission to help our customers in need and to keep our business operating as smooth as a baby's bottom! So, join us in letting them know just how much they're appreciated and loved!