The G FUEL Scoop: June 2018

The G FUEL Scoop: June 2018

Ragin Gummy Fish

Ramen. Ranting. Realness. Raging. These are the things FaZe Jev is renowned for. But guess what? Now, Mr. Jeverson is known for another thing…HIS VERY OWN G FUEL FLAVOR!!!!!! INTRODUCING…RAGIN’ GUMMY FISH!!!! Just look at how we captured the true essence of Jev! The anger! The passion! The menacing facial expressions! The patented pink headset! The fact that the flavor was literally inspired by his love for gummy fish!!! SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!!!  SUCH ATTENTION TO DETAIL!!! And hey! Not only will you soon be able to obtain this divine flavor on its own, but you’ll also have the option to purchase it as an incredible bundle – In this bundle, you’ll receive the Tub and the seriously-sexy, appropriately-colored, hot-pink “Mr. Jeverson Shaker” – All wrapped in a breathtaking Collector’s Box!!! So yeah, be sure to mark your calendar

*All items are set to release at the end of June!!!*

E3 Expo

Never heard of “E3”? Well, let us drop knowledge on you! Hmmm…where do we begin…well…ANYONE WHO IS ANYONE IS GONNA’ BE THERE!!! The video game/entertainment industry’s TOP TALENT will be packin’ out the Los Angeles Convention Center!!! Tens of thousands of the industry’s best-of-the-best, the brightest, and the most innovative will be networking and sharing their thoughts on all things related to…you guessed it…THE INDUSTRY!!! For THREE EXCITING DAYS, leading-edge companies, groundbreaking new technologies, and never-before-seen products will be showcased! Can you say, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”??? If you’re trying to attend this amazing event, just head to the ticket link below! Cheers!



CWL Anaheim

The stage has been set for yet another incredible installment of CoD World League’s most elite tournament series – And as always, we’ll be in the building to supply all attendees with the goodness that is G FUEL! And in addition to providing the event with some proper energy, we’ll also be selling some never-before-seen merchandise in the form of Shaker Cups – More specifically, you can expect to see some new heat for our friends at MLG, CWL, Team Kaliber, Elevate, and The Rise Nation! It’s safe to say that this event will be one for the ages!

Hope to see you there!