The G FUEL Scoop: November 2017

The G FUEL Scoop: November 2017

Strawberry Shortcake: We’ve been teasing this much-anticipated flavor for months now! We’ve been harassed and bombarded with questions and inquiries regarding this flavor! This flavor is not only on people’s radars, it has broken people’s radars! This flavor is the definition of “hype!” The dessert-like taste! The textures! Those seductive colors on the label! The seamless combo of Strawberry & Shortcake! The way we cleverly of made fun of Apex being vertically challenged! Who’s ready for some Strawberry Shortcake G FUEL?! Set to be released this Friday (11/3) exclusively on our G FUEL APP!

FaZe Apex Shaker Cup

Apex Shaker: When you drop a flavor as scrumptious as “Strawberry Shortcake”, you’re gonna’ need a sexy chalice to drink it out of! So, naturally, we had to whip up this beauty – The FaZe Apex Shaker! This baby looks like dessert in the form of a cup – Pure perfection! Plus, if you purchase Strawberry Shortcake this Friday (11/3) on our G FUEL APP, this special edition shaker comes FREE!   

Gamma Gorilla (Army Edition) GFUEL Shaker Cup

Gamma Gorilla (Army Edition): COD WWII is almost here! “Boots on the ground “warfare is making a triumphant return! And to commemorate this momentous transition back to the old way of COD, we’ll be launching an Army-themed Shaker! Whether you’re in a fox hole, the trenches, behind enemy lines, or taking cover from mortar fire, you’re probably gonna’ need a Shaker that can keep you camouflaged from the haters! Incoming! The Gamma Gorilla Army-Edition Shaker! Set to be released early-November