The G FUEL Scoop: February 2019

The G FUEL Scoop: February 2019

Ahhhh…Valentine’s Day…The love! The heart-shaped chocolates! The gondola rides in the river! The forced consumerism that pressures people into showing their affection for one another! Can you think of anything more romantic??? Maybe! But…Guess what? We just raised the bar even higher on this hallmark holiday in the form of a BRAND NEW G FUEL FLAVOR!!!!! INTRODUCING…PINK GRAPEFRUIT!!!! It’s as if Cupid himself came down from the heavens and shot you in the chest with a G FUEL arrow of pure flavor ecstasy! And not only will this gem of a flavor be available in Tubs, but a limited-number of our sexy Collector’s Box will also be available!!! So yeah! Click on the button below and let us be your valentine! Xoxoxoxox



Memes! Reviews! Gaming! Colorful commentary! Parodies! Lasagna! 80 MILLION SUBS & COUNTING!!! Who the h*ck are we talking about? PEWDIEPIE OF COURSE!!!!!! THE BIGGEST YOUTUBER IN THE WORLD!!! THE LORD OF MEMES!!! THE KING OF CONTENT!!! And now, HE’S OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE G FUEL FAMILY!!!!! What a way to kick off 2019!!! What a time to be alive!!! What a way to strategically assert our dominance in the realm of all that is relevant!!!

So, the real question is: “WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN?!?!” Will there be PEWDIEPIE x G FUEL merch??? Will he be getting a flavor???? Will he get a Shaker Cup????? Will there be MEMEFUEL??????? The answer is…PROBABLY!!! But not just yet! So for now, to show your support for this incredible new relationship, all ya’ gotta’ do is…#SUBSCRIBETOPEWDIEPIE!!! Oh, and be sure to follow us on social media for updates and stuff (you’ll be glad you did)!


EGL Swag for Days

Listen here, kiddo. You can’t teach swag. It’s something you’re born with. You either have it or you don’t. But luckily for you, YOU CAN BUY IT!!! Which is where our great friends from EGL – AKA – “Electronic Gamers’ League” – Come into play! You see, these guys have THEEEE BEST SELECTION OF G FUEL APPAREL ON THE MARKET!!! So, if you’re trying to get G’d up from the feet up (that’s cool kid slang for “wearing G FUEL stuff”), you NEED to hit them up for the gear! Just click on the button below and you’ll be lookin’ fresher than a peppermint in no time!!!