The G FUEL Scoop: July 2018

The G FUEL Scoop: July 2018

New G FUEL Hydration Formula

We know what you’re thinking. “Man! G FUEL has got it all! Taste! Variety! Proper ingredients! A seamless combination of ENERGY, FOCUS, and ANTIOXIDANT Complexes! Incredible marketing! Well-worded email campaigns! They’re like the Michael Jordan of Energy Drinks!!!” Okay okay…We get it! We’re amazing. But listen! Whilst G FUEL covers all the bases (amazingly we might add) when it comes to ENERGY, FOCUS, and ENDURANCE, there is one key component that it falls just a tad short on. What “component” are we talking about? HYDRATION, ya’ dingus!!! HYDRATION is major key! It’s science! It’s like the cornerstone of life or something!

So, yeah! Based on the aforementioned importance of HYDRATION and how it’s a “major key” and the source of life and all that other stuff, we decided to create a BRAND-NEW, GROUND-BREAKING, STATE-OF-THE-ART HYDRATION FORMULA…More specifically…G FUEL HYDRATION!!! It’s Electrolyte-Fortified! It’s Vitamin-Fortified! It’s Caffeine-Free! It even has a Focus-Amino! And the best part? This formula variant will replenish your body’s essential minerals that are lost when you perform physical activities – AKA – When you sweat! Think of this Hydration Formula as the new, go-to-thirst-quenching-solution in your life! And as if all of this news wasn’t exciting enough, we’ll be introducing G FUEL HYDRATION to you in 4, delectable, never-before-seen flavors!!! What a time to be alive!!!

*All items are set to release at the end of June!!!*

San Diego Comic Con

We’ll be in the building at San Diego Comic Con!!! However! This time around, we’re gonna’ be switching things up and doing something a little bit more special. You see, we recently partnered up with the amazing folks at Lionsgate (the studio behind such films as “Saw”, “Madea’s Family Reunion”, and “The Hunger Games”) on a top-secret-joint-project – One that will celebrate the merging of two industry titans (Lionsgate and us)! Now, with all of that being said, you’ll be able to find us at the Lionsgate booth within the San Diego Convention Center during all four days of the festivities (July 19th – July 22nd) – Where we’ll be unveiling the previously mentioned “top-secret-joint-project” to attendees! Oh, and we may even be dishing out some of that Hydration Formula goodness too! We hope to see you there! 


Power Rangers G FUEL Shakers

Okay…Remember that “top-secret-joint-project” with Lionsgate that we mentioned earlier in this email? Well, we’re terrible at keeping things a secret AND the anticipation is killing us!!! So, as you can probably tell at this point, the “secret project” we were talking about was our POWER RANGERS SHAKER CUPS!!! And in case you didn’t know, Lionsgate are the people behind the most recent Power Rangers Movie box office hit! Now it all makes sense! And just look at these babies! We’ve got the Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Black Rangers!!! And the icing on the cake? A MEGAZORD SHAKER!!! There’s just one catch with these bad boys – They’re all SAN DIEGO COMIC CON EXCLUSIVES! The ONLY place you’ll be able to grab one will be at San Diego Comic Con! They will not be for sale on our site! They will strictly be reserved for event attendees! Get it? Got it? Good! But who knows…Maybe they’ll be available elsewhere in the future. Anything is possible…*insert suspense*…