The G FUEL Scoop: January 2019

The G FUEL Scoop: January 2019

Listen, it’s no mystery that a lot of folks became upset when we discontinued our Pineapple G FUEL Flavor – People started saying things like, “Ayo! G FUEL! Why’d you have to go and scrap my favorite flavor, fam??? Feelsbadman! What gives?! Give us Pineapple back or we riot!!!” And it wasn’t just our fans and customers who were angered and saddened by this unfortunate turn of events – But so were our dear friends from the FaZe Clan! So much so that a few of the guys kept hitting us up in the dm’s, for weeks on end. Non-stop. Pleading that we bring back one of their favorite flavors. Well guess what? Thanks to a combination of the FaZe Clan’s persistence and all of the community’s overwhelming passion for Pineapple, we went ahead and brought it back - But this time around, we let the FaZe boys put their own little Battle Royale-inspired spin on it! So without further adieu, we present to you… The FaZe Clan’s Battle Juice!!!
Where we landing, boyzzzz???


For the past year or so, we’ve been hard at work – Building up our “WATCH MIXER x G FUEL” community – Gathering more and more amazing team members, ambassadors, fans and followers. And thanks to all of our joint efforts, we now have a beautiful, on-site stream room dedicated to our MIXER Channel!!! And it wasn’t just our awesome community of streamers and viewers who made this room a reality – We also gotta’ give a huge shout out to our peripherals partners over at SteelSeries, Digital Storm PC, DXRacer, and Zowie – For providing us and our shiny new stream room with the best tech on the market! Now with all of that being said – Hit us with a channel follow by clicking the button below and be sure to follow us on Twitter @GFUELesports for weekly stream schedule updates! See ya’ there!


As you’ve probably gathered at this point, we’ve got some great friends over at SteelSeries! Thanks to them, our offices, our in-house stream-room, and even our homes are completely outfitted with their awesome products! And we want to share all of this awesomeness with you! What are we getting at exactly? A SPICY GIVEAWAY OF COURSE!!! G FUEL x SteelSeries! The best stuff on the market! A true dynamic duo! Just click on the button below to get in on the giveaway goodness!