The G FUEL Scoop: March 2019

The G FUEL Scoop: March 2019

It’s been a hot minute since we last updated our Shaker inventory, but we can now say that our stock has been properly replenished! For starters, we’ve added a few, never-before-seen G FUEL-branded cups to our site – In the form of a jazzy new “tall boy” and a couple vibrant, standard-size Shakers! Oh, and those awesome Dakotaz and SoaR Gaming Shakers you see in the graphic above? Those will be added to our site later this month! And not only that, but we’ll also be restocking our Winter White and Glow In The Dark cups within the next couple of weeks, so definitely stay tuned for stock updates!!!! To get in on this Shaker Cup hype, just click on the button below and you’ll be good to go!



G FUEL Rewards Program


What’s better than being an awesome, loyal G FUEL customer? How about BEING REWARDED FOR BEING AN AWESOME, LOYAL G FUEL CUSTOMER?! What on earth are we talking about? Why, our NEW AND IMPROVED G FUEL REWARDS PROGRAM of course!!!

Here’s how it works:

  • SIGN UP: All we need from you is your full name and your preferred email address (if you’ve made orders with us in the past, just use the email associated with those orders)
  • EARN XP: Earning XP is very simple – Ordering from us, following us on social media, tweeting at us, and referring friends are just some of the ways to build up your XP

REDEEM YOUR XP: Once you start accumulating XP, you can then redeem that XP for some sweet discounts on your future orders - OR - you can choose to spend your XP on some exclusive rewards



Duel For Fuel

Welcome to the future of live, interactive trivia as we know it! DUEL FOR FUEL!!! Hosted by the one and only, ALEX MANDEL!!! What is “DUEL FOR FUEL” exactly? Think Jeopardy, but for the new millennium! DFF will be debuting on our Channel at 4pm EST on March 6th AND we’ll also be utilizing Discord to allow real-time audience interaction and participation! And since this is a trivia show, we’re gonna be dishing out tons of FREE G FUEL and CASH PRIZES to all the winners!!!

Here’s how it’ll work:  

  • Contestants are randomly chosen through our G FUEL Discord server - Once you are chosen, you are screened and put in a waiting room
  • Contestants are called one at a time, and placed in a different Discord room to then be placed live on the show
  • The contestant is asked a series of 5 questions that progressively get harder - If the contestant answers one question wrong, they are eliminated, and the next contestant will be chosen
  • If all 5 questions are answered correctly, the contestant will win the grand prize (a year’s supply of G FUEL and a fat stack of cash)